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Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Lactulose Enema and The Coffee Enema ... You SHOULD KNOW about these!!!

Please note, this is not medical advice, I can't tell you what to do or what not to do if you have cirrhosis (or even if you don't). I am just providing information and offering my own opinions about coffee enemas. Doing too much of anything could have risks. You could die from drinking too much WATER, too. 

I read this page that mentions some of the risks that you COULD have with a coffee enema, but it appears that the risk of complications is low, and I don't know anyone personally, who's had any side effects. Someone told me that one of the risks of doing a coffee enema is that, you could get a bacterial infection if you don't sterilize the equipment well, but I don't think that should be a problem as long as you are good about sterilizing the equipment. I can't say for sure how safe it would be for  you or your loved one to do a coffee enema. If it were ME with cirrhosis, I would DEFINITELY try it, but I can't tell you what to do. 

Written in 2015:

I spoke to a girl who's mother has stage 4 cirrhosis and was hospitalized. She told me her ammonia levels were very high... I believe they were about 130, and then the next day they were 200.

Because my husband was given a lactulose enema in the hospital, I had assumed that this was standard procedure, and they had already done this for this woman. Then as I was talking to her daughter, I realized, they never did this... and they never even OFFERED IT to her!

It annoys me that they never offered the procedure to this poor woman. It is very dangerous to have ammonia levels that high... it can cause brain damage! I do not know or remember what my husband's ammonia levels were, the second time he got encephalopathy and had this done, but whatever the case, I want people to be aware that this procedure could be an option.

If you are at a high risk for encephalopathy, or have a loved one who is, I want you to at least KNOW ABOUT this procedure, because if you (or your loved one) winds up in the hospital, and they don't offer this to you, at least you will know what it is, and I want you to know that you can at least ASK for it!

I do want to note here that, in my opinion, detox water an even better way to eliminate ammonia, as I'd seen a doctor talk about how they used the water to neutralize ammonia levels.  But some people are not able to get ahold of the water, and if that is the case for you, I hope you can learn something from these videos at least.

7/1/19: I also wanted to share that I just learned some people do PROBIOTIC enemas, and I would bet anything that this would help a person a LOT, if they are at high risk for encephalopathy, because it would kill a lot of the bad bacteria in the colon, so who knows maybe it is just as beneficial as lactulose (which I don't think KILLS the bacteria, but it helps you excrete just about everything FROM the colon, so the bacteria can't build up). Probiotics also seem to help you to be able to have normal bowel movements, so in my opinion, it's all good!  You can read the post that I just did, about probiotic enemas, by clicking HERE: https://www.healthline.com/health/probiotic-enema#how-it's-done

I just watched the 2nd video below, with Dr. Patrick Vickers explaining coffee enemas to Chris Wark of "Chris Beat Cancer."  He explains that coffee enemas work well because coffee has the ability to raise your levels of Glutathione S-transferase. And, by the way, the Gerson clinic has been successful in treating people with cirrhosis. They also highly recommend juicing, juicing and more juicing. This is what he says in the video below:

"There is nothing more powerful to detoxify the body than a coffee enema, and here's why.   Your liver produces an enzyme. It's called Glutathione S-transferase. It is the most potent detoxifying enzyme in the human body. It literally goes through the body, grabbing and mopping up free radicals or toxins. Now, the chemical base that the liver uses to create glutathione S-transferase is palmitic acid. Coffee is loaded with palmitic acid. Now, that's properly roasted organic coffee. The coffee we use is specifically roasted for us and you would never drink it."  "Properly roasted organic coffee contains a massive amount of palmitates."  "Study after study has shown, and coffee enemas have been studied extensively, believe it or not... study after study has shown that when you do ONE coffee enema, the production of glutathione transferase by the body goes up 700% greater than normal. That is absolutely powerful detoxification!" "Up until 1984, the coffee enema was in the MERCK manual, as a legitimate means of detoxifying the human body."  

At about the 13:00 mark they talk about how it is very important to make sure you are getting a lot of nutrition, otherwise you will make things worse. If you're artificially stimulating your system without replenishing it with nutrients, you're going to make things worse!

(With the RIGHT kind of coffee)

You can see this Enema Kit form Amazon on THIS PAGE. The reason I like this one is because it includes the Gerson Clinic's guide for doing coffee enemas, and apparently they have been successful in treating people with cirrhosis.

If you already have an enema kit and just want the bag, this is a link for Gerson-approved coffee.


I think Jordan Blakie is great for all he does to educate people about how to heal people from Cirrhosis. It takes some BIG balls to be willing to talk about cirrhosis AND enemas, and SHOW PEOPLE how to do them!!! But I just want to point out that I think you will get much better results if you use the GERSON APPROVED coffee.  Using regular organic roasted coffee may be ok to use, but the Gerson clinic would say you should NOT use regular coffee. Please see what Dr. Vickers has to say about what type of coffee to use. I am including Jordan Blakie's videos here because I still think he's awesome and gives a lot of detail about exactly how to do an enema, and also he shows some good tips on how to do an enema "on the cheap" for those who just don't have a lot of money. This type of enema is probably better than nothing if you can't afford to get the type of coffee recommended by Dr. Vickers. I know there are a lot of recommendations I give that could use a little refinemement and I just don't know about a better solution yet, or I haven't gotten around to updating the page.

This is the video I saw a while back that... when I saw it I thought, DAMN.... this guy has BALLS!
Thank you, Jordan Blakie, for having the guts to show people in DETAIL, how to do a coffee enema. I hope you get some really good karma from that!!!



High doses of lactulose (e.g., 30 mL q2-4h) may be administered orally or by nasogastric tube to patients hospitalized with severe HE. Lactulose may be administered as an enema to patients who are comatose and unable to take the medication by mouth. The recommended dosing is 300 mL lactulose plus 700 mL water, administered as a retention enema every 4 hours as needed. Some studies had excellent success using PEG-containing colonic lavage solutions, such as Go-LYTELY administered via nasogastric tube, in the acute management of hospitalized patients with severe HE.28

I do want to let  you know that when Jake was very sick, I called a hydrotherapy place and asked if I could make an appointment for him to have an enema, but they refused because they felt it was too much of a risk... I was never completely clear on why it was a risk, but... I think it's because they're worried a person can become MORE bloated if their body doesn't have the ability to remove or eliminate the toxins. So I suppose it's just cause for concern but... it seems that what's even more dangerous is getting brain damage or crashing your car!

When the woman I mentioned at the beginning of this page had the lactulose enema, she did become more bloated, but luckily this only lasted for a day. I cannot say what the results would be for your loved one, but it seemed to be helpful, overall, for her, and also for my husband. It is up to you to ultimately decide if this is a good idea but... I just want to be sure you know this could be an option, if your hospital doesn't mention it.

I'd recently watched a video with a man who's mom was so sick, she was on life support and they disconnected her. She was only supposed to have an 10-30 minutes to live, but the guy kept giving her the detox water I keep talking about (if you request information about the machine, you can see this video).

She actually woke up and went home within a few days. However, she really still needed to go to the bathroom, it was very important. Then one day she went, and according to her son, it was something like 16 pounds worth! I'm not quite sure how they uh... measured that, but I'm guessing they knew what her weight was before, and then after she was done, and did the math.

When someone has encephalopathy and goes into the hospital, that's just about as bad as it gets (unless your husband does what mine did and eats red meat a SECOND TIME and winds up RIGHT BACK IN THE HOSPITAL).

Please do what you can to avoid encephalopathy from becoming an issue in the first place. A person can go into a coma and suffer from severe brain damage if this happens. I am not a doctor and can't give medical advice but I can share what I've learned.

Lastly, I want to post this video because... I remember how insanely EXHAUSTING it was to deal with the aftermath of my husband developing encephalopathy.  When you are going through it you start to wonder if your loved one might actually die. And you have to hold it together and be stronger than them. I know it's exhausting, so I am posting this video here for anyone who is currently going through this. You are to be commended for hanging in there and doing what you can, to help!!! 

Hang in there... you will get through this!!!



  1. This encourages me. Thank you for posting this. I've had several bad weeks of bad news. Breast cancer to liver disease with 40% cirrhosis. A month ago, I felt like I was Going to die. But I've been doing the coffee enemas and I can stand without collapsing.

  2. You're welcome, Shelly! So glad it's been working for you. Keep up the good work!!

  3. Hi there! Happy to see that you are checking out Your blog!

    I highly suggest doing enemas while you are fasting - they are amazing. It really helps to eliminate a lot of waste and will give you so much energy. I also suggest finishing the enema with a probiotic implant. That is where you'll take a much smaller amount of water, break a couple probiotic capsules in and "implant" with the enema bag - leaving it in as long as possible without releasing it.Enema Bag Kits Supplies

  4. Hi to all. I've read this article and IAM interested in this coffee enema, but I have some questions. I have hep c and I was treat with interferon and some treatment for that and after 8 month I was healed. But after some time I go to make tests for my leaver on a machine that is called methatron and they find early develop chirosis on the leaver. And now I wanna know will coffee enema gonna help me for this problem and exatlex what kind of coffee do I need. I know that need to use organic but I don't know is it have a difediffe sort of this coffee? Sorry for my bad english and thanks in advance