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Friday, March 24, 2017

Great testimonial for Monolaurin, for someone who reduced his viral load by 1.7 million!

Because I talk to a lot of people with hepatitis, I wanted to share this. Thank you Greg for sharing this with me, and for allowing me to re-post the details from your email!  : ). So happy to hear that monolaurin gave you such incredible results!!!


Hi Ellie,
I wanted to update you on my health condition since we last corresponded. Last month I had my CBC and this month I had my viral load measured. My CBC looks fine. ALT and AST liver enzymes came down by 113 and 68 points, respectively, in one year. And my viral load came down by 1.7 million! My viral load is currently 674,000. To be exact, within a year the count came down by 1,726,000. I hope and pray I can be down to 0 VL soon! Over the year I have been consuming daily b-complex with folate, a lot of Vitamin C (on and off around 3,000 mgs daily), Selenium, Olive Leaf Extract, Cranberry probiotic by Garden of Life (40 Billion), Super Siliphos (Milk Thistle) and more recently Magnesium Glycinate. In addition I drink about two cups of dandelion tea per day. I also try to consume fruit and vegetable juices (not always raw) on a daily to weekly basis. In addition I drink about two cups of dandelion tea per day. But the real solution? In my opinion it's ULTIMATE MONOLAURIN. Yes, the link I shared with you months back which you posted on your site. I consume about two tablespoons (one after breakfast and one after dinner) each day.

At this point I'm going to next get my blood tested in September and see where I am at.
Thanks for all your support and time.

Thank YOU, Greg!! Hopefully this will help someonne : )

Here is the link for the original post (with more information).


And a link below for the monolaurin.

Ultimate Monolaurin ® - 21 oz - 186 servings, 3000 mg each

Ecological Formulas Monolaurin Capsules, 600 mg, 90 Count

From this page: http://www.ppt-health.com/monolaurin/hepatitis-c-and-monolaurin/

Testimonies -Hepatitis & Other Things

As a company we want to base everything we do on clinical studies, believing that if something natural is really good, science will back it up.  However, the owners are allowing us to include personal testimonies as well.
   We invite additional testimonies!  You can send testimonies to: testimonies@ppt-health.com.  (Note: Any of our comments are non-italic).
   Our best to all – from the PPT-Health Team.
   Please make sure Terry gets this message! My sister (Renee M) started Monoluarin a year ago in August because she had hepatitis C. On her last doctor visit last week she is HEPATITIS FREE!! Woo-hoo!!!! (She is still going to take your Monolaurin for 6 more months until her next doctor visit.) Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, Terry, for your wonderful site and products. They probably saved my sister’s life. I was the one who found your site, and recommended Monolaurin,(I am the naturalist “healer” in the family) but this has exceeded even MY wildest dreams! Renee and I will get together and write a proper testimonial for you soon. Many, many thanks again! Lisa
   Thanks to your protocol I on my way to ridding myself of Hep C.  After 20 years I have tried almost everything to kill this virus. My viral load was 10 million + and after 90 days of monolaurin, 3 scoops per day, it has dropped to under 7 million.  I will let you know at the end of this month when I get more blood work done!!!   richard wetzel
   Having had Hep C since 1974, over 40 years, I tried everything on the planet to get rid of the virus. Chinese Medicine, Low lever Laser, supplements, Ayervidic and finally, I went into the Amazon Jungle for ayahuasca ceremonial healing. I have been on and off the liver transplant list at UCSF for years. Most recently, the scar tissue in my liver had deteriorated to the point that I had 11 tumors, 4 of which were dissolved with Chemotherapy treatment and alcohol ablasion. These treatments seem to reduce my overall immune responses and my body formed 7 more tumors. a few weeks later, I went to Peru, unerwent 3 Ayahuasca experiences and came home tumor free according to my CT scan results. Still had the Hep C though. So, I started researching Amazon Jungle remedies and found your products. I’ve been taking the Monolaurin, Bio-Fibrin, Foundation and Anti-Inflammatory relief for 4 1/2 months now. No recurring tumors to date and ALT has reduced from 85 to 67 to 38 which is normal. AST had reduced from 127 to 89 to 59. 40 is normal. My color and energy level is much improved and I actually have hope now that I can beat this thing.
Thank You,   Kathleen Ball Ph,D.
   I took the Ultimate Monolaurin when I was diaognised of Hapatitis and the result was amazing. Would you want to have distributors abroad, If yes please may I know the conditions for such engagement as I would want my people in Nigeria most of who do not have internet access to have access to your drug.  (We are just beginning to look for distributors in other countries.) 
   Thanks, Okezie Onyejekwe 
 Inflammation – Hep C
   These supplements are working so well for us (Monolaurin, Chronic Inflammation Relief)! It takes care of my lung problem and I am hoping my liver will be happier. My son also takes these and he has Hep C and it has dramatically helped him, much less pain, more active, better color etc.   Sandra C.
   I have had Hepatitis C for 25 years and I started taking monolaurin three times a day and in six months my viral load went from 9,990,000 to 468,000, at this rate by my next blood test in six months the virus should be cleared and undetected. I strongly recomend any one who has Hepatitis C to try Monolaurin, so far it is working for me.   Anonymous, Atlanta, GA
Hep C
   Hi, I regularly buy Monolaurin and Bio Fibrin from you, but I don’t take the Monoluarin all the time. I have, however, killed FOUR POTENTIAL VIRUSES with it so far—what a Godsend that it can literally reverse colds and flu!!!! Thanks so much for this product! It also killed my sister’s Hep C!   Lisa, Colorado
   Thank You PPT-Health~I Brought My Viral Load Down 2,000,00 in the first Jar of Ultimate Monolaurin & Ultimate Formula & Ultimate Bio-Fibrin… Leola Adcock 61 Years Young. Hurray * Aloha
 HCV – Liver
   BTW, the Monolaurin has made me symptom free from the hcv, I am 62, still working construction, and do weight lifting. This can’t be done with a bum liver. The monolaurin is a life saver. My doctor was impressed with my improved blood chemistry.  Arthur
 Hep C
   I saw my doctor when and he tested me and had me take 3 full scoops a TID. I broke out with a rash which went away in a few days. I seem to only tolerate 2+ scoops a day. Bottom line, my Hep PCR qaunt is down and is in large part responsible for the ever-increasing drop in my viral load. It’s by far the most amazing supplement I’ve ever been on.  I believe I have even dissolved a nuisance fibroid recently, and I attribute it to the Monolaurin.  Anonymous, NH

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