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Saturday, March 21, 2020

People with the Coronavirus often wind up with SCAR TISSUE in their lungs

I just did a post about all the things I think people should be aware of, during this coronavirus pandemic. But I just watched this video, below, which made me realize I should do another post. Guys... this is frightening. So many people are winding up with scar tissue in their lungs. This Virus is causing pulmonary fibrosis in a lot of people. Please see THIS POST, and you will see some information I really think you guys should be aware of, regarding this disease. If you think you can definitely rely on being able to get care in a hospital, if you get sick... think again. It could happen, but it also might not (if you read the articles you will see what I mean).  

I absolutely do believe the water from the machine we got, can prevent the inflammation that results in scar tissue (in addition, it makes water that can disinfect surfaces). If you fill out the contact form, I'll share with you all the reasons why I firmly believe this can help. It's not a cure... it's just science.

I'd like to believe this outbreak was just some kind of an accident (I 100% do believe the virus was man-made... and if you don't believe it, have a look at this article).  Whatever the case, it's worth hearing what this guy says about pulmonary scar tissue!

What Every Person With Liver Disease (and without it) Should Know - if you get COVID-19 (Or want to never get infected)

OK I am apologizing up front that this post took me way "offroad," but I think this is important information I think EVERY PERSON who reads my blog, should see.

I originally started this post to share an article:

Patients with COVID-19 may face risk for liver injury 
(you can still find it further down the page, highlighted, and with links to the original article).

But I really want to talk to you guys about PREVENTING this disease from happening, AND, keeping it from taking you out, if you do get it (it's estimated that at least 50% of us will come down with it, at some point).  

I want to remind everyone that NOBODY should make the assumption that, if you get COVID-19, you will be able to count on being able to get assistance from a hospital. Of course it's not impossible, but if these authors are right in their estimations (and they would know, if anyone would), we need to be prepared to take care of ourselves.  Many people in Italy were left gasping for air, because the hospitals couldn't accommodate them, and there weren't enough ventilators to go around. 

I'm not saying you should not seek medical treatment. If you get COVID-19, or any other disease, of course you should definitely see a doctor. But in the event that there are no longer any respirators available... you should be prepared to take care of yourself at home.

I know you guys are probably sick of me talking about the water, but I honestly think it's the best thing any person in the country could possibly have at home, right now (NOT just someone with liver disease). I've spent the last few days composing a LONG email for everyone who's already gotten a water machine from me, to let them know all the different ways their machine could be extremely useful to them (most people already are aware, but the machine has so many functions, I want to make sure they understand all the different uses, because right now that thing is worth its weight in gold). 

In my email, I'm letting people know why I believe the water improves oxygen levels (my opinion, but my very strong opinion, and I am including data to back up my theory). It can also help with the inflammation that causes pulmonary fibrosis - which seems to be a huge problem (and cause of death) for elderly people who get this disease. And it makes a type of water that is known to kill pathogens, quickly, so in my opinion, this thing should be used in every building in the country.

If you're someone who's bought a machine from me, please know I will be sending you that email soon, and thanks again for your support!  For anyone else, I want to caution you guys that if you've been thinking of getting one, now would be the time to do it, because the company is cutting back on it's operations, and we've been worried we could get to a point where they're going to run out, because many countries are having to stop their imports (the company that made our PEMF machine just did this) so it could be just a matter of time before the water machine company follows suit. There are some still in stock here in the US but I would not wait to get one because so many people are buying them right now, I'm thinking there's a very good chance they could run out. 

I give a 100% money back guarantee on the units we sell, so please, people, don't wait. This is something that could be extremely helpful not just to you, but your whole family, your parents, and especially your grandparents, if you still have them. You can also share the water with every person in your neighborhood. If you fill out the contact form about the water, we can let you know why it's so useful right now. My friend who sold me the machine is back on board, helping me (she's dropped everything to help people during this pandemic).

In my opinion, everyone should read these articles!

Want the current COVID-19 number in U.S.? Multiply by 90


The Sober Math Everyone Must Understand about the Pandemic


If the United States is a week behind Italy... brace yourself for horror that still seems impossible


If there's anything we can learn from Italy... we should learn it now!!

Why the Coronavirus Hit Italy So Hard

The country has the second-oldest population on earth, and its young mingle more often with elderly loved ones.


OK so here is the article I ORIGINALLY wanted to post... just got a little sidetracked : ). In my opinion, the water could be a HUGE help for people with liver disease, who get COVID-19, and I can tell you why over the phone if you care to get in touch.

Stay safe!!

Patients with COVID-19 may face risk for liver injury

Patients with COVID-19 may be at risk for liver injury, but mechanisms of damage remain unclear, according to investigators.

Proposed mechanisms include direct virus-induced effects, immune-induced damage due to excessive inflammatory responses, and drug-induced injury, reported lead author Ling Xu of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China, and colleagues.
“From a clinical perspective, in addition to actively dealing with the primary disease caused by coronavirus infection, attention should also be paid to monitor the occurrence of liver injury, and to the application of drugs which may induce liver damage,” the investigators wrote in Liver International. “Patients with liver damage are advised to be treated with drugs that could both protect liver functions and inhibit inflammatory responses, such as ammonium glycyrrhizinate, which may, in turn, accelerate the process of disease recovery.”
The review of liver injury associated with major pathogenic coronaviruses included severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV), the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV), and the newly emergent SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19.
In cases of COVID-19, reported incidence of liver injury ranges from 15% to 53%, based on elevations of alanine transaminase (ALT) and aspartate aminotransferase (AST), along with slightly elevated bilirubin levels. In severe cases, albumin decreases have also been documented.
Liver injury appears to be significantly more common among those with severe infection. In one cohort of 82 patients who died from COVID-19, the incidence of liver injury was 78%, while another study of 36 nonsurvivors reported a rate of 58%.
According to the investigators, both bile duct epithelial cells and liver cells express angiotensin converting enzyme II (ACE2), which is an entry receptor for SARS-CoV-2; however, expression of ACE2 in bile duct cells is “much higher” than in liver cells, and comparable with alveolar type 2 cells in the lungs.
“Bile duct epithelial cells are known to play important roles in liver regeneration and immune response,” the investigators noted.
Beyond direct- and immune-induced effects of COVID-19, postmortem findings suggest that drug-induced liver injury may also be a possibility, with a number of theoretical culprits, including antibiotics, steroids, and antivirals. Although the investigators emphasized that data are insufficient to pinpoint an exact agent, they highlighted a recent preprint study, which reported a significantly higher rate of lopinavir/ritonavir administration among patients with abnormal liver function, compared with those who had normal liver function (56.1% vs. 25%; P = .009).
“Drug-induced liver injury during the treatment of coronavirus infection should not be ignored and needs to be carefully investigated,” the investigators concluded.
Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities supported the work. The investigators reported no conflicts of interest.
SOURCE: Xu L et al. Liver Int. 2020 Mar 14. doi: 10.1111/liv.14435.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

This is the guide I am working on - For a limited time (till it's done) I can do info-sessions at a discount! Just $29.95

Hey guys, I just wanted to do a quick post to show you the guide that I've been working on. I'm sorry it's taken a while to get this finished but I have been juggling multiple projects, and two of them are very urgent. The purpose of me making this guide is so that I can work full time on my other projects. Y'all don't really need to talk to me in person, if I have a PDF that explains just about everything there is to know.

So, at some point I won't be doing the "info sessions," but I do enjoy doing them (I just won't have the time).  For now, I just wanted to tell you guys that, until this is completed, I will be offering discount sessions for just $29.95.  This is a slightly shorter version of the 1-hour session I used to do for $99. It includes a 20 minute phone call, in which I will mostly be asking questions about you and your situation, I can tell you about information and resources that I think you might want to know about, and then after we chat, you can get access to both my private blogs (one for the water, and the other lists all the different things I wish I'd known about cirrhosis from the getgo).  

Again, please note that I am not a doctor and am unable to give medical advice. But I am able to share research, stories, and opinions, based on what I've learned over the last 7 years.

Also please note I changed the title to FIFTY things I wish I'd known, because there are at least 50 things listed in the blog now, since I kept on adding more information to it over the last few years.  So, the items are not numbered, 1,2,3,4,5, etc.. I just call it 50 things because that's about how many things you can expect me to share with you.

Over time, I've come to believe that healing from cirrhosis is about addressing 5 simple aspects of your health. I've studied the people who get great results, vs. the people who don't, and the people who do very well, are those who address these 5 categories. People who neglect these categories, have a harder time healing. 

I've tried to break down this information in a way so that it's easier to follow, and people can see a lot of what they need to know, on one page with links.

To book an info session and get access to my private blogs, just CLICK HERE.

I look forward to speaking with you!


Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Can you reduce ascites by increasing oxygen and hemoglobin?

I had to share this. I really do believe part of the reason people get health benefits from the water and PEMF machines we got, is because they help increase oxygen in the body. But I'd never seen anything written about low hemoglobin / low oxygen, actually affects ascites and edema. 

Today I re-read this testimonial by a person who said that these blood-building supplements helped her with swelling. I have it posted on THIS PAGE.  See the part that's highlighted.


October 5, 2017
I have severe headaches constantly. And the left side of my body has poor blood circulation. When i'm sitting up, the headaches can be so bad they cause me to be very dizzy and nauseous. I JUST started these a week and a half ago. I was taking iron tablets previously that made me sick and honestly did nothing for me. And i can already feel the difference. It didn't kill the headaches but it really does relieve them to a point where i can hold my head up again. I have also noticed that in less than 2 weeks, the swelling in my foot isn't nearly as bad. So i'm going to keep taking these and hope it only gets better from here. I will update after a month to verify if they are still doing their job. So glad i listened to the positive reviews. If there was anything to not like about them, it's the size and smell, but to me that is ALL vitamins, but after taking them i don't taste them in my mouth constantly and they don't make my breath smell like vitamins :)

After reading what this woman said about the swelling in her foot going down, I decided to look for studies that might show a relationship between low hemoglobin / low oxygen, to edema and ascites. And what I found, is below.


Journal Article

Effect of Oxygen Level on Ascites Incidence and Performance in Broiler Chicks

A. Beker, S. L. Vanhooser and R. G. Teeter
Avian Diseases
Vol. 39, No. 2 (Apr. - Jun., 1995), pp. 285-291
DOI: 10.2307/1591869
Page Count: 7


An experiment was conducted using male Cobb × Cobb broiler chicks to evaluate the effect of two oxygen levels on the incidence of ascites, performance, and blood chemistry. Ascites occurred in the 13.6% oxygen groups on the fifth day of the experiment. Body weights and survivability were significantly lower (P < 0.05) in chicks maintained at the low oxygen level than in controls (20.6% oxygen). Hematocrits were significantly higher only in chicks with ascites at the 13.6% oxygen level. 

OK so I have to say... this part highlighted in blue, below, is an example of how some of these research papers leave me scratching my head.  While the part in yellow makes it look like the low oxygen levels give a worse outcome, the part in blue make it sound like, for some reason, the hemoglobin was higher in the chicks with ascites who had lower oxygen, than the chickens with 20.6% oxygen.... is this because there's a difference between the chicks (young chickens) and regular, fully grown chickens? Am I reading this wrong?

 Hemoglobin was significantly higher (P < 0.05) in chicks with ascites at 13.6% oxygen than in chickens at 20.6% oxygen. Lactate dehydrogenase values were significantly higher in non-ascitic chicks maintained at 13.6% oxygen and in chicks with ascites at 20.6% oxygen than in non-ascitic chicks 20.6% oxygen.

Because the part highlighted in yellow, seems to conflict with what's highlighted in blue. Here it is again (the part in yellow):

Body weights and survivability were significantly lower (P < 0.05) in chicks maintained at the low oxygen level than in controls (20.6% oxygen). 

I haven't read the entire study, but it strongly appears that increasing hemoglobin and oxygen levels could have a positive impact on ascites (meaning, it would DECREASE).  I suggest you do your own research and draw your own conclusions.

Heres another study, that was done on chicks, showing how their oxygen levels affected ascites.


Effect of a urease inhibitor and ceiling fans on ascites in broilers. 2. Blood variables, ascites scores, and body and organ weights

Balog, J.M.Anthony, N.B.Wall, C.W.Walker, R.D.Rath, R.C.Huff, W.E.
Poultry science 1994 v.73 no.6 pp. 810-816
broiler chickensventilation systemsascitesfansurease inhibitorsliverheartsmall intestineweightbody weightblood chemistryuric acidYuccahematocriterythrocyte count
Restricted ventilation was used to experimentally induce ascites in commercial male broilers. The role of a dietary urease inhibitor (0, 125, and 250 ppm) and ceiling fans to reduce ascites was investigated. At 6 wk of age, birds were bled, euthanatized, weighed, scored for ascites, and heart, liver, and small intestine weights were obtained. Random samples were analyzed for intestinal ammonia. Blood samples were analyzed for blood gases, hemoglobin, red blood cell count, blood urea nitro, and uric acid. Birds fed 125 and 250 ppm urease inhibitor were significantly (P < .001) lighter at 6 wk, when compared with controls. Urease inhibitor (125 and 250 ppm) significantly decreased large intestine ammonia. Urease inhibitor significantly increased small intestine (250 ppm) and liver weights (125 and 250 ppm), whereas urease inhibitor at 125 ppm decreased right ventricular heart weight. Urease inhibitor had no effect on ascites scores, blood gases, or blood ammonia, but hemoglobin, blood urea nitrogen, red blood cell count, and uric acid were significantly (P < .05) decreased by 125 ppm urease inhibitor.

You know, it's interesting how many studies are done, to improve the health of the LIVESTOCK we eat, because there is so much money involved in it, and yet, there can be MORE money to be made off humans NOT being as healthy as the livestock.

If you've never watched Dr. Joel Wallach speak, I highly recommend you watch his videos, and check out the book Dead Doctors Don't Lie. He started out studying health, by studying animals. His family raised livestock and he started to notice that more care was put the health of the livestock, than humans! You can see more about Dr. Wallach on THIS PAGE, and in the video below. 

I have to say I have never tried this, but have been wanting to try it and also get some for my husband. Dr. Joel wallach founded Youngevity, and I do believe their vitamins and supplements could be just as good as Visalus - maybe even better, for all I know. We just haven't tried them yet. But if you care to check them out, this is one of the products I have seen sold by Dr. Michael Glidden, whom I also respect a lot -especially since he shares my same opinion about Proton Pump Inhibitors.

Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0(1 lb)

I also believe enzymes are really important for digestion, because they help break down protein, which is essential to make albumin, which you need enough of, to keep ascites from coming back.


Had to share!


Sunday, October 20, 2019

DDP Yoga - You guys have to watch this!

I am thanking God for the insomnia that woke me up around 4:30 AM today.  In my semi-groggy state, I wound up clicking on a YouTube video that had this as the "streaming ad" commercial. I feel really grateful to have been able to see it, so that I could put it on this blog. 

Exercise is really helpful for people with cirrhosis, but it's really hard to find something that's safe, low impact, that builds strength and muscle tone, that you'll want to actually stick to, when you feel like you have little to no energy - OR motivation! But this video I saw, shows a really great way that people could do just that, and I can't help thinking DDP (Diamond Dallas Page) is the kind of guy who'd be able to "connect with" a LOT of people with cirrhosis. He knows what it's like to be down and out. Many pro wrestlers turn to drugs and alcohol, later in their lives. DDP has a lot of friends who've died, but he found a way to rise above all that, and inspire his friends to get healthy again.

I do have to put the disclaimer here, that you are supposed to check with your doctor before beginning any type of exercise routine, but you really can't get any more "low impact" than yoga! And he combines it with his own rehabilitation techniques he was given, when he broke his back, so you can get a LOT of value from one of his programs.

People with cirrhosis get the message over and over again, that cirrhosis and scar tissue cannot be reversed (but we refused to believe it, and we're glad we did).  This video I saw at 4:30 am (below), really spoke to me, because, here's a guy who was told over and over by doctors, that he'd never walk again. He's a military veteran, who severely damaged his back after jumping out of planes, so many time that it caused (what seemed like) permanent damage to his back. Due to his injuries, he couldn't walk without forearm crutches, and often had to use a wheelchair.  He kept on gaining more and more weight, and his health was getting worse and worse. The doctors led him to believe that this was the low quality of life he just had to accept.

But one day, he managed to find DDP's videos on the internet - and they changed his life (I won't give away the details, you just have to watch it). This is such an inspiring video, it made me teary eyed. Heck, it even made Joe Rogan cry (you can see the video, further down the page).

Yoga is something that could be great for people with cirrhosis, because it is very low impact, and it builds strength and muscle tone, which can be important in increasing albumin, which can help you to reduce ascites and edema. Without enough albumin, fluid can leak all over your body, instead of staying inside the veins, where it should be. More and more articles like this one show that building muscle is important for longevity.

I have never done Yoga, partly because I've never gotten around to it, but also because to be honest, I've developed some associations to it, that don't fit in with how I see myself. When I think of yoga, I can't help thinking about the rich upper class women who live around me, who seem to "represent" yoga, as they parade around in their yoga pants, cart around their yoga mats, and shop at LuluLemon, while a nanny watches their kids. Yoga seemed to have turned into an elite activity for the rich and wealthy.  Yeah, I know, I've been making judgments, and I shouldn't knock it until I try it (nor should I knock these rich ladies who can afford nannies and yoga classes). I do realize that Yoga didn't start off that way, and just because certain types of people tend to gravitate towards it, that doesn't mean it couldn't be good for the rest of us, even if we don't fit in with the majority.

What I love about DDP, is that he changes the whole "vibe" of yoga. For most of my life, I've been pretty averse to working out, NOT because I am opposed to exercise, but I just don't like all the hype that goes along with it. It's like a whole lifestyle thing, that's designed for rich and famous people who can afford to work out (yeah, again, I know, this could be a story I've come to make up in my head... what better excuse for not working out). But still... it was an obstacle my brain set up. 

Well, DDP is all about removing obstacles, so that people can heal their bodies, and gain strength through fitness. He has a special gift for helping people who are really down and out, and feel like they've hit rock bottom. The program reminds me of the Phoenix gym I posted a video about, on this page, a few years ago.

This is the extended version of the video, if anyone cares to see it.

Here's the video with Joe Rogan...

Here's another really inspirational testimonial. The thing I love about this video is, this man GAINED 3 pounds when he first started, but he didn't let it get him down, and he kept on going. SO many people look for an immediate payoff, and when they don't see it (or they slide backwards), they give up. But you really need to have tenacity, and this guy has it.  Check this out: 

Another great story:

Here's a video about how DDP lifted up his former mentor, wrestler Jake the Snake.

Another testimonial...

And here's one more I had to share, because my husband used to really suffer from back pain.

This guy really felt like the documentary, "The Resurrection of Jake the Snake" could have saved his life. Will post a link for the video trailer, below this one.

This is the Amazon link you can click, to watch the trailer for The Resurrection of Jake the Snake. For some reason, at the moment, this full video doesn't seem to be available, but I am hoping this is just temporary, and maybe it will be available again in the future.


You can also see the video trailer, here:

Here are some of DDP's videos on Amazon, and there will be a link for his website and YouTube channel at the bottom of the page.

WWE: Diamond Dallas Page: Positively Living!

Positively Unstoppable: The Art of Owning It

Get the app, here: 

Positively Page: The Diamond Dallas Page Journey

DDP recommends using a heart rate monitor. 
Here are some affordable Heart rate monitors that have really good reviews on Amazon:

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR, Activity Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, Waterproof Smart Fitness Band with Step Counter, Calorie Counter, Pedometer Watch for Kids Women and Men

Letsfit Fitness Tracker HR, Activity Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, IP67 Water Resistant Smart Bracelet with Calorie Counter Pedometer Watch for Kids Women Men

 And this one has about 170 reviews, with a 5 star average:

Letsfit Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Activity Tracker with 1.3" Touch Screen, IP68 Waterproof Pedometer Smartwatch with Sleep Monitor, Step Counter for Kids, Women and Men


And this one just has five 5-star reviews, as of this writing, but I'm posting it here because I think it looks cool: 

Honor Band 5 Smart Bracelet Watch Faces Smart Fitness Timer Intelligent Sleep Data Real-Time Heart Rate Monitoring 5ATM Waterproof Swim Stroke Recognition BT 4.2 Wristwatch

I like this yoga mat because it's inexpensive, extra thick, and has good reviews:
AmazonBasics Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Gym Floor Mat with Carrying Strap - 74 x 24 x .5 Inches, Blue\


You can see more of DDP's videos, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube, by clicking HERE.
You can see his website (and order his workout videos) by clicking HERE.

Hope he will inspire some of you to rebuild your strength. I know he certainly inspired me, and I'm going to see if I can get my husband to do some of his yoga videos with me : ).