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Monday, August 22, 2016

Have you been Negatively Affected by Proton Pump Inhibitors? You could be have cause for a lawsuit!

I just saw a commercial on TV, that was a law firm, saying that if you have taken Nexium, Prilosec or Prevacid (all Proton Pump Inhibitors), you could have a case for a lawsuit! This didn't surprise me one bit. They described how these drugs cause kidney failure, and didn't even mention anything about how they also can cause LIVER failure!!!

(FYI you can see a whole bunch of PPI lawsuits on Google by clicking THIS LINK).

Yes, I understand doctors give them because they believe they will keep a person from bleeding to death (though I seriously question this).   But in my opinion these things are WAY over-prescribed, and they were given to my husband despite the fact that his esophagus looked great during his endoscopies. He took this stuff for nine months, and I would swear that PPIs gave my husband Osteoporosis and more scarring of the liver. It even says on the FDA's website that these can be the side effects. Unbelievable. I have yet to talk to ONE person who's told me that they were warned about the dangerous side effects of these drugs.

You can see the post I did in 2014, about the dangers of Proton Pump Inhibitors, by clicking HERE.

Basically, it is VERY BAD to make the body STOP producing acid, which is what these drugs do.  Please have a look at these videos. You can also see more information about other ways to help acid reflux, by reading my other post that you can see, HERE.

I also highly recommend watching this video by Dr. Peter Glidden. He says that if one of his patients is on a PPI, he tells them to flush it down the toilet!

Hope this helps.


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