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Friday, May 29, 2020

This is the most promising thing I have ever seen (with potential as a treatment) for the coronavirus

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They're a little further down.  There are FOUR Must-See Videos further down the page!

1) The video with Raphaela Laurean, showing her analysis of baking soda and lime juice
2) The video with Gabiel the Auto Technician, showing how he makes his baking soda and lime juice recipe
3) The video with Gabriel talking to a Doctor who got COVID-19 and said he felt SO MUCH BETTER after he used the baking soda and lime juice, and said studies should be done on it
4) The video with Gabriel showing SEVERAL testimonials of people who called him from all over the world, raving about how well his recipe worked for them.

Please note, I don't know how long the videos below will be available. Youtube and Google really are deleting videos and information (or making it much harder to find). You can read more about that HERE (thanks, Janice for sending the article) : ). 

Further down the page, you'll see a REALLY good, well-researched video by Raphaela Laurean, that is about the treatment that was used during the 1918 Spanish Flu. It worked VERY well for a lot of people, and it seems to be working just as well for people today, but it's VERY difficult to find this information, now. There was a time when that video was at the top of Google's search results. It quickly esclated to about 45,000 hits, then all of a sudden... nobody new was seeing it, until you specifically searched for it.  You'd have to really dig down deep in the youtube search results to find it.  For all I know, my own blog could be getting censored in the same way.

You'll also see a video by a guy named Gabriel who posted a remedy that seems to help people SO much, he started getting calls from people all over the world. I watched an incredible video with him getting a call from a doctor from the UK, but guess what? Youtube DELETED it, the day after I watched it (but I recorded it because I had a feeling it was going to get deleted, since he said he was already getting censored). 

I don't necessarily think it's the people at Youtube who are purposely deleting helpful information, but there are systems in place so that videos can be flagged by people who don't want them to be on Youtube, and if enough people who profit from Big Pharma or the medical industry were to flag it, (combined with a lot of people who probably think it's GOT to be a hoax), then it will either be removed, or nearly impossible to find on YouTube, unless you know the exact title of the video. 

FYI on a different note...If you are viewing this on a mobile phone, you won't see half the resources on my blog unless you scroll down and click on "View Mobile Version" (in blue). When you do, you can see the columns to the left and right, with loads more information for people with liver disease. 

I want to share with you guys some information, including videos with research, about what happens when people with COVID-19 consume BAKING SODA and LIME JUICE. Something every one of us can make, for about 5 cents.

I know.... when you first hear that, it sounds like, there's no way that could work. There's NO WAY this entire world, with BILLIONS of people in it, could be on total lockdown, when something most people have in their kitchen or fridge, could do a really good job in reducing the severity of the coronavirus. 

But I've learned, over the years, that there can be a HUGE amount of power in things that appear to be very simple (at least, simple compared to what the Medical industry would like you to believe). It's funny how doctors look at things like Milk Thistle and Alpha Lipoic Acid, as being "too simple" to help people with liver disease. Yet, these are things that took millions of years of evolution, to create, vs. a drug that may have taken just a few years in a lab, to produce. The things we view as being "too simple" are often effective because they're really not "simple" at all.... they're just thought of as simple, because they're cheap and easy to use.

I have about 15 stories I could tell you, of times where I (or someone I know) went to a doctor to solve a health problem, and the doctor couldn't fix the problem. In the end, the thing that was the most effective, was also CHEAP AND SIMPLE. The cheap and simple remedies I've found, for BIG problems, over the years, were not really "simple" cures. They just SOUND that way, when they're relatively cheap and easy to get your hands on them. 

For example, a few years ago, I discovered (to my shock and amazement) that probiotics work REALLY well for a Urinary tract infection. I literally had to go to the emergency room once, because I was on the verge of having major kidney problems, after leaving a UTI untreated for several weeks. That short visit to urgent care, JUST to get antibiotics, cost me $500.

I've suffered with dozens of UTIs in my lifetime (ranging from moderate to severe), and I tried everything over the counter that you could get in a store. It seemed like the ONLY thing that  REALLY worked, to clear it up for good, was antibiotics (but those left me with side effects). 

So it's maddening to think no doctor could have told me, years before, that probiotics (which were cheap, good for me and gave me NO negative side effects) could totally clear up a UTI. I never would have guessed probiotics could work, and only tried them because I had a good friend who was VERY insistent that I take them, despite my protesting.  

I didn't want to try the probiotics, at all, because it sounded WAY too "simple" to work, and I didn't think it really would.  But probiotics are actually not "simple." They're a very complex, important part of our health. Without them, we can get very sick. Doctors just gloss right over this fact, and it's likely that they will never tell you about them.    

It's become more and more apparent to me, over the years, that the medical industry will NOT tell me about the things that work IF those things are simple and cheap, and they stand to lose money if they DID tell me about them. 

Doctors would prefer for us to believe that there is very little we can do to help ourselves, if we contract the coronavirus, and we should put our own health in the hands of the Professionals. Because this disease has the POTENTIAL to be so deadly, then surely it MUST be something that can ONLY be solved by an expensive drug, or a vaccine. 

Fortunately, I think the majority of people who regularly read my blog, tend to be a lot more receptive to using alternative methods, to stay healthy. I feel fortunate to have found a community of people who think like I do... we like to dig around on the internet, searching for answers, because we just have this hunch that the answers are out there, somewhere, and we'll find them, if we just keep looking. 

For people who've just stumbled on this site and haven't seen my husband's story yet, I just want to tell you that there really are a TON of natural things that work, to solve BIG problems. But we Americans have this tendency to believe that a BIG problem can ONLY be solved with LARGE amount of money. And it's complete nonsense. 

Bicarbonate is actually used in hospitals, which you can see for yourself if  you watch the video with NYC ICU nurse Nicole Sirotek (wearing the light blue scrubs), on this page. Bicarbonate was used as a medical treatment for many years, but the FDA made Arm and Hammer take their medical recommendations off the box. Even though baking soda is what people used, to effectively fight the Spanish Flu in 1918. (definitely have a look at the video by Raphaela Laurean, further down the page - she gives an excellent breakdown).

Could BAKING SODA and LIME JUICE actually beat the Coronavirus???

There is a really excellent video (posted below) by Raphaela Laurean, that shows why Baking Soda seems to work really well, to help fight the coronavirus (she doesn't make medical claims, she's just doing a detailed analysis).  

It sounds like the gist is, baking soda and lemon juice raise your blood's pH (like the water my husband drinks), which makes it a lot harder for the virus to attach to your endosomes, and therefore, it can't replicate as quickly, and your body can buy some time to be able to fight off the virus, with your own immune system (as you would fight off the flu).  I do believe it IS possible to still contract the coronavirus, and don't believe it's a "cure" for anything, but I firmly believe it could be possible for baking soda and lime juice to be able to prevent the cytokine storm that has killed so many people from the coronavirus.

I don't think everyone should go out and start guzzling baking soda and lime juice. It can raise sodium levels and also your body can get used to it, so I'd only use it IF I felt like I was starting to get sick. But if I did start to get sick, I'd take it again in a heartbeat. Further down the page, you can see a recipe for how to make the recipe, by clicking on the title of the video by Gabriel the auto technician (he put his recipe in the description box, which you can see if you view it on YouTube).

And please, people, do not look to SNOPES as a way to do your research. Snopes should never be trusted as your only way to verify the legitimacy of a remedy. CLICK HERE to see what I'm talking about. I shared details about these videos with a guy who instantly "snoped" it, and he told me "Snopes said it's not true." Snopes is hardly a trusted source, they barely do any research at all, especially when it comes to medical issues.

For the last 2 weeks, I've been telling everyone I speak to, about these first two videos below, by Raphaela, and I also tell them to look up testimonials posted by a man named Gabriel. Then, today, a woman named Janice told me today that, coincidentally, Raphael is the arc angel of healing,  and Gabriel is the angel of communication!  Seems like kind of a funny coincidence, especially given the fact that these names are two of the 4 main arc angels.  I'm guessing these 2 people don't even know each other!

This guy Gabriel, below is an auto technician whom, a year ago, had uploaded a recipe for baking soda and lime juice (to be used to fight influenza).  People started using it to treat the coronavirus, and he was getting people from all over the world, telling him how well it worked!  

He even had a raving testimonial from a DOCTOR, who called him from the UK. He felt he'd contracted the coronavirus from his patients. He was saying that studies really should be done on it. Then, the next day after I saw the video, it was removed from Youtube!!  My guess is that it was removed because it was getting flagged, either by people who haven't done any research and assume it is giving people false hope, or people who know it works, and they stand to lose a lot of money if the word gets out that this could work. 

Think about how much certain stocks would go down, if it was discovered that people could use baking soda, instead of hydroxychloroquine (which makes the body more alkaline). Did you know that Bill Gates stands to make a fortune off people who will get immunized by the vaccines he has funded? And even the CDC actually profits from vaccines.  If you haven't read much about vaccines and the dangers they can cause, I highly recommend you check out the videos that are still available on this page. You'll note that the Vaccine Roundtable Part 2 has been removed, due to the fact that there is a LOT of vaccine censorship taking place right now. But fortunately, part 1 is still available.

Videos really are getting censored, people. But luckily, the videos on this page have not been deleted (it's just that YouTube is making them difficult to find, via search results, so I wanted to post them here). So please, watch these videos, and then if you believe they could be helpful, share these with your friends, before they get completely banned.   


UPDATE:  Gabriel was able to re-upload his video (showing how to make the lime juice and baking soda recipe) to Facebook. You can see it even if you don't have a Facebook account or are having issues signing in (as was the case with me).  He uploaded his video to Facebook.  https://www.facebook.com/GabrielAutoTechnician/videos/3235411909855650 

He posted a link for the Doctor's testimony, via this link: https://www.facebook.com/GabrielAutoTe…/…/3235585229838318He

This is a video (that's still on youtube) that shows lots of different testimonials from people all over the world. A MUST SEE!! 

Did you know that doctors in the U.S. are actually incentivized, to list patients as having COVID-19? They actually get $13,000 for listing a patient as having COVID-19, and $39,000 if a patient goes on a ventilator!  You can hear about it at the 14:42 mark in THIS VIDEO. (Thanks Heather for sending it to me).

This is a really sad video - just one of many by frustrated doctors and nurses, that is showing how badly our medical system needs to be fixed!

This was a pretty good video, too. Thanks again, Heather. 

More on the topic of Natural remedies for Serious Health 

You can actually die from a UTI. I just talked to a woman yesterday, who told me she got SEPSIS from a UTI, and she had to go to the hospital. I had to  go to the hospital once, too, when I got a bad one (it cost me $500 to just go in and get antibiotics). Bacterial infections are NO JOKE, people.  Drug companies can make a fortune off prescribing them for people who are desperate because the fact is, they're not only painful, but they can KILL YOU. 

I found it sooooooo hard to believe probiotics could actually work for a UTI, and the ONLY reason took them at all is because a good friend of mine, who lived close by, showed up at my house, shoved them in my face, and wouldn't go away unless I took them. 

I was FLOORED by how well they worked. I mean, absolutely just dumbfounded, that something SO SIMPLE could have worked SO well, and I could have avoided SO much pain and suffering in the past. I got them for over 20 years!! Why did NO DOCTOR ever tell me about probiotics???

Don't expect a doctor to give you the solution that works the best.

Doctors will have a LOT of different solutions that CAN be helpful, but they are usually not the thing that is the MOST helpful. Because the thing that is the MOST helpful, is the thing that will keep you out of their office for GOOD.

I could tell you about a dozen different times I looked to a doctor or pharmaceutical company, to fix some kind of health problem I (or a loved one) had, and their recommendations failed to help me with  the health issue. But when I just kept on searching for a cure on my own, I eventually found something that not only worked, but it was DIRT CHEAP, in comparison with what the doctors (or drug companies) were suggesting.

I have found, over and over and over again in life, that it's the MIND-BLOWINGLY easy stuff that works extremely well, to fix a HUGE problem. I am using the word "simple" instead of Easy, because natural remedies are EASY for us humans to take, whereas mother nature had to go through millions of years of evolution, in order to make the perfect natural remedies for us to use!

If you feel that there is helpful information in this video, PLEASE SHARE THE PAGE with friends and loved ones, because if the videos are getting censored from youtube, there's a good chance my blog will be getting censored as well. 



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