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Friday, March 2, 2018

A Typical Timeline of Cirrhosis and Death

After spending the last 3 years talking to people with cirrhosis, I have seen enough patterns, that made me feel inclined to make this chart. Please note, this is just a rough estimate and doesn't represent every person with cirrhosis. Some people have more or less symptoms, and more or less time. But I can tell you that this seems to be a very common scenario, among many of the people who've shared their stories with me.

Make no mistake: Cirrhosis kills, and it kills often, so if you're planning to turn things around, please don't waste any time, because I've seen way too many people do that, and a person can go downhill (irreversibly) very quickly. Cirrhosis can quickly turn into a slippery downhill slope. I'm not saying this to be a downer, I'm saying it because it's TRUE, and I don't want this to catch you off guard.  You need to be prepared for what could be around the corner, and doctors don't really explain a lot of details about what's going on, or what's to come, so I wanted to create an info-graphic that might help you get a visual sense of what many people go through.

What really sucks is when I hear stories about people who've spent WAY too much time getting lost on all the garbage and negativity on the internet, during this really critical time period when you don't have a lot of time to waste. What you do in these 6 months can be the difference between life and death. Some people have wasted money on non-health-related things like remodeling a bathroom, or alternative treatments and machines that have NO testimonials or guarantees. I'll always wonder if their lives could have been saved if they'd just done things differently!

A comment about the chart below... yes, I realize, not every month just has 4 weeks in it. I just divided it up like that so you can see the rapid downhill progression many people experience in later stages. I indicated on the chart that many people contact me in the last two weeks, and the chance of survival goes down at that point, but I still want you to call me, because I believe there is hope for everyone! It's just a lot better if you act EARLY. 

You can view this chart in a larger size, by CLICKING HERE. When it opens, click on the "+" sign that you'll see when you move your cursor.

I hope this helps. I started this blog as a way to give myself, and others, HOPE. But I need you guys to understand how quickly things can go from bad to irreversible.  If you're planning to kick cirrhosis in the butt, you need to use a lot of critical thinking, and use whatever funds you have, wisely. Don't waste time on things that don't matter, and give it all you've got!


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