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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Don't expect your caretaker to take better care of you than you've taken care of yourself

One of my best friends (whom I'll call Jan) texted me the other day to tell me that her husband is having both legs amputated, today (Tuesday September 13th). I was utterly mortified to hear this, especially because I know of two different things that have saved many peoples' legs from amputation, but she is refusing to do either of them for him.

Despite the fact that I sent her multiple emails, texts and facebook messages, showing her PROOF and studies that there have been many people who've saved their legs from amputation after using one of the types of water from this machine I have, and also PEMF therapy.... she just went silent and is totally "tuning out." He's probably in the middle of surgery right now, getting his legs cut off, and who knows how long  he's going to last after that.

Sadly, I have had to change the settings on my Facebook account so I do not see posts from certain friends who keep complaining about the health conditions of themselves, and their loved ones... when they're not actually doing the things that would WORK, to turn them around (and they're not even willing to TRY IT). This just grates on me like nails on a chalkboard. It's almost like I get an allergic reaction when I see people trying to garner sympathy in a situation I feel they don't even have to be in, in the first place.

I had to "turn off" one of my childhood friends on facebook, when he was posting daily about how his husband and mother were extremely sick and complaining about how tired and exhausted he was, and gaining constant sympathy from our mutual friends. It made me sick. I was practically BEGGING him to go pick up the water someone who was willing to give it to him for FREE. I showed him tons of medical research and doctors who recommend it and showed him videos of people using it in hospitals, and he didn't do a damn thing, just tuned it all out. Eventually his Mom died. I didn't even know his Mom had passed away, when she did, because I had shut off his facebook posts. I felt kind of bad, but I just couldn't handle the stress of seeing those daily posts.

Yeah, care taking is hard, it sucks. But as Confucius said, "Do not complain about what you allow."

When I was taking care of my mother in law, after she fell and broke her hip and arm recently I had a very tough attitude, like, we're going to figure out how to TURN THIS SH*T AROUND. No offense to my mother in law, but i wasn't interested in spending a few months taking care of her if it meant I was going to have to keep doing it for the rest of her life.  I KNEW she could get better on her own, if she just put the work in. My goal was to figure out, how can we get her back on track, and let her body heal itself? I was making sure she got the water on a regular basis, and treatments with our Professional PEMF machine, and that she was eating lots of vegetables and salad, and exercising. And what do you know, she has gotten WAY better, and no longer needs daily help. Her blood pressure used to be really high, but now it is PERFECT.

But I will admit, I do have empathy for people who are in a caretaking role. It is a hard job, and it can wipe you out.

I have seen many wives just give up on their husbands, not because they don't care, but their husbands have EXHAUSTED their ability to care at a high level. I know that when my husband was in and out of the hospital, I was very tired. I remember seeing a video of myself, in the hospital, during Christmas of 2013, and my hair was sooo greasy and messy and hadn't been washed and I don't think I'd had a shower in I don't even want to think about how long.  It's hard not to also pick up some of the fatigue from the person you spend the most time around, too. It's as if you can sort of become like the sick person, when you hang around them too long!

There is a woman who wanted to order a Pro PEMF machine for her husband who had gotten much, much worse after he went into the hospital (I see this a LOT, unfortunately).  Like my friend I mentioned at the beginning of this post (the one with the husband who's legs are being amputated), she went silent on me a bunch of times, and I didn't know what was going on. I really think the PEMF machine would have helped him, but she just couldn't decide what to do, and she hesitated. I've tried calling her a few times but she hasn't called me back, and I am pretty sure her husband has passed away.

There have been many times where I'd get so upset when wives don't do the things they need to, in order to save their husbands. I'd want to scream, DON'T WAIT, JUST TRY THIS!!! IT COULD SAVE HIS LIFE!!!!

But then on the other hand, I think, why the hell SHOULD THEY spend ALL their time and money trying to figure out how to take care of their husband, when he didn't bother to take care of HIMSELF????  If the tables were turned, and it was the WIFE who was in the hospital, because she didn't take care of himself, would HE really step up to the plate and drive her back and forth to the hospital all the time, or would he become just as overwhelmed, and start to "tune out" and let things slip through the cracks? I think the answer is pretty obvious. Yes, there may be a rare man in the bunch who would step up to the plate, even if his wife was super sick after not taking care of himself, but those men are DEFINITELY NOT the majority!!!

I'll never forget the day in 2014 when I was talking in the stairwell of the office I worked at (I spent so much time on the phone there, talking to doctors, it's a miracle I wasn't fired). And Jan told me that she was looking into donating one of her kidneys to her husband, who's kidneys were failing because he smoked and drank and did cocaine earlier in his life and he just didn't take care of himself.  He wasn't doing cocaine anymore, but he still smoked and drank and ate fast food and junk food all the time. She'd get on his case to stop, but he refused.

So when Jan told me he needed one of her kidneys, I said, JAN, DON'T YOU DARE GIVE HIM ONE OF YOUR KIDNEYS!!!! THOSE KIDNEYS ARE YOURS, HE DOESN'T DESERVE YOUR KIDNEY AFTER WENT AND HE F***ED HIS UP!!! (Like I said before, it's kind of a miracle I didn't get fired from that job, especially if anyone could hear some of the conversations I'd have in that hallway).  I couldn't bear the thought of my friend DYING, if something went wrong, knowing she only had that damn surgery because her husband didn't take care of himself. The thought of her dying because of  him, made me want to vomit.

As you can see, I have a very low tolerance for people don't take care of themselves (and then expect other people to take care of them or give them sympathy).

I've even tuned out one of my best friends from my early 20's, who just opted for a double mastectomy, while she has always refused to change her diet. She has always bragged about how much she hates vegetables, and she doesn't exercise much either, so it was NO shocker to me when she got cancer. When all my other friends were feeling sorry for her, posting on her facebook wall that they felt so sorry for her and asking her what they could do, I pretty much remained silent.

People might think I'm a bad friend, but I wasn't. I even offered to buy a brand new water machine and let her use it indefinitely, because I've seen and talked to enough people who used to have cancer, and then after they start drinking the water their cancer or tumor either is reduced or disappeared. But she wasn't interested... wouldn't even try it. So I just had to give up. I just have way too many friends who ask for sympathy on Facebook, regarding some surgery or procedure or condition they had that in my mind, was totally preventable. I would TOTALLY have sympathy for someone who did take good care of themself, and then got sick. But sadly, people like this are in the extreme minority.

Please, people, turn your health around NOW, while you can. Take good care of your kidneys, your heart and your liver. Those organs do soooo much for you, all day long. They don't deserve to be battered and abused!

If you choose not to take care of yourself now, that's one thing, but expecting another person to give up their life, in order to take care of your broke-down ass, because you CHOSE not to take care of yourself, is another thing entirely. That's as directly as I can put it. Ask me how I feel about this topic!!!  I'm just letting you know, there are a LOT of people out there whom I see just failing to take the necessary steps, when it comes to taking care of their loved ones when they get really sick.

What's even more sad is when I see women who are DIEHARDS about trying to help the men in their lives who are sick, and then the men become resentful and pissed off, because they think the women are being too controlling. So what the F*** are these women supposed to do????  You want her to just let you DIE???


Ugh. OK I need to end my rant now, I have work to do.


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