*Results may vary. The information in this site is NOT to be construed as medical advice. Cirrhosis of the liver is a serious condition and if you have it, you should see a doctor. I am not a doctor and am not able to dispense medical advice. My husband saw a doctor (many of them) and they were able to do things for him that I could not. However, they were unable to recommend alternative treatments, and in MY OPINION they were VERY beneficial to my husband, so I am providing some of that information here. My husband and I tried all of these alternative therapies at our own risk, and if you try them you will be doing the same. At your own risk. No promises are made in this blog. I am not saying there is a cure for cirrhosis or any other condition. However, I believe most people can get well, like my husband did. My husband is alive, happy, productive, functional and has his energy back. He no longer has to take medications and he no longer worries about having to go on disability or getting a $577,000 liver transplant. Cirrhosis is a serious condition. He is currently in the fibrosis stage (Stage 2 liver disease), which is still serious. I cannot guarantee you will have the same results. I just want you to know about what worked well for my husband. I hope you will share what you learned with others, and share your story with us as well. This blog was made for YOU! Thanks for visiting!

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Detox Water My Husband Has Been Using

PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU WANT INFORMATION ABOUT THIS WATER, you must fill out the form on this page.  I have been getting so many requests from people who don't see that I say this (further down the page). Many people contact me and "just want me to email them," and I'm sorry but I just don't have time to keep responding to these requests. So I'm putting it here at the top of this page. 

Also, there are a lot of people who read my blog, but for whatever reason, they don't end up contacting me about the water, OR, they contact me about the water when they've waited till the very last minute and it's too late to turn things around. Please CLICK HERE to see what I mean. I have seen about 35 people die from this disease, and will always believe those people could have been saved if they just didn't wait till the last minute, so if you're serious about turning your health around, then for the love of God please do something about it when you still have TIME.

I cannot list the company name as it could be construed as a public medical claim - even though, as you can see, I have warnings all over my blog that I can't give medical advice.  I can't even say that just because my husband's Fibroscan was 9.37, this means it will be the same for you. I am also not able to state that the water had anything at all, to do with the results my husband, or anyone else who's MELD score was lowered. It could have just been DUMB LUCK. But hey, if it wasn't for people believing in LUCK being a good thing, then I suppose Americans wouldn't spend billions on lottery tickets every year.

I created a private blog that cost me tens of thousands of dollars (in work hours) to create, and because I worked so hard on it, letting someone into the blog is like letting someone into my own house. I don't just open the door and let any random person walk right in. I do not share information with people I haven't spoken with personally.  I'm happy to share this information with people who are genuine, with a real story, who need help. I don't have a lot of time to talk on the phone, which is why I created the private blog (so you can educate yourself on your own time). Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Also I am sorry but at this time I am not able to make long distance calls outside of the U.S.. However, if you have a long distance plan, you are welcome to call me direct between the hours of 7am and 7pm Eastern (New York) standard time. You can see our time difference by clicking HERE.  You may be able to get very low-cost phone minutes by signing up for Google Voice. If you would like to book a paid info-session, I can call anywhere outside the U.S. - just click HERE to fill out the form (if you do get the water I will gladly reimburse you for the cost of the session). There are also lots of links on the right hand side of my blog that will provide you with information about a LOT of things I learned about cirrhosis.


One more thing I must tell you... if you're reading about this water and want to tell another person in your family about this water, or if you want to tell a friend or colleague about it... DON'T DO IT (YET!!!) Of course, you will EVENTUALLY tell them ALL about the water, and show them all the medical research that I will be sending you (after we talk), and all the doctors and celebrities and athletes that are using this water. But DO NOT go around blabbing that you discovered some "Magic water" on the internet (like I made the mistake of doing, in the beginning). Because I GUARANTEE you, there is a REALLY good chance that at least one person you mention it to, is going to think you're completely cuckoo. Even if they won't say it to your face, they will be saying it behind your back, and they will probably make an effort to tell other people that you've lost your mind, even though THEY are the ones who haven't done the research, and have no idea what they're talking about. 

At first, I thought I was the only person this happened to. But I've since talked to sooo many people (and I am talking about really smart people) who've reported the same thing... that some cynical person in their family, or group of friends, went out of their way to tell everyone around them, that the water can't possibly work, when they not only refused to do the required research on it, but they also refused to look at the research when you tried to show it to them.

Sadly, it took me years to realize (and accept), that people like this are actually very common, and they are like bacteria that will start to "infect" the people around them. They're like the rotten apple that spoils the whole barrel. It's like they cannot accept that something like this could be out there, that they didn't discover, FIRST.  So they will go out of their way, to try to make EVERYONE think it doesn't really work, or that it can't be a real "thing." And people like this get a little sense of joy, out of making someone else sound crazy (I know this stems from insecurity). 

But it's SUPER COMMON for people to be insecure, and want to take someone else down a notch, in order to make them feel better about themselves. So, absolutely DO NOT mention the water to that "cynical person" in your family (YET), or that cynic in your circle of friends.... you know the one I'm talking about! It's that person who always has to be right, and always has to be a little bit smarter than YOU! That person will do ANYTHING to prove you wrong on this one - which they can't, but they will definitely TRY. Unfortunately, once they begin that process of TRYING, it's going to take a HUGE amount of energy to turn them around, and it can zap your energy to a degree that it's just not even worth it... so in this case, PREVENTION is really worth 1000 pounds of cure!)

I finally wised up and realized, I need to put that warning on this page about the water.  Again - the best way to prevent this from happening is, to NOT LET IT HAPPEN in the first place. DON'T EVEN SAY the thing you just discovered, is WATER If you MUST tell another person you found something that might be useful, tell them that you found a safe, nontoxic solvent that's been used in hospitals and recommended by many doctors (outside of the US).... because that's exactly what it is. WATER IS A SOLVENT. It's just that there are different types of water, that really CAN have different capabilities.

You have to admit, that when you tell someone you just discovered some kind of WATER on the internet, it SOUNDS LIKE a total scam. I mean, really.... WATER?? REALLY??? You got a bridge to sell me, too? People will think it sounds like the ultimate SNAKE OIL. And by saying you've found some kind of "magic water," you are practically SETTING THEM UP to feel an extreme need, to PROVE to you, that you've just fallen for the biggest scam, ever. I am not kidding... there are people out there who are going to be DYING to prove that you just got taken for a ride. By going around blabbing that you just found some kind of MAGIC WATER... you might as well sprinkle itching powder all over them... because now it's like you've just given them an insatiable itch they have GOT to scratch! They will not be able to feel relief, until they prove you to be wrong (which they can't, but they will never accept that). So do them a huge favor, please.... don't even give them that itch. Just DO NOT tell them you are researching water... YET (you have to show them all the research FIRST). 

Unfortunately, what happens is, when you give this Cynical Person the name of this water, they will go on the internet, not realizing they're like a fly that's about to get stuck in a giant spiderweb (that I must admit, I got stuck in myself). They don't realize that the whole first page of google is BLANKETED by advertisers that pay Google THOUSANDS of dollars, per month, to show up on the first page of an internet search.  Even the companies that look like they have organic search results, often will appear on the first page, because of other advertisements they've paid for, that lead them to their main website.  

So, as soon as The Cynic starts googling the water, they'll be met with a whole bunch of ads that say, "Don't get THAT water! It's not the best one... OURS is the best one!" And these other companies make up all kinds of gobbledygook about the water.  ALL of which sounds very believable, because most people have never heard of this type of thing before, so anything that sounds really believable, is believable (which is why I fell for it too, in the beginning). And most people tend to believe what they WANT to believe, and those other advertisers tell them everything they want to hear, in order to make a sale.  Like a cheap hooker!  

Lucky for me, the person who sold me on the company we went with, has been drinking and researching the water for over a decade, and was able to share a TON of research with meIt takes a LOT of time to do the kind of research it requires, to debunk it all, and unfortunately, that Cynical Person will NEVER put in that kind of time. NEVER. While they may be very hardworking in SOME aspects of their life, somehow they are always very lazy, when it comes to this type of research, and would prefer to JUST look at page 1 of google and go no further. Why? Because that first page of Google completely validates their deep Need To Appear To Be Right. It satisfies that ITCH they've been dying to scratch. It gives them that ability to say "Ha! See?? I told you so!!" 

In order to really understand this water, you have to do a LOT of research, and look through medical research sites, not just Google! I did over FIFTY hours of research, largely because we didn't have a lot of money, so I knew we only had ONE SHOT to get the right type of water, and we did NOT have the luxury of getting a second type, if the first one was a disappointment. I was determined to get the one that would give us the biggest return on our investment.

I truly think that some people enjoy saying "It's a scam," because it gives them a false sense of superiority and power. Sadly, once a person utters "That's a scam"(even though they don't really know a thing about it) ....  you've pretty much lost them. Which is often a shame, because that person either may have really needed help, OR, that person may have been the one who could have enabled another person (like a family member) to get help, because the buying decision is up to them.  Once the words "that's a scam" comes out of their mouth, it will be 100x harder to EVER turn them around, because NOW it's a PRIDE ISSUE, and that person will feel like, even when you DO show them all the proof about the water, they can NEVER ADMIT that THEY just fell for a scam!!! Once they "give their word on the matter" and say something is a scam, they feel like they can't go back on their word. People like to think their word is like gold... even if it isn't! Like that scene in Jerry Maguire, where the father of that young football player shakes Jerry's hand, and says his word  is "stronger than oak!" (but he totally reneges on him, later).

It's really sad, but I have learned that a person's greatest weakness is cynicism. It's that need to say, "Ha! I Knew that wouldn't work!"  It's that need to be right, and a need to be smarter than others, and an INability to admit, there is a lot they just DON'T KNOW.  The brightest, healthiest people I've spoken with, are the ones who have a very open mind, are willing to look into EVERYTHING (and are willing to take the time to do the research on it, to confirm whether it could REALLY be true, or not). 

I had to learn the hard way, that MOST people are not as open-minded as me, or the open-minded people who read my blog - the ones who can admit that there is a lot they don't know or understand... yet.  MOST people have an EXTREMELY difficult time believing that something like this could exist, because they will keep saying, "Well, if something like that REALLY worked, then it would be in EVERY HOSPITAL IN AMERICA by now"! (Sigh)....  Omg.... if I had a dollar for every time I've heard that one. There really are people out there, who STILL don't understand how the medical system really works. And some of these people are REALLY SMART people... but they just haven't been burned badly enough... YETUnfortunately, by the time they get burnt badly enough by cirrhosis, it will probably be too late to turn things around.

OK... on with the info about the water!  Or should I say, the nontoxic solvent that's been recommended by tons of doctors outside the US.


The statements about this water have not been reviewed by the FDA.  These products are dietary in nature and are not intended to diagnose,  treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This water is meant to be used for general health and wellness, and the company that makes this water makes NO claims to cure or reverse any disease. What is said on this website is based on the USER'S OPINIONS AND OBSERVATIONS ONLY.

All information presented on this page is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging. You should not use the information on this site for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem. You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you suspect you may have a health problem. You should not stop any medication without first consulting your physician.

I say this all over my blog but I will say it again, I am not a doctor and am unable to give medical advice.   I have done a lot of research on different supplements but I am not a doctor and cannot give you medical advice regarding what you should take and what you should not.  What I say on this page is based on MY OPINION, and although it is my STRONG OPINION, it is still MY OPINION.

Cirrhosis is a very serious, life threatening condition that hospitalizes over 300,000 people per year and 25,000 people die from it annually (these statistics are from the US alone). Make no mistake, cirrhosis kills, and it kills often. If you are in stage 3 or 4, you should be under a doctor's care. You should take your condition, and the threat to your life, very seriously. DO NOT WAIT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Please be sure to read THIS POST about how I think cirrhosis may have shortened my husband's life by about 25 years. He had so many toxins in his system, he was being poisoned, and I believe it was damaging his DNA In his first year of his recovery, we didn't know there was anything else we could have been doing, that could have helped him to eliminate those toxins and recover faster! I truly believe that if he'd been able to eliminate those toxins faster, he could live a much longer life! In my opinion, the healthier you can make your liver, and the more damage you can prevent, the longer you will live.
Obviously what I say on this page is largely my opinion, after seeing the results my husband got. I'm not making any medical claims. These are just my own opinions and theories. I can tell you I have seen a LOT of published medical studies, that seem to back up my theory that it really does help people with serious health conditions.  And if you want to see what others have experienced, keep scrolling down this page. 
I want to make this clear that I'm NOT saying this water CURES people from cirrhosis... I'm saying it is HELPFUL to people.  Just like WATER is pretty darn helpful to people, but "regular" water and "purified" water can only help people so much.

There are many things we can do, that will make us healthier, and it doesn't take a genius to know that when we are healthier, we can live longer lives! I know everyone is different and the only way you'll really know if something works or not, is if you try it for yourself. My husband and the other people mentioned earlier seemed to get great results (according to my husband's FibroScan he no longer is in the Cirrhosis stage), and so did many others who bought machines (I just don't have pics) but I don't know what kind of outcome you will have.  My husband still does have fibrosis, and this is something that we still do take seriously!

My husband was always doing several different things at once, and I don't have the $ to do a double blind study to prove it was JUST the water that made a difference (and I'm not even saying it was "just" the water anyway... I just personally believe it was a huge factor). This water, and the machines that make them, are not intended to save a person's life. It is just WATER, that happens to have properties that happen to appear to be very beneficial for people with cirrhosis and other conditions. PLAIN WATER happens to be beneficial for most medical conditions, so I'm not stating anything particularly out of the ordinary. HYDRATION AND DETOXIFICATION have always been critical factors in good health. The best way to stay healthy is to STAY IN GOOD HEALTH, and not let yourself get to the point where you need something to turn you around from a life or death situation.

I am not a doctor and am unable to give medical advice, and what is said should not be construed as such. If you have cirrhosis you should definitely see a doctor.

That being said....

This detox water machine is, hands down, the best investment we have ever made to help my husband. I'm going to give you 10 reasons why I would recommend this water for ANY person who has cirrhosis (this list started out as 7 reasons but I keep finding more reasons that explain why it's so helpful for people with liver disease). These machines that make the detox water have been in the United States for about a decade so I really wish someone could have told US about it three years ago! Hardly anyone here in the U.S. has ever heard of them so we never knew about it and Jake never even tried the water until this year. I really think he would have gotten better results (and Jake would have bounced back faster) if we had a machine from the moment he was diagnosed.

I do really appreciate the work some of the doctors did to help Jake, but some of the recommendations they had, in my opinion, were not helping him get better... in fact, I really believe some of them (like the PPIs) would have killed him, since they cause scarring of the liver. You'd think the doctors would have mentioned this part but... not a single doctor did (and we saw a LOT of them). Sadly, there seemed to be a common attitude of, well it's in the fine print on the prescription you picked up at the pharmacy, so we don't need to bother to tell you... besides, you're probably going to die soon anyway. I've talked to MANY people who have felt the same "vibe" from their doctors, whether their cirrhosis was alcohol induced or not. I know there are some good doctors out there but most American doctors currently seem to have an attitude about cirrhosis that is pretty disheartening.

This machine that Jake uses started out as a machine that was primarily used in hospitals, and it cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but then they converted them into smaller, affordable units that can be used in your home. You can get one for less than $20 a month on approved credit (the one we got was about $50 a month because we wanted the strongest water we could get - there are different machines that make different types of water).

If you have cirrhosis or are trying to help someone who has it, just contact me. I have put together a ton of information, including medical studies, and explain to you why the machine Jake uses is the only one I would recommend for someone with cirrhosis. I've already had people email me telling me they went online, found a different machine, and sure enough, they are NOT getting the same results Jake got!   

I am so thankful that the woman I got our machine from, sent me sooo much information explaining WHY this machine produced different results, because I almost got one of those other machines (their websites and sales pitches can be very convincing... till you thoroughly research them). The LAST thing we needed was to waste a lot of money on something that didn't work!!

Many of the other machines are, in my opinion, not safe to use, because they can leach toxic alloys into the water.  Please take this very seriously. I know someone who got very sick because of this (and so did her dog). 
PLEASE NOTE: THE TESTIMONIALS I USED TO HAVE ON THIS PAGE, FOR THE WATER, HAVE BEEN MOVED TO THIS PAGE. As I added more and more, I realized they were making the page a bit long, so I thought they deserved their own page : )  

I created a private blog (with video testimonials about the water) to share information about the water - it is literally hundreds of hours of my research, put into one resource. I only share it with people who have cirrhosis and their loved ones, who fill out this form.

Here are 10 reasons I'd recommend this machine to every person with cirrhosis (I could probably come up with more but these are the 10 I can give you right now). Again, this is not medical advice.

1) After Jake drank the water from the machine, his acid reflux seemed to vanish. He felt better than after anything else he'd ever tried, and it costs way less than the other alternative treatments I'd found (aloe vera juice and probiotics can really get expensive). I am so glad he doesn't have to take those Proton Pump inhibitors anymore!! They cause scarring of the liver and would have eventually killed him. If you have been given Proton Pump Inhibitors, please see my post about how dangerous they are, HERE.

I cannot state that the water DEFINITELY had anything to do with his decrease in acid reflux. Once again, it could have been PURE LUCK. 

My guess is that if you have cirrhosis from alcohol, you are also taking something for acid reflux, because alcohol is so damaging to the esophagus. Doctors prescribe this because supposedly it can help you to keep your varices and stomach from bleeding, which can cause death. Well, I understand this but want to mention that Jake's endoscopies always showed that his esophagus looked great, so personally I don't think he needed it for his varices (this is one of the few problems he never developed). I really believe it's because he was drinking George's aloe vera juice, which helped his throat and stomach to be in much better condition than it would have normally been.

Well, this water is less expensive to drink (monthly cost) than buying George's aloe vera juice (which was about $30 per gallon) plus the probiotics (which worked ok but didn't give him as much relief as this water). This water has something in common with the aloe vera juice, and it helps with so many other things.  (I truly believe aloe juice is what saved my husband from ever having a problem with his varices - his esophagus always looked good during his endoscopies).  

This water can be made for less than $1 per gallon. Before I knew of this water, I was spending up to $2 per day for supplements (for myself) that are not half as strong as this water!
2) (Again, not making any medical claims but...) I believe this water is helping him reduce the scar tissue on his liver.  

UPDATE 2/15/16: Check out his fibroscan results and decide for yourself! If it wasn't the water, it was SOMETHING. He didn't do much last year besides drink this water and use PEMF (and he used the PEMF less often than in 2014) so it is my own strong theory that the water helped.

You may have already seen my page of supplements that reduce scar tissue. Well, this water and those supplements a very important thing in common, and this water is CHEAP compared to some of those supplements AND the aloe vera juice.

Jake felt great after he started drinking the water (though he did have to go through detox the first week, and felt achey, but he says it wasn't a big deal). Even though he had already been starting to heal from cirrhosis, the fact that he was so achey the first week (and felt fantastic after he got past that) made me realize how many toxins he had left in his body, even though he'd been doing PEMF and drinking aloe vera juice.

I found several videos showing people who talked about how much this water helped them with cirrhosis. One video shows a man talking about how his doctor could no longer find any trace of his cirrhosis, after he started drinking this water. They did a test where they measured the size of his liver to determine how much cirrhosis he had and they couldn't find any sign that he had cirrhosis at all!

If you contact me I can send you the videos and lots more information, medical research, etc..

3) This type of water has been shown to help reduce ammonia levels... which cause hepatic encephalopathy!  I wish to God we had known about this a year and a half ago, but now that we know, I want to pass it on to you and anyone else who is at a risk for HE. In addition, I found documentation that shows this water has properties that are similar to LACTULOSE.

I remember when Jake was really sick with Encephalopathy (which made him crash and total his car), I was SCOURING the internet looking for ways to help him, trying to contact doctors that could help, and couldn't find anything that would work! I remember seeing one video by a doctor that made me really hopeful because he was able to help control one woman's HE episodes, and I looked at him like he was a God who held the magic key (at the time I viewed HE as a curse that every person with HE must go through UNLESS they could find the answer on the internet - because Jake's doctors didn't seem to have a solution!)  I wanted to know what he did so I could do the same to help my husband, and I tried to contact the doctor but he was apparently busy and didn't get in touch with me for several months.

It was so frustrating. So many times I thought, why can't somebody put all the answers in ONE PLACE!?!?!? (Well actually the Cirrhosis Bible and Ezra Protocol really did have a lot of answers but my husband didn't listen... it would have been a lot easier for me to get him to just drink this special water if we'd known about it ahead of time).

Hepatic Encephalopathy was so costly for us. Just two episodes resulted in Jake being admitted to the hospital 2 times in emergency care (totaling about 6 days), staying in the ICU and being faced with the bill for it, crashing and totaling his car (he could have died or killed someone), possibly suffering from some brain damage, lost time from work, almost losing his job, and getting his driver's license suspended. I wish the doctors in the hospital could have told us about this water and probiotics, a year and a half ago, but we had never even heard of the water, and didn't realize probiotics can cut a person's risk for HE in half. It's true that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I really hope you look into getting one of these machines because if we'd gotten one from the getgo we could have saved a ton of money. We've had it less than half a year and for us, it's already paid for itself.

4) I believe it increases blood flow, and it improves the condition of a person's blood. I can also send you a video that will show how this water improves the quality of a person's blood. It seems to have the same results on the blood as PEMF. It gives it a natural "charge" and that helps you improve your oxygen flow in your body. The water from this machine has a very long lasting charge (we'd seen cheaper machines and NONE of them hold the charge as long as the water from this machine). I think this is the reason why people get such good results. I've heard several stories of people getting rid of wheelchairs and walkers after drinking this water. Many people said it even reversed their diabetes (Jake was at a high risk for diabetes at one point) and improved their kidney function also (his kidneys used to be in bad shape too). After he started drinking this water, he felt so good he started lifting weights!

5) It can help you sleep better. Jake was having a very hard time sleeping (a common side effect of cirrhosis) and the water from this machine is widely reported to help people get much better quality sleep, and they need less sleep to get by. Even I have noticed a difference in the quality of  my own sleep, and I find that I can get by with much less sleep (but it's well rested, quality sleep).

6) It helped Jake with his back pain. Many people who drink this water say that it greatly helps with back pain and muscle soreness. Jake's PEMF machine definitely helped him, but I think the fact that he was doing PEMF and also the water at the same time, gave him even better results. They say that you should be well hydrated before you do PEMF, and this water hydrates a person's body in a way that regular water can't. I've heard a few times that dehydration can lead to back pain. Jake was often dehydrated because he just didn't like drinking water, but this water is very easy to drink because it is literally lighter than regular water, and it is very easily absorbed by the body. Jake is really good about drinking it. He got a good amount of improvement with his back pain after taking vitamin D, but he got even more after drinking this water, and he just doesn't need to see a chiropractor anymore (but when his cirrhosis was really bad he was going all the time).

7)  I want to be VERY clear about this, that this next statement is JUST MY OPINION based on research I have read, regarding the type of water Jake drinks, and dozens of testimonials I've seen from cancer patients. Based on this research, I believe it could be possible that Jake could be, in some small way, reducing his risk for liver cancer.  

 I'd heard over and over that people are at a much higher risk for cancer when they have cirrhosis and liver disease. Well, I've also heard that cancer thrives in a highly acidic environment. This water helps to greatly reduce that acidity that causes disease. I had read a lot of published studies that showed the effects of this water on tumors and cancer cells. Again, I will gladly send you those studies if you request them, just use the contact form on the left side of the page. In addition, we ordered a special filter for this machine so we can get extra toxins out of our water that are shown to cause liver cancer and gastrointestinal tumors. We recently found out that our tap water has toxins that are clearly shown in studies to cause cancer. We don't even use tap water for cooking anymore. We don't trust bottled water because not only is it horrible for the environment, but studies also show that the plastic from bottled water (including the kind you get delivered at the office in those huge 5 gallon jugs) can leach toxins that are known to disrupt hormones and can potentially cause cancer.

Some people think that reverse osmosis and distilled water are the best types of water you can drink, but sadly, that's not true. Marine life cannot survive in this type of water. If you don't believe me, look at this article. You can also see an article released by the World Health Organization, about the adverse effects of demineralized water. Demineralized water can lead to gastrointestinal problems, bone density issues, joint problems and even cardiovascular disease! Reverse Osmosis water has been de-mineralized. Even when they add the minerals back in, I've heard you run the risk that you could have too many minerals in the water!

8) We are saving a TON of money with this machine. Since he was definitely making great strides in his recovery, Jake felt so good after he started drinking this water, he is no longer on a single prescription medication and even decided to ditch his health insurance this year!

I am not saying you should ditch your insurance, but since we were faced with so many medical bills, and since he felt so good after drinking the water, he decided not to elect for insurance this year. We will probably get it again in the future but for this year we are just trying to catch up from so many medical expenses we've had in the last few years.

My husband feels better than he has in years. I believe the combination of PEMF plus the water has worked particularly well for him, but for anyone who can't afford both machines I'd say you should just try the water (since you should be drinking healthy water anyway, and this water is cheaper by the gallon than you can get it from a bottled water delivery service).

You can get a machine for between about $20 and $60 per month (there are different models - the one we got is in the $50 range because we wanted water that had very strong water).  Jake was spending close to $1,000 a month on medical insurance premiums, doctor visits and supplements about one year ago. Today he is just making monthly payments on the machine, plus he's taking a few supplements but not one single prescription medication.

9) I believe it's easier for Jake to absorb nutrients now. From what I've heard (and seen for myself), supplements and nutrients seem to become stronger and more effective when taken with this water. You should know that we were told that Jake should only take his prescription medications (when he was taking them for the first couple of weeks after starting the water) and supplements with the "regular" water, but he just went ahead and took them with the "special water" from the machine (the kind he always drinks from the same bottle) and he didn't have any problems. If anything, this seemed to help him get off his medications faster, because his body seemed to be able to absorb them more, so he needed less of them. You may have a different experience, this is just what he did.

The way I look at it is, your liver is like an oil filter in a car. When you have a clean filter, it enables clean water and nutrients and "good stuff" to run through the engine, and everything just works better. But if you have a gunky old oil filter that's full of old oil, the engine won't run properly. When you use a clean filter, everything runs better. The water helps clean your system out so that water is able to get into your body in areas where it normally couldn't get to. I know that may sound like a bunch of hokey BS but if you contact me, I will send you infomation showing why this water is so different from any other type of water you could buy, including alkaline water. It's pretty fascinating.

10) We've been able to help others. Since getting the machine we have been able to share this water with many friends and family members who have also experienced great results with their health conditions. It's very gratifying, especially after all we've been through... it's nice to have something good, come out of something that was so awful! We never would have been able to do that, had Jake not developed cirrhosis. We never would have heard about this water at all unless I'd spent so much time on the net trying to find alternative treatments on the internet. They do say every cloud has a silver lining! And pat of that silver lining is, now I get to tell you about the water, too.

If you have more questions, just get in touch with me and I can send you a TON of information about the machine, including medical studies that show why it is so effective. (I was one of those people who wanted ALL the information and I did dozens of hours of research before we got a machine, because we did NOT have a lot of money to spare at the time we got it, so if we invested in this machine I wanted to be sure it would WORK!).

This water truly worked like a miracle for Jake. I am so happy I learned about this water.  I saw a noticeable improvement in Jake's energy after he started drinking it.  I could hear a very noticeable change in the sound of his voice - his volume got louder and clearer. He actually started working out! (If you knew my husband you'd know what a feat this is).

As you can see... I would highly recommend the water to anyone with cirrhosis. Please pay it forward and share this information with anyone you know who has fibrosis or cirrhosis. Or better yet, get a machine so you can actually share the WATER with them!



Please note: I am not a doctor and I am only able to tell you what I have learned by doing my own research on the internet, and share with you the things that have worked for my husband. Please remember that Liver Cirrhosis is a very serious disease so I am not saying, do not see a doctor. Doctors have helped my 
husband a lot. If you have cirrhosis you should see a doctor. But I believe you should also
do as much research as you can, and find out why they are giving you every one of the medications and treatments they are giving you. You should learn their side effects, and weigh your options carefully. 
I believe most doctors do not always know about or understand every treatment option that is available, 
and there are many good options out there that can help.

Your health is ultimately your own responsibility, above anyone else's.

Best of luck to you!!!
If you have something to share, please feel free to leave a (non spam) comment on this blog.


  1. My Father (68 Years), suffering from Liver Cirrhosis since last five years. His hospitalisations have been increased now after five years for the reason of hepatic encephalopathy. Doctor suggested to go for Liver transplant. I read this blog about water machine and I want to got for my father. Please help me ..... Please!!!!

    1. I too have stage3 cirrhosis. I would like information about the water machine,Please. I'm in dire straights, just visited the hospital two times this past week. I had to have the fluid (4 qrts ) suctuned. From my abdomen. I had a mild kidney infection , pneumonia, because I was retaining fluid,my stomach was so distended I looke d 9 mo preg with triplets.not to mention my stomach was hard as a rock and was extremely sensitive.

    2. Cheryl, I am not able to give you medical advice but if you contact me through the contact form and send me a phone number I can call you to give you some details of what worked for my husband. I'm not a doctor but I'd recommend the berkson protocol asap, plus probiotics, and vitamin c if you're at risk for hepatic encephalopathy. There's more than that so please get in touch when you have more time and I can give you more details. My husband didn't have a kidney infection or pneumonia but I would at least think the probiotics should help you to some degree. I'm guessing doctors will want to give you antibiotics. They gave my husband cipro when he was in the hospital. Sorry to hear you're going through this but I think there is hope for you. My husband was at late stage 4 but made it through and I have the same hope for you.

    3. http://www.honestmedicine.com/2009/03/burt-berkson-md-phd-talks-with-honest-medicine-about-his-work-and-our-medical-system-the-interview-t.html

  2. Shailesh, I am sorry to hear about your father - sent you an email and I am almost finished with the Cirrhosis guide and the info about the antioxidant water. Will send it to your email as soon as I'm done!! In the meantime please be sure to get your Dad on the Berkson Protocol, with a B supplement, and vitamin D. Also Vitamin C is a good antioxidant that can help, and it's cheap.

  3. Not sure iff my comment went through

  4. Didn't see it. I don't have a problem approving most comments if they are not spam or abusive.

  5. hello my mother was diagnosed with Cirrhosis and received a liver transplant in June of last year. However, she was only well for about 3 months and developed many complications from medicine. It was actually medicine for her breast cancer remission that got her here in the first place. Now she has come full circle only to have stage three with nothing the doctors can do. The doctors are giving her anywhere from 6 months to 1 1/2 year to live. But the quality of life is horrible and to endure this horrible death especially when she was a giver herself is unbearable to watch. please help.. thanks

    1. PS I am sorry to hear about your Mom... but I think she could have a good chance at living a lot longer, and I really think some of the supplements and methods on the list, could help her!

  6. Hi, sorry for the delay in my reply. Please check out my latest post of my top recommendations for people with cirrhosis... I partially wrote it for you! My apologies to everyone for the delay in getting back to you this week, if you inquired about the water machine, PEMF or anything else! http://healing-liver-cirrhosis.blogspot.com/2015/05/top-10-things-i-want-you-to-know-about.html

  7. Please send me the information about the water that improved your husbands health. I am a 50 year old female with a long history of alcohol abuse.
    I have a feeling i am in early stages of cirrhosis.

    1. Jiggy, my husband was 50 when he was in stage 4 and I think you still have time to turn things around if you have stopped drinking. The sooner you start, the better. If you fill out the contact form on the left I will give you a call and send you lots more information. There is also a lot you can do with supplements, but it appears that this water is effective for reducing scar tissue.

  8. So how do you get or make this water? Do you sell the machines? I am Lusa's husband, from this page- http://famousdoctor.org/disease_blog.php?id=139 Please let us know the details.

    1. Smytb yes it is a machine that makes this water, it's incredible. If you are unable to log in with the info I gave your wife, fill out the contact form on the left side of this blog and I wills send it to you as well. I can send you a TON of info! Including a lot of medical references, studies, and doctors' opinions. It is the only machine of it's particular kind.

  9. Hello My mother was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis and is up for a live doner transplant she is on a ton of medication and we are scared of what complications the surgery could bring. Don't really want to go through with the surgery so we are looking for alternative. Can you please help me find the water for my mom.

    1. Jessica, i will be calling you tomorrow at the phone number you gave when you filled out the contact form, thanks. I really think you can turn this around for your Mom!

  10. My Dad has been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. I'd greatly appreciate the information about the water.

  11. Hi ChicagoBroker, I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad. Please contact me through the contact form on the left, include a phone # and I will give you a call (I do not spam!!). After I talk to you I can give you access to the private blog that has more info about the water, PEMF and other things that helped my husband. There is also a lot of info on this (public) site that should help!

  12. Can you send me information on the machine

  13. Hi Van, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. http://healing-liver-cirrhosis.blogspot.com/2016/01/if-youre-looking-for-information-about_15.html

  14. I would like info about the machine please

  15. Michelle please see the comment above yours.

  16. I have had surgery for liver cancer I still have cirrhosis my I please have information on how to get the waret your husband got please

  17. I have had surgery for liver cancer I still have cirrhosis my I please have information on how to get the waret your husband got please

  18. I have had surgery for liver cancer I still have cirrhosis my I please have information on how to get the waret your husband got please

  19. I have had surgery for liver cancer I still have cirrhosis my I please have information on how to get the waret your husband got please

  20. Sandra, please fill out the form on this page and you will get a call soon! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScnVELsvfhdIq1UjHXb_dZfT2DOjdgDmDAydU8Yrw9sK-dUjw/viewform

    1. Just copy and paste this URL into your address bar:


    2. Really want to purchase this machine or at least be able to finance one as i am in a lotof debt thinking of a go fund me acc. As you suggested~katanya simpson

  21. I thought PEMF is just a hype since there is no therapeutical claims. I never believe on it until a friend of mine suggested to have a PEMF . I was amazed it really works

  22. Yeah it's pretty amazing. We use ours all the time and I know it was a huge factor for my husband getting well. Thanks for sharing your experience, Jonathan.

  23. what is water machine called and where to buy?what does it bactually do to water?i still haven't read all as heaps to read.cheers