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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Do American Hospitals Buy Organs from China (executed Falun Gong Practitioners)?

I've been reading lots of stories of how Chinese prisoners (many of whom were simply peaceful Falun Gong practitioners) have gone missing, because they were killed for their organs. If you're not familiar with these horrific stories, click HERE, HERE and HERE.

OK, so, maybe I'm just being a little paranoid, after all the stories I've heard from people with cirrhosis who have actually been told, by hospital staff, that it's a good thing for their MELD scores to go up... because it means they have a better chance of being approved for a transplant.  And I've seen with my own eyes... my own husband's MELD score actually went UP, 10 points, within a few days of being admitted to the hospital.
Mind you, they don't encourage just anyone to get more sick and stay in the hospital... just the people with really good insurance (which my husband did have), or a large bank account.  If you're poor, it's more like.... sorry, we can't help you... you brought this on yourself. 

I've seen people go from being somewhat sick, to being pushed to the brink of death in a hospital. 

Um... I'm sorry, but aren't people supposed to get better, when they enter a hospital?

I'll never forget the couple I referred to my husband's former hospital (you can read more of the story, HERE).

I still have the saved text messages from his wife, stating how much better he was doing, after I'd been going to the hospital with the water and PEMF.  But the doctors refused to let him go home to get better on his own... they basically threatened that if he went home, they'd pull him off the transplant list, and the entire evaluation process he'd just gone through, would be for naught. 

I think this is soooooo wrong. It's not like somebody cutting out of the line at Disneyland, ok. This is a TRANSPLANT list.  Aren't patients always supposed to be encouraged to get better?

Naturally, this poor couple was scared, and they decided they'd better take the transplant route, just to be on the safe side.

One day the wife called me and sounded hysterical. She went from seeing her husband look very clear minded and have a good amount of energy (when I was going regularly to bring him detox water and letting him use my husband's PEMF machine), to (about a week after I stopped going to the hospital) being catatonic and hours from death.  

I stopped going to the hospital when someone told me I could get in trouble for trying to help this guy without the doctors' approval.  I asked his wife if she could go, or hire someone who could, but... I don't think they realized how bad things could get (and at the time, neither did I).  The guy's health plummeted, and next thing you know, he was on dialysis and bleeding from his neck in the ICU, waiting for a transplant, and, according to his wife - literally hours, from death. His MELD score skyrocketed from the mid-20s to 38.

Finally, a liver arrived "just in time"... and according to the doctors, this liver was a REALLY good one. They told him it was like "A Harvard Liver." Doctors have a way of knowing how to make a patient feel very special, for not only being approved for a transplant, but also for receiving an organ in the nick of time!

Mysteriously, the hospital our husbands went to, does NOT accept live donors... only cadavers.

I would like to believe there is no way an American hospital would ever accept an organ from China... but I have to wonder. Because I've seen them push people to the brink of death, racking up huge hospital bills... and then Whoop! Suddenly the perfect organ appears.  It's almost as if they know how far they can push things, because they have a good system in place.

Did someone with a really healthy liver really just happen to die at the right time??? I mean really.... what are the odds.

Make your own conclusions. 

A liver transplant is about $577,000.00.
American Hospitals regularly encourage cirrhosis patients to get more sick, while in the hospital, so they can be "more eligible" for a transplant. 
A liver can last about 12 hours, outside the body.
A flight from China to America is 12 hours. 
Also consider the fact that a private jet from China could be carrying several Chinese prisoners, and nobody would know. There could be a whole medical staff on the plane, working on harvesting an organ from a recently killed passenger, and how would anyone, besides the people on the plane, know what was going on?  The bodies could remain inside the plane, and just the organs could be taken out. 

Ain't nobody checking that luggage when it comes OFF the plane!

I'm juss' saying.

I realize, there are people out there who are going to think it is absurd that I would even think such a thing. But Chinese organ harvesting DOES occur, just like the holocaust occurred (but while it was happening many people said it wasn't). And American hospitals DO push people to the brink of death.... as if they know an organ is just going to happen to come along at the very last minute, after the patient has racked up another 100k in ICU bills.

The hippocratic oath states, "To do no harm".... and yet, hospitals REGULARLY make a patient's MELD score go up 10 points, within days of being admitted. How is that following the hippocratic oath? Obviously, there are people in the medical industry, who don't seem to give a damn about what Hippocrates said.

I recently talked to a nurse (who's husband has a very high MELD score) and she told me that she actually HIDES her driver's license, in her car, when she drives. Why? Because she is actually afraid that if she gets into a near-fatal accident, and the paramedics find it, they won't work as hard to save her life. She told me she's SEEN IT HAPPEN.  (12/19/17 update: I have another friend, who last night told me he heard the same thing from a nurse friend of his, and he said she tells EVERYBODY this. Damn!) 

For years, I've proudly displayed the Donor dot on my driver's license. But after all the things I've seen and heard, since I started talking to people from this blog... I hate to say this, but I'm thinking of getting a new license, sans the dot. I would have NO problem with donating my organs, if I was definitely, for sure, 100% DEAD, with no chance of revival, and someone could use my organs. But to think there are paramedics out there, who would actually not try to revive me, because they knew I had volunteered to be a donor? It seems like a slap in the face for a person who genuinely wants to do a good deed. 

Please understand, I really admire and appreciate what paramedics do, and would guess that not all paramedics are like that. But... I think they're caught up in a system (which writes their paychecks that feeds their children), that is more about money, than human life.

The ability to just LOOK THE OTHER WAY

There are horrible, inhumane, injust things that happen, on American soil, all the time, and they're covered up. The way chickens are slaughtered in factories is horrible. Baby chicks are ground up in a grinder, and their mothers are bred to be grossly huge, living in cramped cages, no space to move around. Then, at the end of their lives, as the farmer's way to say thanks for their their sacrifice, they are grabbed and strung upside down on a conveyor belt, their throats are slit, they're electrocuted, and just to make sure they're really dead... they're boiled in hot water.  

This is a process that takes place regularly, behind closed factory doors, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. And it continues with no end in sight BECAUSE IT's PROFITABLE. And there are a lot of people in this world who have learned how to just TUNE OUT and LOOK THE OTHER WAY.

We live in a culture that very much operates on a need-to-know basis. KFC doesn't exactly advertise that this is what really happens, in order for you to get that Kentucky Fried Chicken. All you ever see is the good old, trustworthy KFC logo with a smiling Colonel Sanders on the bucket.  Just like you only see a smiling doctor in a white lab coat, assuring you that everything is going to be just fine. 

Doctors are not likely to advertise where transplant organs come from, and under what circumstances a person's death occurred. I can see lots of doctors not actually knowing where the organs came from.... and not WANTING to know. They might have their suspicions, but prefer to look the other way.  

Draw your own conclusions.

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