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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Emptying Your Colon means Reducing Your Risk for Encephalopathy

I know two people who are suffering from diverticulitis right now, and believe me, people, this is something you DO NOT EVER WANT TO GET.  If you scroll down and look at what I've highlighted in yellow, you'll see why. I had NO IDEA things could get THAT BAD when a person has this. Pushing too hard can create little pockets in your colon where poop gets trapped, and it can get infected and....omg... please people... do not let this happen to you, ever.  Seriously, if you read the description of diverticulitis further down, you'll definitely want to take better care of your colon and digestive system, and avoid constipation like the plague!

Irregularity can be a real problem for your health.  Basically, poop is loaded with toxins and bacteria and it's supposed to EXIT your system, and when it can't, the bacteria can multiply, and ammonia can build up in your bloodstream and cause encephalopathy and cause brain damage or death. Ammonia is also EXTREMELY toxic to body tissues. You would NEVER drink ammonia, would you? And yet, a lot of people have it floating around in their bloodstream when they get cirrhosis, and don't realize just how dangerous it is!!!

Many people with cirrhosis are given lactulose, which is like a surefire way to empty the bowels. But so many people I talk to HATE THIS STUFF.  They feel like they never know when they're going to  have to poop, and my husband recalled how he was worried his co-workers were going to think he's someone who sh*ts in his pants, because it gave him such bad gas, and apparently you're always on the verge of having to go.

Anyway, I think it's important for people with cirrhosis to incorporate certain foods that could help you eliminate waste. As Dr. Mark Hyman points out, in the video below, if your stool stays IN your colon, it keeps getting re-absorbed into your body. EWWW!  So yeah, it's good to know ways you can keep things moving!!!

Flaxseed and Chia seeds

He mentions flaxseed, which I've seen for myself, works great at making you have to go. I switched to chia seeds when I saw Costco had run out of flaxseed, and found I liked chia seeds even better, because they have the same effect and you don't have to grind them up and its less messy to deal with when I'm making a smoothie.  I LOVE chia seeds. They're super nutritious and the word "chia" means strength. But the BEST part about chia seeds is, they TOTALLY keep me regular. We buy the Nutiva brand from Costo, the 2 pound bag, and it looks like it's the same price on Amazon!! People, this is a crazy good deal.  It's twice the price at Whole foods.

Vitamin C

Dr. Hyman also mentions that Vitamin C is a good way to empty the bowels, and I totally agree with him. If we could go back in time and do things differently, I would have suggested my husband take vitamin C (powdered vitamin C in water) instead of lactulose, to clear out his colon.  I don't know for sure if it would have the same effect for everyone but one guy I talked to a while back said it worked well, and you have the added bonus of the antioxidants in the Vitamin C.  I know from experience that Vitamin C can definitely good a good job of making you have to go to the bathroom. A lot.


I read a study that showed Probiotics can cut your chances of encephalopathy in HALF (as you can see I feel very strongly that people should avoid encephalopathy as much as possible!). It can help your stomach feel better, and it can also help somewhat with acid reflux (Jake was using Probiotics + Apple Cider Vinegar + Aloe Vera juice to help with his acid reflux before we discovered the Detox water). You can get Probiotics at just about any drugstore.  It's been shown to be beneficial for all kinds of digestive disorders, and many skin disorders, including acne. I've seen it get rid of a bladder infection, so on a personal level, I think of it as a miracle supplement (one that hardly anyone ever talks about).  Probiotics could possibly help reduce your risk for infection if you have really bad ascites and need to get drained.  However, please be sure you are seeing your doctor as well. He may want to give you antibiotics, and I can't tell you not to take them if those may be more effective because they're strong

Please check out this video by Dr. Hyman (and subscribe to his channel if you can). He has some awesome videos!


I subscribe to Marie TV (she is awesome) and this video inspired me to watch even more videos by Dr. Hyman. They are both awesome, and this is a great interview. Enjoy!

The Key to Longevity: Cleansing the Colon
by Roopa Chari, M.D.
In America we currently have an epidemic of colon cancer and diseases of the colon due to several reasons some of which include a poor diet, lack of exercise, dehydration, and emotional stress leading to constipation.Modern life-style has taken its toll on our digestive and eliminative organs. Commercial foods mostly have an acid pH and acidic foods are addictive which is why most children raised on junk foods do not eat fruits and vegetables, which are fresh, raw and natural. Commercial foods also have a very slow transit time in the colon.
The incidence of colon degeneration such as diverticulosis which are herniated bowel pockets caused by constipation has significantly increased. These bowel pockets, caused by increased pressure in the bowel are filled with stool and can become infected if the rotting feces erode the surrounding mucosa in the colon. Colon polyps have also increased in incidence, as up to 50% of Americans have polyps in their colon. These polyps which protrude into the inside of the colon can eventually transform into cancer.

Diverticulitis – For unknown reasons, a diverticulum, usually in the left colon, can become inflamed (diverticulitis) and sometimes burst leaking bacteria-rich feces into the abdominal cavity (peritoneum). The result is usually confined to the surface of the adjacent colon producing an acute, sometimes devastating illness characterized by severe abdominal pain in the left lower part of the abdomen, fever and prostration. The treatment usually consists of fluids, bed rest, and antibiotics. Some cases require hospital admission.

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