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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Jake is not on ONE SINGLE PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION anymore, and is doing fantastically well!

I just had to post this to tell you all about a new thing Jake is doing that has been working REALLY, really well for him.

We learned about this detox water in December of 2014, and since he's been drinking the stuff, he has been feeling so good, he was able to ditch his last 2 prescriptions (Lactulose and Digoxin... please note he did replace the Digoxin with CoEnzyme Q10 and I take the stuff too because it's just a great supplement for heart health). So now it's official. Jake is not taking a single prescription medication, and he feels great! In fact, he just ran a really fast mile (about 8 1/2 minutes). It seems that the combination of PEMF (which he still uses regularly) plus this special water, works really well. I have heard that it's important to drink adequate water before a PEMF session, and I guess this is because the water will help your cells get a better "charge." And it seems to be true!!!

Anyway... here is Jake's "list of prescriptions" one last time.

Original Prescription Amount (he's tapered down gradually)What Jake actually takes as of 2-12-15
Furosemide, 80 mg.NONE 
Spironolactone, 50 mg,NONE  
Pantoprazole / Omeprazole, 40 Mg.NONE 
Lactulose, 10 gm/15 ml solutionNONE
Digoxin, 250 mcg (for his heart). Jake has atrial fibrillation, which does run in Jake's family, but I think it could have been made worse by alcoholNONE

Jake takes CoEnzyme Q10 for his heart, and told me he feels great, and he doesn't feel the crazy heart palpitations he used to if he didn't take his medications. He was a little wary of going off the lactulose at first, but then one day he just announced to me that he'd decided to ditch it and he hasn't had a single symptom of encephalopathy (confusion, fatigue, etc). I mean, he's not even close. He's incredibly alert and energetic, once he got through the first week of detoxing from the water (the first week was not pleasant but now he feels incredible).

I hate to admit this is true, but... Jake had to regretfully inform me that the 3 different things I had him on, to stop his acid reflux (probiotics, apple cider vinegar and aloe vera juice), weren't totally working. I was so bummed because I was SURE they would all work, especially when used together (and they weren't cheap!!!). But nope. It's true that it did help him somewhat, but.... he still had acid reflux.... until he started making this water.  I couldn't believe this WATER (that was so inexpensive when you look at the long term costs) totally took his acid reflux away!

A gallon (128 oz) of the George's aloe vera juice is about $33 with tax at a local health food store (on Amazon it's $45 because shipping is $20 and there were no Prime suppliers), so drinking around a cup a day was costing about $66 per month. The probiotics are about $23 with tax at Costco (when on sale)(they're $26.25 on Amazon Prime) and last about 2 months. The apple cider vinegar is maybe $4 or $5.  We were spending almost $100 per month on supplements JUST for his acid reflux!

I consider this water machine the best investment we've ever made. As soon as we heard there was a financing program where you could get a machine for just $44 a month, we were all over it. Now, we are no longer paying for health insurance, doctor visits, prescriptions / medications, doctor visits, or chiropractor visits (I am not saying you should ditch all these things... your case may be different but Jake made that choice). So to us, the cost of this machine was a BARGAIN when you factor in the fact that Jake's medical treatments were in the range of $250,000 (and he didn't even get a transplant which I think I'd heard is about $400,000). So the way we look at it is, we are saving a TON of money. His medical insurance was about $600 a month (that was HIS copay that was deducted from his paycheck) and his dental insurance was even more.

Again... am not suggesting that anyone ditch their health insurance. We know that it's a risk. But that is what Jake chose to do, and  in a way, I am actually really happy about it. Why? Because I think he took better care of himself BEFORE he got insurance!! I think a lot of Americans are like this when it comes to Health Insurance... it gives you a false sense of security that if you get sick, someone is going to take care of you... so you can slack on taking care of yourself. It can be like a safety net with a giant hole in it. Yes it's going to catch you, but it's still going to cost you money, and there will be a part of you that almost feels like you need to "make use of it" as long as you have it!  So if you don't use it, it's almost like a waste! So you may listen do doctors a little more than you should. That was what Jake did, when they were giving him all those prescription meds that were bad for him! He listened to them when they told him he should eat lots of meat and animal products are a good thing! When he crashed his car, it almost cost him his LIFE!!!

I think about where we were about 14 months ago, and I was soooo worried and scared for Jake's life. I thought we were going to have to fly to China and get stem cell treatments for $30,000. I thought we were going to have to have him on all kinds of supplements for the rest of his life (though it's true that I think he should remain on the Berkson Protocol with Alpha Lipoic Acid, Milk Thistle and Selenium, for at least another 3 years). At one point I was even thinking he was going to have to get a liver transplant (I was consindering donating part of my own liver) but I am SOOO happy to report he didn't need one.

I was looking at photographs of him the other day and couldn't believe what a transformation he's made. He looked sooooo sick. His frame was bony like a walking skeleton, with a huge belly and really big protruding belly button! But he got the belly button fixed (for $6K), he's back to his "fighting weight," he can run faster than me, he has a positive outlook, no acid reflux or back pain (unless he does something to strain his back), and I feel like I have my husband back again!!!

If you want to learn more about the machine that makes the detox water, or learn about the PEMF machine Jake uses, just contact me through my blog.

I am so proud of Jake for being diligent about his treatments, for getting his health back, for taking his health into his own hands, and for being a good example that you CAN beat Cirrhosis!!!!

But again... if you are someone who drinks, PLEASE, PLEASE GET HELP.  TRUST ME, YOU DO NOT WANT TO GO DOWN THE PATH ME AND JAKE JUST DID!!!!! JAKE'S CIRRHOSIS TOTALED ABOUT $250,000 IN THE SHORT TERM AND WE WILL STILL HAVE TO PAY SOME LONG TERM COSTS (the financial problems we got into are still being sorted out). So please think about all the things you'd rather spend your money on (vacations, a new car, gadgets, stuff for your man cave)!!! If you choose to spend your money on alcohol... you (and your family) might as well kiss that other stuff goodbye.


Thanks for reading this post, and I wish you the best of luck in treating your cirrhosis!

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Please note: I am not a doctor and I am only able to tell you what I have learned by doing my own research on the internet, and share with you the things that have worked for my husband. Please remember that Liver Cirrhosis is a very serious disease and I am not saying there is a "cure" for it. There  is no such thing as a cure for anything. All you can do is help your body heal itself. I am not saying, do not see a doctor. 
Doctors have helped my husband a lot. But I believe it is wise to do as much research as you can, and find out why they are giving you every one of the medications and treatments they are giving you. 
I believe they do not always know about or understand every treatment option that is available, 
and there are many good options out there that can help.
Your health is ultimately your own responsibility, above anyone else's.

Best of luck to you!!!
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  1. I have ordered lots of the supplements u recommended and am taking what I do have at home ,I feel as if as if a burden has been taken of me and I have hope for my future .i had been praying cause I was so scared and then I saw ur web page ,I feel that u were my answer from God,thank you so much,I tried to read ur 10 suggestions but I can't read ur blog . Best thing , I am going to call dr Berkson and make an appt. to see him about my liver I am excited to see what he will recommend for me apart from what u have recommended .Thanks for putting a lifeline for the people that feel they are at the end of their life and giving us the knowledge that has cost u so much time and money .i am thinking real hard about the water machine but for now I will do what I can asap.Thank you so much for helping ,u are a Godsend .

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  3. Thanks so much Mary, that was a very sweet comment and I really appreciate it!! Hugs to you!!! And yes Dr. Berkson is awesome. Hope you had a nice trip, call me anytime!