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Monday, November 6, 2017

Overcoming the Anxiety and Depression that Leads to Alcohol Abuse

I had to take a few minutes to recommend a program I've been listening to this weekend.

I have spoken to so many people who have suffered from stress and anxiety, from some kind of physical or emotional abuse that they just don't know how to deal with. So they're fighting a huge amount of repression, which leads to self destructive tendencies, which so often leads to alcoholism, which leads to cirrhosis. If this program can help anyone to get sober, before the liver problems start, I thought it would be worth recommending.

I started to listen to this program recently, when my landlady hired a friend of hers (whom I'll call Bob) to help with a painting project. He told me he had PTSD and anxiety, so I thought this program (which I'd bought, years ago, but never got a chance to listen to) would be helpful for Bob.  The program is so good.  I can't believe this whole box set cost less than $100, because in my opinion it could sell for well over $500 (and anything that can help you conquer anxiety is worth well over $10,000, in my opinion). 

There are so many CDs and booklets in this package, and they were really helpful and inspirational to listen to.

Attacking Anxiety & Depression Program, A Drug-Free, Self-Help Guide To Curing Anxiety, Depression And Stress

I've been a big fan of Lucinda Basset, the creator of this program, for decades. I saw her speak at some hotel, giving a talk about anxiety and depression, in the early 90s (I think it was maybe 1990). Back then, we didn't have the internet, and I had seen some kind of ad in the newspaper about how, if you had anxiety or depression, you should attend this seminar.

I really struggled with depression a lot, back in my early 20s.  I was new to living in a big city, feeling a little homesick, and where I lived, it was very overcast. I also didn't understand how much my diet and a lack of sunlight affected my mood. This was before I went vegetarian, started taking vitamin D3 on a regular basis, and learned that for me, productivity = happiness. 

Back in the early 90's, I used to get into these terrible "funks," and low-level depression was something I felt like I was always trying to fight off.... especially in the winter time. And the worst thing was, not knowing what caused it!!

But I've learned what makes me depressed and anxious, and what makes me happy, and I set up my life in such a way so that, on a happiness scale, I pretty much waver between a 8 and a 10 (on a scale of 1-10), most of the time, even though I've had a lot of stress in my life. And I am very, very grateful for this because I know from experience, depression SUCKS.

OK so back to the 90's.... after I saw Lucinda Basset speak, I wanted to get her program, but I was really broke and struggling and couldn't afford it back then. Luckily I figured out how to tackle my own depression (to the point where I never did get panic attacks) but I'd always been curious about that program. As you can probably tell, if you've spent time on my blog, I love the idea of arming people with the knowledge of  how to fix their own problems, without medication, whenever possible. 

In 2013, my husband was really struggling with his own depression and anxiety, because he'd been laid off from a job he'd had for 20 years (and the CEO had told him he'd always have a job with them).  He was clearly very depressed, as he'd never been without a job, a day in his life, since he was 10 years old.  I knew he'd started drinking again. And I realized there was nothing I could do, to MAKE HIM not drink. You can't exactly follow your spouse around all day, to make sure he's not stopping at a liquor store on his way home from work. So you just have to hope that he can get through it. 

After my husband had gotten separated in 2007 (shortly before he met me), he'd seen a therapist who'd recommended these tapes, that my husband really liked a lot: Healing the Shame That Binds You. He also really liked his therapist a lot, but when Jake got laid off, he didn't have health insurance and I was unemployed and we didn't feel like we could afford therapy.

I knew he was drinking more, and hiding it, and I was trying to figure out a way to help him with all this newfound anxiety.  I'd never thought of him as an "anxious" person, but the longer I'd been married to him, the more signs I'd see. He'd always been in the habit of biting his nails, and he bottled up a lot of his feelings.

Around the time Jake was starting to get sick again, I saw this infomercial for these tapes, and it really seemed like something that could help Jake. So, I ordered it, along with some supplements that were offered by the Midwest center.

Well, unfortunately, Jake can be very stubborn (and the stubbornness is usually exacerbated when your husband gets a sick liver). He didn't want to listen to the tapes OR take the supplements (and I think he was irritated that I spent money on them, even though in my opinion, they were cheap!)  So, I sent the supplements to my nephew (who said he really liked them a lot), and the box set program just sat on my shelf, collecting dust for the last 4 years. I knew I'd listen to it one day, but... it's been a busy 4 years, to say the least.

But when I heard that Bob (my landlady's friend) had PTSD, I couldn't help thinking, I'd bet he'd get something out of that program (which I'd recently seen again on my bookshelf). Bob has been hanging out with a friend of his (whom I'll call Rick) who also has anxiety.  That friend of his is a smoker, and also smokes weed, and I'm not a big fan of either (I do believe cannabis has amazing medicinal properties, but when people walk around smoking weed all day and use the excuse that they need it to calm their anxiety and somehow it seems to be preventing them from getting a job... I get super irritated).

Me and Bob were listening to the CDs while painting the other day, and we were really enjoying them.  There were a lot of stories from people who'd really struggled with anxiety and depression, and it was very inspiring to hear so many people who'd conquered their own anxiety with some simple tools Lucinda gives.

I just dug up an old computer and told Bob that he should play them for Rick, too, and last night they both got to listen to them.  I highly, highly recommend them for anyone who has a lot of stress, anxiety or depression.

I think this program used to cost a lot more, but you can get it on Amazon for like $90, and you're buying it from the woman who created it (she's the Amazon seller).   I can't believe I am JUST NOW listening to these recordings (but like I said... I've been pretty busy the last few years) : D.

Attacking Anxiety & Depression Program, A Drug-Free, Self-Help Guide To Curing Anxiety, Depression And Stress

From the Amazon description:

The program includes audio CDs, a workbook and other tools to help you take control of your life. It is effective for kids, teens and adults alike. It helps you overcome and find relief for issues that range from phobia to anger to loss. 

There are 15 lessons in the multimedia toolkit: 

1-Symptoms, Causes and Fears, 
2 - Six Steps that will Put a Stop to Anxiety Attacks, 
3 - Self-Talk, Key to Healthy Esteem, 
4 - Expectations, Expect Less and Get More, 
5 - Eat-Diet to Rid Yourself of Anxiety and Depression, 
6 - Stop Being Angry and Control Your Mood Swings, 
7 - Assertive Behavior, Speak Confidently and Gain Respect, 8 - Put An End to What If Thinking, 
9 - Get Off the Guilt and Worry Treadmill, 
10 - How To Stop Obsessive, Scary Thoughts, 
11 - Anx and Dep, the Truth About Medication and Alcohol, 12 - The Courage to Change, 
13 - Time Management 12 Steps Toward a Balanced Life, 
14 - How To Keep Stress From Becoming Anxiety, 
15 - Getting Beyond a Growth Spurt. The program leverages the mindful practices of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 

It has been proven in independent studies to have as much positive impact as 6 therapy sessions. (1996- Human Affairs International). 

Here is what one customer said about it on Facebook recently: People often come up to me and say, you know, there is just something about you, something peaceful and refreshing. I just smile and say, thank you, knowing that along with God and my Angels, my secret to peace lies within the Attacking Anxiety and Depression program. Thank you so much for everything.   -Kendra R, GA
A big thanks to Lucinda Basset for taking the time to come up with a program like this, and for recognizing that there is a way for many people to overcome depression, without having to take medications!


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