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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Congratulations to my Hubby, for 5 years of Sobriety!

I just wanted to do this quick post to congratulate my husband on 5 years of sobriety.  I haven't had time to do a lot of posting lately, since I'm taking care of a friend with late stage cancer, but my husband is very proud of his sobriety, as he deserves to be. 

He quit drinking completely, 5 years ago - just before his birthday. Unfortunately, we learned the hard way that quitting is just the first step in recovering from cirrhosis, but it's a HUGE step, and 5 years is truly an amazing feat. I'm so proud of him, and want to thank him for having the strength to quit... and for the fact that I never have to worry about him getting a DUI!

For those of you who are still wondering if you should quit drinking, I assure it is WORTH IT, and I can assure you that your sobriety will improve the quality of life not just for yourself, but just about everyone around you!

Congratulations honey. You did good and I'm very proud of you : ). Thank you for letting me share your story, and I hope it will continue to inspire others.



  1. Thanks sweet heart, it is a true blessing and thank you for all your love, support, and work behind this awesome blog! I believe that I may not be alive today without all your incredible work. I love you!

  2. Wow, Jake's made his first-ever appearance! : D. Woohoo!
    You're welcome, hun ; ). I'm just glad you are still around. And that your sense of humor is still fully intact : )
    For anyone else reading this, I have to tell you, Jake is gearing up to call some of you who have requested info on the water. He recently said he'd like to take some time to try to help some people, as me and the woman who normally call people about the water, have been swamped with work and other things, and we need help! But in addition, Jake is the guy with the MOST knowledge about what it's like to go through this disease!!! He has a full time job, so he doesn't have a ton of time, but he said he's willing to make some calls. Yay! Sorry if it takes us a while to get back to you guys, we are all very overloaded right now (I don't even have time to approve all the comments on this blog), but we will get back to you as soon as we can!