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Friday, July 1, 2016

What is Going On With My Liver?!??

When cirrhosis kicks in, it can be very confusing for the person who has it, and their loved ones who are trying to take care of them.

I wanted to make a page of some of the best videos I have seen, explaining what the liver does, why it is so important, how it is connected to the other organs (and why they are affected when the liver stops functioning), when a person develops cirrhosis.  It is a LOT to absorb, and I have watched many of these videos several times! Hopefully they will help you to understand what is happening when the liver becomes cirrhotic.

Thanks to all these guys for explaining this stuff to the rest of us in such detail!

Armando Hasudungan has LOTS more videos on the liver and cirrhosis... if you want to become thoroughly educated on the liver, I highly recommend you check them out!  You can see several more videos on THIS PAGE.  But for now, his video on Liver Cirrhosis should give you a good basic overview of what's going on, if  you or a loved one has cirrhosis. 

Michael Linares also has some excellent videos, he does a great job of explaining what is going on with the liver.  You can see even more videos by clicking HERE.

This is a really good video animation, showing what is going on in the liver, how it processes nutirients and eliminates waste products, and how it starts to malfunction with cirrhosis. 

This video is pretty decent, too.
  This is a really good video for explaining what the different blood tests / blood levels mean.

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