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Friday, December 23, 2016

One more reason I don't think a transplant is the answer

I was just watching this video on ATP and respiration.  I've watched several of this guy's videos, and they're all really good.  But because biology is so confusing to me, a lot of it just goes right over my head unless I hear it 10 times. 

Anyway, as I was listening to him talk about all the chemical processes that are involved in the human body, I couldn't help but think... where in the world did we get the idea that a doctor is more powerful than the mechanisms of our own bodies?

Our own bodies are comprised of this CONSTANT chemical orchestra, of cells and dna and mitochondria and ATP and so many different biological processes, happening at the same time, in our trillions of cells.

Please watch this video below, and see if you don't agree with me. Our bodies and our cells are so incredibly complex.  Our cells are constantly working to keep us alive!  It just seems to me that a doctor stepping in with a knife and some anesthesia is no match for what the body might be capable of doing, on it's own, if we just let it do it's job!

Just my opinion, as usual : )


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