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Monday, September 28, 2015

It's Cool NOT To Drink! Watch these Inspirational Videos to See Why Life Without Alcohol Can Be a Beautiful Thing!

This week, my husband celebrated 2 years of sobriety, and I've been wanting to do another post to try to encourage other people not to drink. Both of us are so much better off! In the past, I've done posts about Celebrities who don't drink, and inspirational videos by people who've beat their addictions (mostly people who had to hit rock bottom, first).

Hitting rock bottom can cost a quarter of a million dollars (or more), as we found out the hard way. So I wanted to make a post that might encourage people to see how beautiful life can be, without alcohol. Think of all the great things you could do with $250,000 (this doesn't even include the $400,000+ cost of getting a liver transplant).

There is often a real stigma towards people who don't drink. When a person says they don't drink, there is often an assumption that either:

a) They don't know how to have fun and must be boring 
b) They got into trouble with alcohol in the past, so they must have had some deep, dark drinking problem, they've become "damaged goods," and the person has can't handle any alcohol whatsoever, so therefore, they're branded as being "weak."
c) They're not drinking because of a religion and there is a fear that they're going to judge YOU or try to get you to "convert" to their way of thinking. 

Whether or not you've felt that you've fallen into one of these stereotypes, I wan to remind you that YOU are the person who decides who you are, and "what you're all about."

Thanks to YouTube, I found some really great, inspirational videos by people who totally defy the Stereotypes of A Person Who Does Not Drink, and I wanted to share them here. These people do a really good job of making it sound a lot cooler to NOT DRINK, than to drink!  (By the way, if you'd like to see a list of Celebrities who don't drink, just click HERE).

Quite a few of these people mentioned they have people in their families who abuse alcohol. I've seen a lot of people who do have alcoholism in their families, and they go down the same road as if it's somehow genetic, or in their destiny. Just because something runs in your family, does not make it your "destiny!!" I really commend all the people who have risen above their circumstances, and inspired others to see the power in a life without alcohol.  

I'm grateful to all the people who made these videos. I am hoping they will inspire other people to NOT to go down the road me and my husband went down!  They are all making the world a better place. They say if you want to become successful at something, you should surround yourself with successful people. So if you could use a little daily inspiration, you may want to consider subscribing to their channels as well. 

These videos will show you that none of the above need to apply!


  1. I used to be an alcoholic! I was in the Navy, and they sent me to Alcohol Reform School. Now, I have been sober for 31 Years, By the grace of God! 2 Corinthians 5:17
    At my worst, i was at a drinking party once and I crashed my bicycle on the way home, and was taken to a hospital, unconscious. The doctors gave me a BAC test, and they told me I was at .37 BAC! The doctors didn't know how I survived...But, by the grace of God!

  2. Good for you, 31 years is a really long time. That is an inspirational story.