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Friday, April 6, 2018

The Sinclair Method has a 78% Success Rate - Please Read if You're Trying to Stop Drinking

I want to make this clear: If you have cirrhosis - especially stage 4 - you should stop drinking, COMPLETELY.  Yes, you really can die from having one more drink. I've seen it happen.

But I know there are some people who have found that they need more than AA, and/or rehab. And I've seen people in this category die because of alcoholism. So I'm hoping to be able to catch some of these people who may be in the earlier stages, so you can turn your life around before cirrhosis ends up costing you over half a million dollars, or worse yet... it takes your life.

If you struggle with alcohol addiction - please click here.jpg
Also, I made a post with tons of other links and resources, for people who struggle with alcohol addiction. Just click on the box to the left, if you want to go there.

I'm a big fan of the cold turkey method. My husband quit drinking, cold turkey, and that's how I quit smoking. But I realize that some people are just never going to go that route.

Tonight I was talking to a woman who just got a water machine from us. While the machine was in transit, I brought water to her son, who had been in the ICU, and because he is in late stage 4, he has to stop drinking completely and is not able to use this method.  But I am grateful that she still told me about this method, knowing it could help other people who read my blog! I'm really thankful to her for sharing this, as I've never heard of it, as it really sounds like useful information (one more reason I love talking to people - I learn so many new things).

She told me that, apparently this method has a 78% method...vs. a 5% success rate with AA.   Please note, my husband wants to make it VERY clear that he thinks AA is a really good thing and people should go - even if they don't go regularly - to see what it's all about and to be in an environment where people understand and care about you, and you can feel you're not alone.

But in my opinion... everyone should know about this method, if it's this effective. Apparently this method is so successful, it's given to people for FREE in Ireland! 

The actress Claudia Christian made a short film about it. You can learn more, here:




This movie has a 100% rating on Rotten tomatoes! https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/one_little_pill_2014


UPDATE 2/20/19: This movie doesn't appear to be available on Amazon Prime anymore, however, I believe you can purchase it by going to the cthreefoundation.org website listed above.


 You can watch this movie via amazon, and it's FREE if you have Amazon Prime! (at least, it is right now).  Just click on the link and the picture that are further down the page, after these 2 videos).

2/6/19: I just saw a great video testimonial for the Sinclair method that I thought was worth posting.  I'm going to share this with my husband (who is 5 years sober), because I think he'd be able to relate to what he says, about why people drink in the first place, to overcome social anxiety, and not feel bad. Definitely worth watching.  This girl Katie (Catie?) has a great channel, where you can see other interviews with people who've followed the Sinclair method. Check it out, here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdeh0LP6kuSQ9GsorQpVnUw


 Thanks again to the woman who shared this with me! And Claudia Christian, for making this movie. You're both awesome.

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