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Monday, January 30, 2017

Serrapeptase side effects - why I asked my husband to stop taking it

I've been asked by quite a few people what I think of Serrapeptase, so I decided it would probably be easiest to do a blog post about it, and then send the link whenever the question comes up again : ).

My husband took 2 or 3 bottles of it, shortly after he was diagnosed with end stage liver disease. I'd read about it's effects on scar tissue and that was the best thing I knew of, at the time.  The stuff is NOT cheap, but I was willing to do anything to help him reverse that scar tissue! 

Well, after a few months my husband's eyes started looking more and more sunken in. 

Now that I've done a lot more research, I believe his sunken eyes were a side effect that was probably caused by the fact that he had FOUR calcium depleting factors going on at the same time. When you lose calcium all over your body, you lose it in your face, too, and your eyes can start to sink in!  Cirrhosis can literally change the structure and shape of your face, permanently.  

You'd think doctors would have warned us about this, but... no.

Please be sure to read my post about the danger of Calcium deficiency - I want everyone to be aware that some common medications like Lasix (Furosemide), Digoxin and Pantoprazole (aka Omeprazole, Pepcid, Prevacid... basically proton pump inhibitors) can cause calcium deficiency. And when several calcium-depleting drugs are given to a person who already has a compromised liver that already has an impaired ability to process and utilize calcium, it's like OSTEOPOROSIS WAITING TO HAPPEN.

But back to the Serrapeptase...

The reason I'd stopped asking my husband to STOP taking it was because I'd read someone on Amazon had reported side effects (I don't remember what those side effects were, but it was enough to scare me, I think it was nausea or vomiting). 
My husband did not report any nausea from the serrapeptase, so it could be that it had nothing at all to do with his eyes looking sunken in!  I just didn't know what was causing it, and the fact that I'd read about the nausea / vomiting was enough for me to think maybe it was somehow related.

HOWEVER, since I have seen quite a few people report nausea and vomiting on Amazon (when I looked at the reviews recently, trying to remember what the reviewer had said that scared me).  I am posting the reviews here, so you can decide for yourself.

Please note, there were far more good reviews than bad reviews, for this stuff!  So I'm not saying it couldn't work for others. It just wasn't something my husband did long term, so I can't really report on it.  He did take for a few months, and he was able to get his MELD score down to an 8, over the course of a year, with a combination of different supplements.  Again, keep in mind that taking the slow route, as he did, can have long-term consequences, but I'm grateful he at least survived!!

Here are the reviews for this brand (120,000 IU)
Doctor's Best High Potency Serrapeptase (120,000 Units), 90-Count

To see the 1-star reviews (people who said they had side effects), click HERE. There are seven pages of one-star reviews, and many people reporting that this stuff made them suddenly feel nauseous. Most people do not seem to feel this right away... so if you're going to take this at all, please just be aware that it could potentially make you sick.

To see ALL REVIEWS (so you can see there ARE good ones) click HERE (then scroll down). 
 You may have better luck with a lower dosage. They also sell it in 40,000 IU capsules.

Hope this helps!!



  1. I am taking Serrapeptase for liver Cirrhosis and it seems to work really well. I have been diagnosed 7 months ago and the blood values keep on improving. I take 16 capsules of the strongest 250'000IU per day that is 4 Million Units per day. Absolutely no side effects; I actually feel great except for the occasional yellow eyes which persist. However, I am very confident that Serrapeptase can eliminate the scar tissue and reverse the cirrhosis. If you want to know more about what I do for improving my liver condition, contact me on Whatsapp +447451224264

  2. My husband has stage 4 cirrhosis for many years (at least 10). He takes serrapeptase daily for probably 15 years. Never had any problems. He does take Doctors Best 2 daily (100,000 units X 2). We thought he had liver cancer (thankfully did not) but the surgeon who looked at his liver was really surprised how good it looked since he had stage 4 cirrhosis. I am an ICU RN of 20+ years and have done a ton of research into alternative treatments, and this was a big positive. Sorry, you had this problem but I do not think this supplement decreased his calcium levels. Sounds like the pharmaceutical. I also think you need to what caused the cirrhosis. My husband had hep C, and had been through a transplant 2004. Hep C came back with a vengeance and quickly moved to stage 4 in a matter of 4 years. Thankfully, new drugs came out and he cleared the virus, unfortunately the stage 4 will remain.