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Sunday, October 20, 2019

DDP Yoga - You guys have to watch this!

I am thanking God for the insomnia that woke me up around 4:30 AM today.  In my semi-groggy state, I wound up clicking on a YouTube video that had this as the "streaming ad" commercial. I feel really grateful to have been able to see it, so that I could put it on this blog. 

Exercise is really helpful for people with cirrhosis, but it's really hard to find something that's safe, low impact, that builds strength and muscle tone, that you'll want to actually stick to, when you feel like you have little to no energy - OR motivation! But this video I saw, shows a really great way that people could do just that, and I can't help thinking DDP (Diamond Dallas Page) is the kind of guy who'd be able to "connect with" a LOT of people with cirrhosis. He knows what it's like to be down and out. Many pro wrestlers turn to drugs and alcohol, later in their lives. DDP has a lot of friends who've died, but he found a way to rise above all that, and inspire his friends to get healthy again.

I do have to put the disclaimer here, that you are supposed to check with your doctor before beginning any type of exercise routine, but you really can't get any more "low impact" than yoga! And he combines it with his own rehabilitation techniques he was given, when he broke his back, so you can get a LOT of value from one of his programs.

People with cirrhosis get the message over and over again, that cirrhosis and scar tissue cannot be reversed (but we refused to believe it, and we're glad we did).  This video I saw at 4:30 am (below), really spoke to me, because, here's a guy who was told over and over by doctors, that he'd never walk again. He's a military veteran, who severely damaged his back after jumping out of planes, so many time that it caused (what seemed like) permanent damage to his back. Due to his injuries, he couldn't walk without forearm crutches, and often had to use a wheelchair.  He kept on gaining more and more weight, and his health was getting worse and worse. The doctors led him to believe that this was the low quality of life he just had to accept.

But one day, he managed to find DDP's videos on the internet - and they changed his life (I won't give away the details, you just have to watch it). This is such an inspiring video, it made me teary eyed. Heck, it even made Joe Rogan cry (you can see the video, further down the page).

Yoga is something that could be great for people with cirrhosis, because it is very low impact, and it builds strength and muscle tone, which can be important in increasing albumin, which can help you to reduce ascites and edema. Without enough albumin, fluid can leak all over your body, instead of staying inside the veins, where it should be. More and more articles like this one show that building muscle is important for longevity.

I have never done Yoga, partly because I've never gotten around to it, but also because to be honest, I've developed some associations to it, that don't fit in with how I see myself. When I think of yoga, I can't help thinking about the rich upper class women who live around me, who seem to "represent" yoga, as they parade around in their yoga pants, cart around their yoga mats, and shop at LuluLemon, while a nanny watches their kids. Yoga seemed to have turned into an elite activity for the rich and wealthy.  Yeah, I know, I've been making judgments, and I shouldn't knock it until I try it (nor should I knock these rich ladies who can afford nannies and yoga classes). I do realize that Yoga didn't start off that way, and just because certain types of people tend to gravitate towards it, that doesn't mean it couldn't be good for the rest of us, even if we don't fit in with the majority.

What I love about DDP, is that he changes the whole "vibe" of yoga. For most of my life, I've been pretty averse to working out, NOT because I am opposed to exercise, but I just don't like all the hype that goes along with it. It's like a whole lifestyle thing, that's designed for rich and famous people who can afford to work out (yeah, again, I know, this could be a story I've come to make up in my head... what better excuse for not working out). But still... it was an obstacle my brain set up. 

Well, DDP is all about removing obstacles, so that people can heal their bodies, and gain strength through fitness. He has a special gift for helping people who are really down and out, and feel like they've hit rock bottom. The program reminds me of the Phoenix gym I posted a video about, on this page, a few years ago.

This is the extended version of the video, if anyone cares to see it.

Here's the video with Joe Rogan...

Here's another really inspirational testimonial. The thing I love about this video is, this man GAINED 3 pounds when he first started, but he didn't let it get him down, and he kept on going. SO many people look for an immediate payoff, and when they don't see it (or they slide backwards), they give up. But you really need to have tenacity, and this guy has it.  Check this out: 

Another great story:

Here's a video about how DDP lifted up his former mentor, wrestler Jake the Snake.

Another testimonial...

And here's one more I had to share, because my husband used to really suffer from back pain.

This guy really felt like the documentary, "The Resurrection of Jake the Snake" could have saved his life. Will post a link for the video trailer, below this one.

This is the Amazon link you can click, to watch the trailer for The Resurrection of Jake the Snake. For some reason, at the moment, this full video doesn't seem to be available, but I am hoping this is just temporary, and maybe it will be available again in the future.


You can also see the video trailer, here:

Here are some of DDP's videos on Amazon, and there will be a link for his website and YouTube channel at the bottom of the page.

WWE: Diamond Dallas Page: Positively Living!

Positively Unstoppable: The Art of Owning It

Get the app, here: 

Positively Page: The Diamond Dallas Page Journey

DDP recommends using a heart rate monitor. 
Here are some affordable Heart rate monitors that have really good reviews on Amazon:

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR, Activity Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, Waterproof Smart Fitness Band with Step Counter, Calorie Counter, Pedometer Watch for Kids Women and Men

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 And this one has about 170 reviews, with a 5 star average:

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And this one just has five 5-star reviews, as of this writing, but I'm posting it here because I think it looks cool: 

Honor Band 5 Smart Bracelet Watch Faces Smart Fitness Timer Intelligent Sleep Data Real-Time Heart Rate Monitoring 5ATM Waterproof Swim Stroke Recognition BT 4.2 Wristwatch

I like this yoga mat because it's inexpensive, extra thick, and has good reviews:
AmazonBasics Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Gym Floor Mat with Carrying Strap - 74 x 24 x .5 Inches, Blue\


You can see more of DDP's videos, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube, by clicking HERE.
You can see his website (and order his workout videos) by clicking HERE.

Hope he will inspire some of you to rebuild your strength. I know he certainly inspired me, and I'm going to see if I can get my husband to do some of his yoga videos with me : ).


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