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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Check out these photos - Edema Before and After - Just 2 1/2 weeks - NO Diuretics!

In January I got a call from a really fun guy whom I'll call Ricky. He is always really upbeat and funny and energetic, and I really enjoy talking to him. I could not believe my ears when Ricky told me he is in his 60s, because he really sounds like he's in his 40's or early 50's. Ricky is very health conscious and has been vegetarian for over 30 years.

Somehow, Ricky got the Hep C virus back in the 70's. He said that the type of Hep C he has is one that Harvoni doesn't treat, but we are both hopeful that they will come up with some kind of treatment for it, soon. For now, he is doing the Berkson Protocol (Dr. Berkson said Selenium is like a birth control for the virus) plus a few other supplements I will list further down the page.

Anyway, it really bothered Ricky that he had been developing edema in his legs. He told me he had what is called "pitted edema."  I didn't know what that was, so I had to look it up. Apparently, when you press down on the skin, it takes a while for it to come back up. My husband may have had this too, and maybe I just didn't know about it because I never saw him press down on his skin.

Anyway, Ricky got a water machine a few weeks ago. Like Amy, he didn't beat around the bush. After he got all the information and medical research on it, he believed in the water like I did when I first heard about it, and really wanted to try it.

Ricky had been telling me about some "splotches" on his legs. For some reason I was picturing them looking more like spider angioma (when I hear the word "splotch" I think of a "splatter"). But when I saw the pictures (that he sent me later) I realized he was describing a lot of small red bumps, which may have gotten slightly more red since he started drinking the water, but he's not sure (things do tend to get worse before they get better). He said he had started doing the Berkson Protocol about 10 days before he took the "before" pic.

Ricky let me know about his progress a few times every week (sometimes daily), and at first he wasn't sure if he was seeing any results (it was like a watched pot never boiling). I encouraged him to take a picture so that, down the road, he'd be able to look back and compare the two photos and see how far he had come. He said he would, but I wasn't sure if he was really going to or not.

So I was very happy when, on Sunday, I saw that he had texted me these before and after pics! I couldn't believe it! He got these results in just two and a half weeks! WITH NO PRESCRIPTION DIURETICS!!!

He was using two different types of water from our water machine. There is one that you drink, and another type that you can put directly on the skin. Again... he got these results in just 2 1/2 weeks.... WITH NO DIURETICS!!!   I am not making medical claims, and I'm not telling people they should go off their diuretics (though I did hear that one of them can cause permanent hair loss if you take it too long... I think it was Furosemide but it may have been Spironolactone). Ricky just wasn't taking diuretics to begin with, so he never had to "go off" them. I'm just telling you the facts and showing you the photos he sent (you can come to your own conclusions about what caused it... I definitely have mine)!  He said he was doing multiple things, but he told me his leg didn't start clearing up like this until he got on the water.  

Just to give you some perspective on how fast this is.... it took Jake a full year, of being on 2 different kinds of diuretics (Furosemide and Spironolactone), taking dozens of different supplements (not all at once but trying many different things) and 6 different prescriptions and doing PEMF, to see these kinds of results... and we thought we were getting fast results! You can see a post I did on the day I learned Jake was off diuretics, HERE.

But Ricky got his edema way down in TWO AND A HALF WEEKS. For anyone who isn't familiar with the symptoms of cirrhosis (and how long it takes to reverse them)... THAT'S INSANE. He did want to note that there is still some edema, but not a whole lot. Also I want to note that these pictures pertain to his pitted edema only. 

Ricky doesn't want to "jinx it" so I want to make it clear that we know it's still early in the game. He hasn't even been drinking this detox water for 3 weeks. But given all the things I've seen and heard about this water over the last year, I can't help thinking this really is NOT too good to be true. When you are able to remove toxins that are basically plugging up the body and the liver, it would just make sense that it can start to function more normally again. I'm not saying it's an overnight thing, but it can happen. There are other properties to this water, besides it's detoxifying capabilities, that no other water can match (I've seen many companies say they can but if you test it you will see they can't hold a candle to this water).

Unclogging your drain

It almost seems like this water is somehow able to "unclog" the liver, in a way nothing else (that I know of) can....it almost reminds me of Drano!  But it's not harsh in any way... just effective.

I have long hair and have to use one of those little wire mesh drain thingies at the bottom of my tub, on days that I wash my hair, to keep the hair from clogging up the pipes. But when a certain amount of hair and soap and gunk gets into that drain, the filter gets clogged, and water can no longer go down and next thing you know, I'm standing in half an inch of water. 

That is how I visualize that it is with the liver. When the liver (which is a filter) gets clogged from scar tissue, and liquids can't go through, it's like the "drain" in your body is plugged up, and that's when you get ascites and edema.  BUT, there is something about the detox water that enables the water to get through like it's supposed to, and the liver starts functioning again and the toxins are finally able to be removed from the body.

What Ricky did:

Ricky told me he was VERY good about drinking the water regularly, he'd drink it fresh (when it's the most potent) and he was drinking HIS BODY WEIGHT IN OUNCES. The recommendations for the water, for people without serious health conditions, is typically to drink half your body weight in ounces, but if you want better results, it's recommended that you drink your whole body weight. So, if you're 200 lbs, you'd drink 200 oz!
In addition, he started on the Berkson Protocol, about a week before he got the machine.

He had also been taking a super-potent, concentrated form of turmeric, that was given to him as a free gift by the woman who sold us the machine (she has a few extra boxes she is giving away this month, for people who get machines). The stuff is extremely good at reducing inflammation. It's not cheap (like $90 a box) but in my opinion it's worth every dime (he just ordered 2 more boxes)!  I knew from experience how good it was at reducing inflammation, because when a friend of mine said she was having horrible chest pain (she'd had really bad pneumonia earlier that month) I insisted on giving her some. After she took this stuff, she said about 3/4 of her pain went away within an hour.  I don't know how much this supplement was a factor in the reduction in Ricky's inflammation, but I would assume it played a part. I'm just glad that something clearly worked for him!

He was also taking:

CoEnzyme Q10
Methyl B complex (he said liposomes are the highest delivery system you could get)
Vitamin C with R-lipoic acid / liposomes (4,000 to 6,000 mg), and
B12 vegetarian spray

I asked Ricky if he would mind allowing me to use these photos on my blog and maybe even in a video, and he said OK to the pics on the blog and is contemplating the video (which would just be these pics above, but when they fade in and out you can see a more noticeable difference). I don't want him to do anything he wouldn't feel comfortable with. If he gets to the point where he is ok with a video, you may see that too.

Ricky is very private, and very cautious (as I was) about putting himself into any kind of public situation (even though his real name is not in this post or on the video). I totally get that fear. I am very cautious about protecting my own privacy, and Jake's. He said, what if people ask for his name or info about him, etc., and I assured Ricky that his information is completely confidential, and I'm only going to post what he feels comfortable with. So, in the event that anyone reading this might be thinking of asking questions about him (which I don't anticipate happening because nobody ever has asked me any revealing details about anyone except my husband but you never know), please don't even ask, because I am unwilling and unable to disclose any personal details about people who contact me through my blog. What you see on this page is what you get!

Ricky, I just want to say thank you again for letting me use these photographs. You're awesome, I am sure these will help a lot of people, and I'm so happy that you're doing so great! I'm so glad you called me. I really think you're just going to keep getting better and better : ).



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