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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Why I believe in the Power of NATURAL REMEDIES

When I was a kid, I was kind of obsessed with nature and natural remedies. I had national geographic photos of nature and wildlife all over my walls, and I was a health nut. I even tried to eat an orange peel, because I learned it has more vitamin C in it, than the inside.

Somehow, I gave in to eating a lot of junk food in my teens, gained 30 pounds, got really lazy, stopped exercising, and ended up losing my love for health food and nature. I started to trust doctors and pharmaceutical companies more (until they failed me, one by one, from my teens to my 30s).

I believed that human beings must somehow be smarter than mother nature.... but I was wrong.

As I've learned, over the years, how powerful NATURAL remedies are (probiotics, oregano oil, detox water), I've had to ask myself, why is it that I ever doubted mother nature, and this earth, to come up with the remedies that could heal human beings?

I think it has something to do with the fact that money is so strongly associated with power. If you pay a lot of money for something, there is a direct assumption that the thing must be powerful. The more money you pay, the more powerful it is, right?

But if that were the case, everyone would have to pay for sex. And sex organs were given to just about everyone. It wasn't something you could only have "installed" on your body if you had the money to pay for it (like ordering the extras on a car at the dealership). You just got them as a full package deal when you were born. Along with two eyes, a nose, two ears, two legs, two arms, two hands, a stomach, lungs, spleen, kidneys, and of course... a liver.

Have you ever seen anything MAN-MADE that is more powerful than a volcano, a tsunami, an earthquake, or the SUN?  Yeah, humans have figured out how to split the atom, but mother nature figured that one out a long time ago. We might have figured out how to build a plane, but that's nothing to the intricate inner workings of the body of an eagle - which can even reproduce! We can build tall buildings, but even the tallest building in the world is 1/10th the size of Mount Everest.

I am making this post as a reminder that NATURAL THINGS ARE EXTREMELY POWERFUL. Our bodies have incredibly powerful, built-in healing mechanisms that can so often help us to heal, if we just let them. I learned this over a decade ago from Dr. Andrew Weil, in a speech he gave to promote his book, Spontaneous Healing.

There is a great Naturopath named Brit (aka Montreal Healthy Girl) whom I think you should check out and subscribe to, if you get a chance. I recently watched her video on why the body gets a fever, and how to heal your body of cancer.  She has some great videos on foods that will give you more energy, incredible superfoods and more.

Try to think of ANYTHING that man has ever created, that is more powerful than what can be found in nature, or what is in these videos below. Hopefully this will explain why I believe that natural methods are the way to go (in addition to the fact that so many natural treatments have helped me and my husband).  You can't put a patent on mother nature.

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