*Results may vary. The information in this site is NOT to be construed as medical advice. Cirrhosis of the liver is a serious condition and if you have it, you should see a doctor. I am not a doctor and am not able to dispense medical advice. My husband saw a doctor (many of them) and they were able to do things for him that I could not. However, they were unable to recommend alternative treatments, and in MY OPINION they were VERY beneficial to my husband, so I am providing some of that information here. My husband and I tried all of these alternative therapies at our own risk, and if you try them you will be doing the same. At your own risk. No promises are made in this blog. I am not saying there is a cure for cirrhosis or any other condition. However, I believe most people can get well, like my husband did. My husband is alive, happy, productive, functional and has his energy back. He no longer worries about having to go on disability or getting a $577,000 liver transplant. Cirrhosis is a serious condition. He is currently in the fibrosis stage (Stage 2 liver disease), which is still serious. I cannot guarantee you will have the same results. I just want you to know about what worked well for my husband. I hope you will share what you learned with others, and share your story with us as well. This blog was made for YOU! Thanks for visiting!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Booking an Info-Session

Please note, this page is about paid Info Sessions only. I've put thousands of hours of work into my blog, so I hope you will be able to find what you are looking for, on the site. If you need further help and information, please fill out the form on this page (click the green box below, to see it), and you will be sent a Paypal invoice. I will give you a call after the invoice is paid, and you can ask me whatever you want.  

An info-session was $99, but for a limited time, I am discounting the sessions to just $29.95, because this is likely what I will be charging for my PDF guide. I feel a little guilty that it's taking me longer to finish it than I anticipated, so this is my way of making up to anyone who's been waiting for it.

Please note that I CANNOT give you medical advice, or tell you what you or a loved one should do. A person with cirrhosis is extremely fragile, and what works for one person may not work for another person. But I can let you know the specifics of what my husband did, and I can share research, and encourage you to do your own research. 
If you want to talk to me, and get access to a page with all the best stuff from my 7 years of research, here's how to do it....

If you spend some time on my blog, you should be able to find a lot of useful information that can help you, if you have liver cirrhosis. There are over 200 posts on my FREE blog, and I get a lot of people contacting me to let me know they found this information to be very helpful.

But I still get a lot of people asking me for tips on EXACTLY what my husband did. If you are looking for additional information and support, I am now offering affordable consultations, with a money back guarantee.

Also, please note that, for people who buy machines through us, this is all included, and you get daily cell phone access to me, PLUS access to my bonus list.
I've realized that it's a lot more time efficient for me to let you educate yourself about the things that helped my husband, rather than having me explain it all on the phone for 3 hours. Most people would prefer to do this on their own time frame anyway. So, I created a brand new private website just for that purpose. This site is JUST for people with cirrhosis, and their family members, who book an info-session with me.

On the private website, there will be a lot more information that is not on this site. You can see my research about supplements that appear to reduce the risk for encephalopathy and ascites. You can learn all about the detox water I keep raving about (and see medical research, testimonials, and all my theories on why it appears to work well for people). You can learn all about the PEMF machine my husband uses.

As part of the info-session, I can show you how to try one of the machines my husband used, for FREE (if you have a qualifying credit score). If you keep it, you won't have to make any payments till 2017.  And if your credit doesn't qualify, don't worry... I will share a list of 10 ways to get one... even if you're broke!

What you get when you a book a phone session:

An info-session is 30 minutes. I want to spend almost all of that time hearing your story, and giving you time to ask me questions directly. Again, I'm not a doctor and can't give medical advice, but I will try answer whatever I can. When our session is over, I will give you access to a private blog that I created, to basically tell you everything that I would normally tell you during a phone conversation that would normally last 3 hours!  There is additional information in the private blog, that you will not find on my main (free) blog.

In addition, if you purchase an info-session, you will be eligible for a bonus coupon.

This is what I cover on my new, private blog:

The very first thing you need to do when you get a diagnosis of cirrhosis

TONS of information about the detox water my husband drinks, which, in my own personal opinion, was a significant factor in the fact that his Fibroscan score was just 9.37 (the marker for cirrhosis is 12.5). True, this is my opinion, but it is based on the research I've done, and the stories of many others who've bought machines from us. I will include hundreds of medical studies, testimonials, and detailed info that literally took me hundreds of hours to put together. 

I will also include a list of ten different ways you can get this detox water.... even if you're BROKE (like we were when we got it).

The common drug your doc may be giving you, that may cause serious long term side effects (which your doctor likely won’t tell you about).

The type food you absolutely SHOULD NOT EAT if you have advanced cirrhosis (it could kill you).
Why we didn’t want to go the transplant route (a list of the scary truths many doctors won't tell you).
The Powerful Supplement Combination that helped my husband TREMENDOUSLY (I really feel like it saved my husband's life).

The reason it’s so critical to remove toxins from the body ASAP

The drink my husband drank dozens of GALLONS OF in 2014, that you can go and get TODAY (cost is about $30 a gallon but well worth it)

The thing that can bring on Encephalopathy within hours
The power juice combination that is known for helping people with cirrhosis

The type of juice that is very similar to the structure of our own blood (you should look into this if you are low on hemoglogin, or are "iron deficient.")

The powerful little over-the-counter pill that can reduce the risk of encephalopathy by 40 percent

The advanced technology my husband used after seeing a video showing how it increases blood flow.  Within a few months of using it, he was kicking my butt going up 5 flights of stairs. 

The machine my husband uses, that doctors have used to help patients with cirrhosis, for decades.   
The nutrient-packed products he used in 2011 that seemed to turn him around after he was first diagnosed
The book he read that greatly helped him to overcome his urge to drink.  

The surprising supplement that is said to help with back pain and bone loss, as well as to help reduce fibrosis.

A list of supplements that are shown to help the liver to reduce scar tissue.

A list of supplements that are shown to help the liver regenerate

The home remedy you should know about if you have gallstones

The home remedy that's been used for hundreds of years, to detoxify the liver
What will happen to you if you don't stop drinking (THE REAL LOWDOWN...  you're not getting the "pamphlet version" from me!)

The supplement you should know about if you have blood clotting issues (which most people with cirrhosis do).

The supplement you should look into if you have hemochromatosis

A food (and supplement) that can work as a natural diuretic

A better, safer alternative to a liver biopsy

The doctor he saw to get rid of his umbilical hernia (and the alternative treatment he tried, that DIDN’T WORK). Also: What he used to help it heal FAST!

The treatment you should know about if your loved one has encephalopathy and an extremely high ammonia level (the nurses may not offer this, and if not, you can request it)

How to Do a Gallbladder Flush with the same type of detox water machine my husband uses

The advanced technology that's widely approved as a medical treatment in Europe, to help with circulation (but hardly anyone in the US knows about it)

Why the detox water my husband drinks is, in my strong opinion, BETTER THAN Lactulose!

How To Reduce Your Risk For Encephalopathy.... 8 Things You Should Know About!


The CHEAP, powerful anti-aging supplement that is shown to increase longevity and reverse aging (that is more effective than similar supplements that cost over $500 per month).
The combination of supplements known to improve vascular function and help with eliminating erectile dysfunction in almost all men who participated in a groundbreaking study.  

Tips for helping your teeth, preventing bacteria and gum disease.
The most powerful supplements (that you can get on Amazon.com) I have ever heard of, for Cancer. 
The supplement I take that has kept me from getting sick over the last 10 years (I've shared this with tons of friends and coworkers and they rave about it)


When you're ready to do an info-session, just click on this green box (and fill out the short form):

I look forward to speaking with you!


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