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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Why you should be VERY cautious of Surgery AND Pharmaceuticals, when you have Cirrhosis

Please note that I do realize that doctors and hospitals are an important part of our medical system, so I'm not saying they're all bad, and if you have cirrhosis you SHOULD be under a doctor's care... but you should also be aware of what they're doing. It's like installing a nanny cam. It's your right to know what's really going on with your loved ones, and when you are the primary caretaker for someone with cirrhosis, you have to BE the nannycam!

PLEASE NOTE that if your doctor recommends SURGERY when you have cirrhosis, you need to know, even a seemingly "minor" or "routine" surgery (like a gallbladder removal or hernia repair) can cause the liver to rapidly decompensate, because a cirrhotic liver can't handle the anesthesia, and YOU CAN DIE. Not all doctors will warn people of this. You can read more about a guy who WASN'T warned, on THIS PAGE.  I know of another guy who DIED after gallbladder surgery, and I don't want that to happen to you!!!

I am doing this post partly because yesterday I spoke with a woman who informed me that her mother, who was pretty healthy, seemed to develop a ton of medical problems, including cirrhosis, after a doctor gave her a prescription for a Hepatitis C drug.

This poor woman did not even know she had Hep C, and it wasn't causing her any problems. She only found out because her mother got a blood test before going on some kind of weight loss program ....which already makes me suspicious, because why would they just "throw in" a test for Hep C, when she's just getting a blood test to make sure she's ok to do a weight loss program? I guess you could say I don't have a huge amount of trust in most doctors. I know there are some really good ones out there, but... there are also a lot of doctors that will put their own financial interests before a patient's health.

(11/15/17 UPDATE... it just occurred to me that I should probably tell more people about a DNA test you can take, which can let you know whether you may be at a high risk for an Adverse Drug Reaction, and your insurance company very well might be able to cover the cost of the test!!!!! If you want to know more about it, fill out the form on THIS PAGE and please indicate in the "notes" section that you'd like more info about the test. This is a really great test because it's good for the doctors, since it reduces their liability and risk of a lawsuit, and it also reduces YOUR risk for an adverse drug reaction!!)

I lost my very first Aunt, this year, after she went into a hospital. I don't remember why she went in, but it was for something minor, and everyone in the family agreed she looked fine before she went in.... but she never made it out. She got sooo sick while she was in there, and next thing you know... she was dead.

I'm going to tell you something that made my jaw drop, and my mother would NOT be happy if she knew I was repeating this but, sorry Mom, I'm going to anyway (see this is the kind of thing I get to do when I keep an anonymous blog... and luckily my mother hates computers and will never read this).

My "Uncle B" (through marriage) actually told his partner (shortly after my aunt died), something that made me pretty sick. My Uncle B was the PRESIDENT of the largest HMO hospital in the state I grew up in (and probably the country, for that matter). I am not going to say the name, but I can tell you with all certainty that this is the hospital that every person reading this, would know by name if I actually mentioned it.

Well, guess what Uncle B told his partner? These are the exact words he said:

"Don't ever go into a hospital."

I kid... you... not. That is exactly what my Uncle said.  He told his partner, who innocently repeated it to my Mom, who made the innocent mistake of telling her daughter...... who happens to have a blog that's the perfect platform to share this exact type of information to inform the public of how corrupt the medical industry can be. I'm not saying I'm not grateful to doctors... I AM. I am alive because of doctors. But the level of corruption I've seen in over the years is bothering me more and more.

As soon as my mother realized I was "mentally taking notes" of what she said (because I asked her to repeat exactly what she just said), she told me "Don't you ever repeat that!!!"

Sorry, Mom.  I figure it's probably fairly safe as long as I don't mention the name of the hospital, and as long as I am able to use my nickname for this blog, but.... I just could not keep that info to myself, because to me it just SUMS UP so much of what I believe about our current medical system, and the people who run it.

And by the way, when I told this particular uncle about the water that worked so well for my husband, and sent him literally HUNDREDS of published medical studies about it, plus a ton of other information, he didn't want to look at any of it!  He totally pooh-pooed the whole idea (yet he admits, privately, that our hospital system SUCKS). Am I bitter? Noooo.

I guess I can't totally blame the guy when he did, after all, make millions working for that company, and he probably still gets tons of money from them via his 401 K. He has so much money, you would not believe how many trips he and my uncle take, all over the world, every year. I see so many posts on social media, documenting their trips around the world. Their pet bird just died, and they flew to Asia for the weekend, to cheer themselves up. I'm really happy for my uncle (by blood) who is Uncle B's partner, but at the same time, sometimes I think about the sources of this vacation funding, and it makes my stomach churn. And I feel bad for saying this, because this Uncle who married Uncle B, is one of my favorite Uncles. He is super sweet and kind and warm hearted and generous... but he would probably want to disown me if he ever saw this. But... does that mean I should completely shut up about my real feelings, about what's going on with these corporate cats who rake in millions from patients who are kept in the dark? Just because I have a strong opinion, doesn't mean I don't love my uncle.

Ok moving on.... on another note...


I want to show you guys a chart of my husband's various MELD scores, the year he was sick.  I'm going to give you a rundown on the timeline of his MELD scores, as they relate to his hospital admission.

Please note that his MELD score WENT UP TEN POINTS, in two days, after he was admitted to the hospital.

On 12/21, he decided to admit himself to the hospital because he was so uncomfortable from the bloating, he just couldn't take it anymore. His MELD score, on that evening we went to the hospital, was an 18. For some reason I keep thinking we were admitted to the hospital on 12/22, instead of 12/21, because we got there in the evening and it took us so long to get admitted and for him to get a paracentesis, that he didn't actually get drained till early in the morning on 12/22. I'm not blaming the hospital, I know they were very busy, I'm just saying this is why I keep getting the dates mixed up.

The "next day" (technically), at 4:30 am, shortly after he had his paracentesis, his MELD score went UP a point... to 19.

A day later, it WENT UP TO 28.  Yes, that's right, 28.  Which means his MELD score ROSE TEN POINTS (total) while he was in the hospital.  And this is within TWO DAYS.

You can click on this picture to see a larger view of the numbers.

Now, again, please know that I am not saying doctors and hospitals are not important....

But.... does anybody else see something wrong with this picture, or is it just me? Isn't the hospital supposed to try to bring a patient's MELD score DOWN?   

Yes I do realize that the fact that he was on an albumin drip or other meds may have had something to do with the rise in his score, and maybe those were necessary and the rise was just an inevitable part of the procedure, I don't know. He was very uncomfortable and needed help (though I do think we were given bad advice that led up to this).

I fully acknowledge that, because my husband drank too much alcohol, we put ourselves into a position to NEED help so I feel like we can't be TOO fussy about all this but... I just wanted to share this with other people so that you can make your own conclusions about hospitals and the pharmaceutical drugs that are given, there.

It's not like my husband was able to do "things that were bad for him" or things that would make his MELD score rise, while he was there in the hospital.  So as far as I'm concerned, that ten point rise was directly caused by the doctors and the drugs they were giving him (and also the food there kind of sucks... sorry but it's the truth, everything is pretty heavily processed and the veggies are nearly boiled to death).

In addition, I want to point out that I caught one of the nurses giving him a really unnecessary medication (which she said she was giving him only because it was given to him TWO YEARS AGO, and they found it in his records).  I was livid. I said, that was two years ago, that doesn't mean the same medication still applies today! That's like having a dinner party and inviting one of your best friends, and assuming you should also invite a guy she was dating TWO YEARS AGO, because it's part of her history. Um, hello, that's why they call it HISTORY.  Cause it's supposed to be in the PAST.

So basically, if you look at the big picture, here.... the hospital basically got his MELD score to drop ONE POINT, overall (noting how it was an 18 on the day he got there, and 17 the day he left). He was in the hospital for a week. And the bill for that stay was somewhere in the range of $100,000.00.

I also want to point out that the same thing (a 10 point rise in a MELD score) happened to a friend who went to the same hospital (based on my recommendation, which I am now kind of wishing I'd never made). His score went from a 28 to a 38 while he was in there. They actually told him it was a good thing that his scores were going up, because it meant that he was in a better place on the transplant list. I kid... you... not.

I thought this was riduculous, and went to the hospital with Detox water and PEMF to help him. I got regular text messages from his wife, showing he was improving, his bilirubin was going down and he had more mental clarity than she'd seen in a long time (I've been wanting to do a post about all of this but haven't finished it). Then I was warned by a close friend that doctors would NOT like it that I was doing alternative treatments, and I could get in trouble, even though I was just trying to help him and he was CLEARLY improving (I made sure to save those text messages as proof that he was getting better!). I stopped going to the hospital, and sure enough, when he was no longer getting the water or PEMF, he started getting worse, wound up in the ICU, and next thing you know he was on dialysis and was bleeding from his neck. He ended up having to get a transplant, and his wife said if that liver didn't come in when it did, he would have died within hours.

I really wish we knew about Detox Water back when my husband was sick and in the hospital (NOTHING would have stopped me from using BOTH technologies while in the hospital, and in my opinion he wouldn't have had to GO to the hospital in the first place, had we been using both).  I really think he would have had the kind of results my friend Amy saw with her sister. Her sister's MELD Score dropped from a 15 to a 6, in 6 and a half weeks.  That is a 9 point drop.  If you look at this chart above, you will see that my husband's score never even got down to a six, in almost an entire year of treatments, and we were doing EVERYTHING we could think of, including PEMF, The Berkson Protocol, Probiotics, Aloe Vera Juice, you name it, we did it.

I want to note that on 1/15/16, his MELD score was down to a 6 but as you can see from this chart, the doctor didn't write that part in, I had to calculate that myself with a MELD Score Calculator.

If you wonder why I keep on mentioning the water, hopefully this chart will explain it.

We learned the hard way that, when it takes over a year for a MELD score to drop to a 6, your body is being subjected to massive free radical damage (since the liver can't process and remove toxins) and therefore, it AGES YOU.  It's true that I may not have concrete proof that the water was what caused Amy's sister's rapid improvement, but let's just say that after what I've seen with my own husband, and all the people who've gotten machines through my husband... I'd bet money on it.

You've got to see the part at 5:40 where the woman says that when her daughter went to medical school, she was taught that 50 percent of hospital admissions are due to iatrogenic diseases... meaning, diseases caused by the doctors. 

You can even see a document on the FDA’s website, that acknowledges how rampant DOCTOR-CAUSED diseases are, by clicking HERE!

(NOTE: 12/1/17: Shoot it looks like the video was removed, but if I see it again somewhere else, I will re-upload it)

 Iatrogenic disease:

Iatrogenic Disease: The 3rd Most Fatal Disease in the USA

Ronald Grisanti D.C., D.A.B.C.O., D.A.C.B.N., M.S.

Iatrogenic Disease is defined as a disease that is caused by medical treatment.

Read major headlines around the globe on this serious disease.
How Prepared are You to Not Become a National Statistic?
If a Jumbo Jet crashed and killed 280 people everyday... 365 days a year... year after year... would you be concerned about flying??

Would you question the Federal Aviation Administration? Would you demand answers??

 You can see this chart, and the rest of this article, by clicking HERE.

For anyone who is interested in taking a DNA test that could determine what drugs could cause you a severe allergic reaction, please get in touch with me. I have a friend who can tell you how to get one of these tests. They are starting to be covered by insurance companies, and I think they are very important.

If you have time, I highly recommend you listen to these two videos below.

Note how this woman below at the 18:44 mark talks about what she says gets heavily edited.

Pharmaceutical drugs can kill people.  For real. I'm not saying they're all bad, and I do want to say that some of them were helpful for my husband, for the short term (spironolactone and lasix did seem to help him, but you should know spironolactone has a black box warning and causes tumors in rats, and Lasix / Furosemide has been shown to cause kidney failure, extremely elevated blood sugar, and very low calcium). Please do all the research you can and be sure you are looking up EVERY SINGLE MEDICATION you or your loved one is taking. It's your life, and it's your right, and your responsibility, to know.


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