*Results may vary. The information in this site is NOT to be construed as medical advice. Cirrhosis of the liver is a serious condition and if you have it, you should see a doctor. I am not a doctor and am not able to dispense medical advice. My husband saw a doctor (many of them) and they were able to do things for him that I could not. However, they were unable to recommend alternative treatments, and in MY OPINION they were VERY beneficial to my husband, so I am providing some of that information here. My husband and I tried all of these alternative therapies at our own risk, and if you try them you will be doing the same. At your own risk. No promises are made in this blog. I am not saying there is a cure for cirrhosis or any other condition. However, I believe most people can get well, like my husband did. My husband is alive, happy, productive, functional and has his energy back. He no longer worries about having to go on disability or getting a $577,000 liver transplant. Cirrhosis is a serious condition. He is currently in the fibrosis stage (Stage 2 liver disease), which is still serious. I cannot guarantee you will have the same results. I just want you to know about what worked well for my husband. I hope you will share what you learned with others, and share your story with us as well. This blog was made for YOU! Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Supplements that are known & documented to greatly help the Liver Regenerate and Repair itself

DISCLAIMER:  I am not a doctor, and the information in this guide is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The opinions and experiences expressed on this page are just me telling my story about what seemed to work very well for my husband. I can't say if they will work the same for you, or if they are safe for you, as I don't know your exact medical background - you may need to do further research. But I am very hopeful that these supplements could work for you too, when I've seen how well they worked for my husband! Cirrhosis can be a life threatening illness, and if you have it, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

I say this all over my blog but I will say it again, I am not a doctor and am unable to give medical advice. I've done a lot of research on different supplements but I am not a doctor and cannot give medical advice or advise you on what you should take or shouldn't. Cirrhosis is a very serious, life threatening condition that hospitalizes over 300,000 people per year and 25,000 people die from it annually (these statistics are from the US alone). Make no mistake, cirrhosis kills, and it kills often. If you are in stage 3 or 4, you should take this very seriously. DO NOT WAIT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

UPDATE MAY 2015:  A year ago (in 2014), my husband was taking many of these supplements, including Aloe vera juice, plus probiotics and apple cider vinegar to try to get rid of his acid reflux. Since he started drinking a special type of water, he feels so good and the acid reflux is gone, so he stopped doing Aloe Vera juice and apple cider vinegar (which is good for us because the aloe juice alone was costing us $60 a month).

Today, Jake is just drinking the special water, plus doing the Burt Berkson protocol, Vitamin D3 (5,000 IU), and CoEnzyme Q10 for his atrial fibrillation (he used to be on Digoxin but discontinued it when he saw how well the CoEnzyme Q10 and the water worked). He sometimes takes probiotics on occasion but not often.

I am still going to try to get him to take Sam-e and cordyceps, and drink more green smoothies or at least green juice (carrot and spinach juice)(When I would make nutriblasts instead of juice, I'd use filtered water - before we got the special water he drinks now - and use 1 heaping tbsp of orange juice concentrate, and spinach and pack the nutribullet with as much baby spinach from costco, as I could, it's cheap there, just about $4 for a whole bag).. I have just been so busy I haven't had time to make him the green smoothies myself (which is pretty much the only way he will have it... if I make the smoothies and then put the supplements in).

I want to point out that just because his liver function tests may be in a normal range, that doesn't mean he's bounced back from cirrhosis 100 percent. Although he is functional, happy, productive at work, and has good energy, he still looks like he's aged a few years. He's made a huge improvement because there was a time he looked like he'd aged 20 years, but now he "just" looks like he's aged maybe 5 years. I still question whether the accelerated aging was in part from the proton pump inhibitor Pantoprazole which his doctors were giving him  (the first time he got cirrhosis he bounced right back and they had never given him PPIs). If you are taking these, please read this page at some point. Obviously, the aging could have been simply from, say, Jake putting his body through hell, a second time, but hey.. you live and learn and just keep trying to move on.

I truly think if Jake were to drink green juice and take a few supplements known to help the liver repair itself (like Sam-e, cordyceps) he would be able to repair his liver even further. So a note to anyone who is in the early (or even late) stages of cirrhosis. If you aren't stubborn like my husband and can get yourself to drink green juice and also take a few extra supplements (and stay away from fast food and candy) you will probably get even better results!

I would highly recommend that anyone trying to heal from cirrhosis should consider drinkin the special water is because this will not only detoxify you, but it seems to have the effect of reducing scar tissue (if you request more information you will see why).  In addition, it also seems to have the effect of making any type of supplement or pharmaceutical drug even stronger. So either you will likely need less of the drug, or it will make the effects of it (or a supplement) even more powerful. I am listing the water on this page AND my page with a list of Supplements that Reduce Scar tissue, because it seems to (from stories I've seen) increase the speed at which the liver can heal and regenerate. In addition, I just read that it can reduce ammonia levels (good for someone at a high risk for hepatic encephalopathy!)

   Detox Water  

In early 2015 we got a machine that is actually medical equipment, which makes water that is really good at detoxifying a person's system, and although I cannot make medical claims, I can show you evidence that will show you that this water strongly appears to reduce scar tissue. You can draw your own conclusions after I show it to you (you need to request the information via the contact form). PLEASE NOTE: The company that made the machine Jake uses makes the strongest, most potent, most effective water there is, period. If you spend some time on this site you will see, I am REALLY BIG ON RESEARCHING STUFF, and i am also really anal retentive about trying to save money - especially when we don't have a lot of it left after all the bills we're faced with. So as you can imagine I spent a LOT of time researching this water before we got a machine and I'm so glad we did. I've heard of a lot of other people who have bought knockoff machines that SOUNDED good, but they produced zero results but the water actually made them sick. Not all machines are the same. The machine Jake uses is actually certified medical equipment and it started out as hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it is now an affordable home device. 

To learn more about the water Jake is drinking, CLICK HERE.

      The Berkson Protocol      

Again... it is very unlikely that you will ever have a doctor tell you to take these supplements, but they worked VERY WELL for my husband! Whitaker Wellness and Dr. Burt Berkson  have both had amazing results treating patients with a combination of Alpha Lipoic Acid, Selenium, and Milk Thistle.

In November of 2013, Jake was extremely ill with jaundice, ascites, edema, green skin, he'd lost over 30 pounds, he looked 7 months pregnant and had to have 21 liters of fluid drained (you can read the gory details HERE). His mother cried when she saw him on Thanksgiving. His MELD score was 28. His doctors said his only hope was a transplant. But I had read about the Burt Berkson Protocol on a few different websites (don't remember how I first saw it). One of those pages was this discussion thread. This man had Hepatitis for 30 years, and a MELD score of 22, and his MELD score went down to an "8" after using the Berkson Protocol.

Well, guess what. After one year of doing the Berkson Protocol, my husband's MELD score ALSO went down to an "8" (supposedly 8 is a "normal" score). ACCORDING TO HIS DOCTOR, HIS LIVER FUNCTION TESTS ARE NORMAL. And his mother smiled when she saw him on Thanksgiving : )   (UPDATE: In early 2016, after drinking detox water for a year, his score was down to a 6... which is supposedly the lowest it can get : )).

Thank you, Dr. Berkson, for all that you have done to help so many patients to begin to heal from Liver Disease and Cirrhosis. You are truly a Godsend. Thank you for taking chances and putting your own career at risk for taking risks and going against conventional medicine in order to save your patients, when many other doctors would have let them die.

I made a page dedicated to Dr. Berkson (where you can find links to a great interview he did), HERE.

The general protocol (recommended by Whitaker Wellness) is as follows (according to their webpage):

“Triple therapy” for liver disease consists of:

-Alpha-Lipoic Acid, 600 mg
-Milk Thistle aka Silymarin, 900 mg, and 
-Selenium, 400 mcg (an antioxidant mineral), taken in divided doses twice a day. 

Please note you have to take a B-complex vitamin when you take ALA, because apparently it depletes B-vitamins from the body. 

Please note - Dr. Berkson gives an interview where he states a recommended amount (for the triple therapy) that is slightly higher than what is on the Whitaker Wellness page, above. Jake took the amount mentioned above, from the Whitaker Wellness page, but now I do wonder if he could have gotten even better results by taking the amount Dr. Berkson mentioned in his interview. I hadn't written it down or compared it with the amount mentioned on the transcript (I just assumed it was the same). In the interview, Dr. Berkson says this is what he prescribes:

Alpha-Lipoic Acid, 900–1,200 mg  (300 mg, 2 to 3 times per day). Dr. Berkson said if you took too much you could burn out your mitochondria and kill yourself (I wouldn't be alarmed by this... too much of anything, including tap water, can kill you). He said you should never go above 15 mg per kilogram (I assume he means in body weight).  Dr. Berkson said 90 mg per kg would kill a primate (1 kg = 2.20 lbs).

-Milk Thistle aka Silymarin 300 mg, 4 to 6 times a day... but Jake was just taking 900 mg daily).
-Selenium, 200–400 mcg (taken in divided doses 2x per day)

You can view Dr. Berkson's Website by CLICKING HERE.

MEASURING SPOONS (for powdered formulas)

Many of the best deals are in powdered form so I just bought some measuring spoons from Amazon... this one seemed to be the best deal:

Norpro 3080 Mini Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons, Set includes ( tad, dash, pinch, smidgen and a drop )

      Alpha Lipoic Acid      

NOTE: 6-16-14:  I just discovered BULK SUPPLEMENTS HAS THE BEST PRICING for Alpha Lipoic Acid, N-Acetylcysteine, and Acetyl L Carnitine... THEY ARE GENERALLY ABOUT 1/3 LESS THAN TAKING REGULAR SUPPLEMENTS (VERY HELPFUL FOR THOSE OF US WHO ARE ALREADY FACED WITH HUGE MEDICAL BILLS). They have FREE SHIPPING for orders over $35 (Even if you don't have Prime).  So I would recommend getting those 3 together!

BulkSupplements Pure R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA) Powder (10 grams)


6-8-15: A note about the B Supplements. I have to say, once Jake started taking these supplements (about a week ago) I couldn't help but notice his skin looked better, less thick and hardened. It seemed like it might be going back to how it used to look, at least a little. I wish I had noticed (or remembered) the part about taking the B supplements with the Alpha Lipoic acid. Apparently this is very important!!

This is the kind I was going to get for Jake (I would still recommend this for anyone who wants to stick with the capsules):   Doctor's Best Best Alpha-Lipoic Acid (600 Mg) Vegetable Capsules, 60-Count     I realize that it would be more ideal to get two 300mg capsules (since it's recommended patients take 600 mg / day in a divided dose), but since this brand costs about half of what the other brands cost (and still has very good reviews) I think it's worth a try.  

You can get a bottle of 300 mg. Capsules HERE (Please note, I discovered the hard way that shipping can take a whole week, which will seem like forever if you're used to Amazon Prime, so in the future I will only be ordering the Natrol brand, below, which is just a few cents more than the Doctor's Best brand). It's good to get the type that is 300mg, so you can take it in the proper divided dose. There are 180 pills so it's It's a 3 month supply (taking 2 pills per day, equivalent to 600 mg / day). Agai, please note, though, this particular type is not a "Prime eligible" product. The price (with shipping included) is about .1082 per pill (almost 11 cents each).

If you do have Amazon Prime, I would recommend this brand by Natrol (shipping is WAY faster). The price is good, and you can get this whole 3 pack for just $16.49. That's about a 75 day supply (a little over 10 weeks). This seems to be the best deal and it has good reviews so this is the one I'm getting for Jake next: Natrol Alpha Lipoic Acid 300mg (3 Pack). The price for this one is actually .1099 per pill. Also about 11 cents each, just a fraction more than the Doctor's Best brand.

You can also get a type of ALA called "Alpha-R" lipoic acid, which seems to be easier to absorb. We have not tried this, but I did see some really good reviews for THIS BRAND.

The last type he got was called Sundown Naturals Super Alpha Lipoic Acid, 600mg,, but I think it was kind of pricey - almost 3x the cost of the doctor's best brand (he just bought it because he saw it at either Rite Aid or CVS).  He was taking 2 tabs per day (1200 mg total). 

You can read (and listen to) an amazing interview about Alpha Lipoic Acid, with Dr. Berkson HERE, but I'm pasting a highlight from the interview below:

KIRK HAMILTON: Tell us how you became involved with lipoic acid first, and then the Cleveland Hospital experience.
DR. BURT BERKSON: It's a very long story, but I was a internal medicine resident at one of the Cleveland University hospitals. And I was asked to take care of two people who had eaten poisonous mushrooms and their liver enzymes were in the thousands and they couldn't get a transplant for them in time and they - I was told they'd surely die. I was told to just watch them, take notes and present it to grand medical rounds. And I went upstairs, looked at these two folks who were very sick. And as a medical doctor you're just supposed to follow the orders of the chief, but a PhD is always looking for new things. So I called Washington and spoke to Dr. Fred Barter who was head of internal medicine, National Institutes of Health and asked him if there was anything in the world that would stimulate regeneration of an organ that he knew of. And he said he was studying alpha lipoic acid, thioctic acid because he thought that this might be the miracle drug for the reversal of the complications of diabetes. When they gave it to people - this is back in the ‘70s - when they gave it to people they grew new blood vessels, new nerves into their toes. Things seemed to normalize with diabetes. But he said that the folks also seemed to regenerate organs. So he sent me the lipoic acid. I injected it into the two people and within two weeks they had regenerated their livers and were completely normal.

I highly recommend you listen to the entire interview with Dr. Berkson HERE. I'm really grateful that Kirk Hamilton took the time to record this!

      Milk Thistle (Silymarin)     

Jake is curretly using a different brand of Milk Thistle, but this is the brand (Spring Valley) I am going to get for him next, because it seems to be a really good deal  (7 cents a day, vs. 21 cents a day for the Jarrow brand)... this is based on the recommended dose of 900 mg. / day.

Spring Valley Milk Thistle 4:1 Concentrated Extract 1,000 mg - 90 Softgels 

Note: This is the one company that seems to have a supplement that costs even less than BULK SUPPLEMENTS (which is 13 cents a day... almost twice as much as Spring Valley's 7 cents a day... and BULK SUPPLEMENTS is SUPER CHEAP!!! So I highly recommend this brand of Milk Thistle... don't know how they managed to get it down to such a low price but the reviewers make it sound like it actually does work). 

PLEASE NOTE: I was not able to "embed" this video, but you can see it by clicking here:

From this page on WebMD:

Research has backed up some uses of milk thistle for liver health. It may have protective effects on the liver, preventing damage. There’s good evidence that milk thistle can help treat cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis, which can be caused by alcohol abuse, autoimmune disease, or viruses. However, experts say that the evidence isn’t conclusive.
Some studies have also shown that milk thistle, in combination with medical treatment, may help improve blood sugar and cholesterol in people with type 2 diabetes. More research is needed to confirm these effects.


Protein Intake – the cirrhotic liver cannot handle large amounts of concentrated protein at once time and for this reason minimize the consumption of red meat and poultry. If you eat too much animal protein, ammonia levels will build up in the blood stream causing fatigue and mental confusion. Selenium and N Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) supplements help to reduce ammonia levels in the body.  Suitable protein sources are legumes (beans, peas and lentils), grains, cereals, seeds, sprouts and nuts.

From LiverDoctor.com:

Nutritional Medicine for cirrhosis

Increase antioxidant intake, to reduce damage to liver cells from free radicals.
The most important antioxidants include –
  • Natural vitamin E 1000 IU daily (some people may need 2000 IU)
  • Vitamin C 1000 mg twice daily
  • Selenium 200 – 300 mcg daily
  • Selenium has been shown in clinical studies to reduce the incidence of liver cancer and should be taken daily by those with cirrhosis and/or other risk factors for liver cancer. For more information see the website www.seleniumresearch.com

Also known as atomic number 34, selenium is a trace element found in the soil. Required in small amounts to maintain good health, selenium is essential for many body processes and is especially abundant in the kidneys, liver, spleen, testes and pancreas. Of particular interest to those with chronic liver disease, selenium boasts several functions that make it a valuable component to any liver wellness program.
Selenium is a liver ally for several reasons:
1.    Antioxidant – Trace amounts of selenium are necessary to form two enzymes – glutathione peroxidase and thioredoxin reductase – both of which indirectly reduce certain oxidized molecules. Since oxidation is a known manner in which liver damage occurs, antioxidants like selenium help preserve liver tissue.
2.    Immune Strength – A variety of sources indicate that selenium and Vitamin E act synergistically to strengthen immunity by aiding in the production of disease-fighting antibodies.
3.    Cancer Prevention – Believed to mobilize cancer-fighting cells, selenium may be helpful in preventing cancer. Since those with advanced liver disease are at risk of developing liver cancer, any efforts that could stop cells from going awry is generally welcomed.
4.    Tissue Elasticity – This trace element is needed for tissue elasticity, an important characteristic for those with chronic liver disease. Because rigidity in liver tissue and local blood vessels are consequences of several types of liver disease, efforts to preserve elasticity also helps support healthful hepatic circulation.
The following studies corroborate the belief that selenium is valuable to liver health:
·    As published in the January 2008 edition of the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, Israeli researchers isolated cellular mechanisms that help explain selenium’s anti-inflammatory and liver protective effects.
·    As published in the September 2010 edition of the journal of Experimental and Toxicologic Pathology, Algerian researchers exposed rat livers to a known toxin, arsenic. They found that administering selenium at the same time as administering the arsenic protected the liver from damage.
·    As published in a 2003 edition of the journal Acta Biochimica Polonica, Polish researchers evaluated the level of selenium in the blood of those with chronic liver diseases. Participants with chronic Hepatitis B or C infection or with alcoholic, autoimmune or cryptogenic chronic liver disease had significantly less selenium in their blood than healthy controls – a finding that the investigators believe could translate into their higher rate of oxidative damage to liver cells.
Selenium is a trace element. As such, high dosages of supplemental selenium are generally not advised. Since a wide range of side effects could result from taking too much selenium, most practitioners advise their clients to eat selenium-rich foods instead. The selenium content of any food source is dependent on the selenium content of the soil in which it is grown or the selenium content of whatever is consumed. Some of the more common dietary sources of selenium include Brazil nuts, turkey, crab, fish, beef and wheat.
If you and your physician agree that a selenium supplement is required, be aware that the upper tolerable limit for adults is 400 micrograms per day. Because selenium supplements can interfere with several medications and herbs, such as anti-coagulants, anti-platelets, statins, niacin, barbiturates, birth control pills, zinc and gold salts, discussing selenium supplementation with your physician prior to taking it is crucial.
There are plenty of reasons for those with liver disease to include selenium in their approach to liver health. By investigating the selenium content of your groceries and choosing more selenium-rich foods, you can reap the liver benefits of boosting your dietary selenium intake. If you believe that taking a selenium supplement is in order, discuss it first with your doctor and make sure you don’t exceed the upper tolerable limit.


This is the brand I get for Jake. He takes the 400mg pills. This stuff is a mood enhancer (that's how it was first introduced in Europe... like Prozac for Europeans). Sometimes it's on sale at Costco, but if you don't have a membership (or know someone who does), you can get it through Amazon, here:  Nature Made SAM-e 400mg 60 ct

Life Extension Magazine

SAMe Part 3: The Liver Super-Nutrient

Original article can be found on this page.

The evidence is definitely in. SAMe (S-adenosylmethionine) is serious medicine against liver disease. Almost a thousand published studies document the ability of this bioactive form of methionine to prevent and treat liver disorders, including cancer.
imageSAMe, the amazing "super-nutrient," can single-handedly normalize liver function. How? SAMe is the central player in liver biochemistry. It does two crucial things: It methylates, and it transforms itself into the liver's most vital substance, glutathione.
The liver contains the third highest amount of SAMe in the body, after the adrenal and pineal glands. SAMe is so important for liver function that it can be considered an essential nutrient for that organ. In addition to its many other functions, SAMe plays a leading role in liver regeneration. The liver has special SAMe enzymes just for regenerating tissue.
The liver has a tough job. It has to break down every chemical the body encounters, including drugs. It has to filter blood, chase after bacteria, make bile, and create various other substances such as lipoproteins. In short, there is a reason the liver is the only organ that readily regenerates: It has to.
SAMe is the product of a biochemical reaction between ATP and methionine. Half of all methionine in the body is used in the liver to make SAMeSAMe has been compared to ATP in its importance for the body. It is used in many different cellular processes, from replication to biochemical reactions that create melatonin and phosphatidylcholine. SAMe is particularly important for the liver because glutathione is synthesized from it. Glutathione is crucial for liver function. A good portion of liver SAMe is turned into glutathione. Glutathione is the liver's natural antioxidant.
imageSAMe has been isolated from yeast and purified. It is currently sold in Europe as an antidepressant. Many clinical studies have been conducted with this supplemental form of SAMe. It has been used in trials against depression, osteoarthritis and other conditions. Of all the published studies, the ones on the liver are perhaps the most comprehensive.

SAMe and Cirrhosis

The normal liver is a real workhorse. It stores vitamins, manufactures cholesterol, filters bacteria from blood, synthesizes fibrinogen and prothrombin (blood clotters), breaks down toxic biochemicals, synthesizes proteins and bile, and makes glycogen from glucose. The liver has bacteria-killing detoxifying cells called reticuloendothelial cells, which are only found in the liver, lymph nodes and spleen. Liver health is extremely important: What goes on in the liver affects many other body systems. A person with a sick liver is a person in trouble.
Cirrhosis of the liver begins with fatty infiltration, then progresses to an organ full of nodules and ropes of connective tissue. Degeneration and regeneration of tissues also occur. Alcoholism or hepatitis virus usually causes cirrhosis of the liver, but various other conditions also can cause it.
One of the biochemical consequences of cirrhosis is glutathione depletion. Glutathione is a very important antioxidant for the liver. The liver contains lots of fat and mitochondria, both of which generate free radicals. Without sufficient glutathione to quench them, the radicals damage the liver. Much of what is called cirrhosis is actually free radical damage from lipid peroxidation and oxidative stress.
Alcohol breaks down to a product called acetaldehyde, a notorious free-radical producer. Glutathione and cysteine both bind to acetaldehyde to neutralize it. In chronic alcoholism, there is so much free radical damage to "clean up" that the antioxidant system can barely keep up. What results is massive damage to the organ responsible for screening every foreign substance that enters the body.
Cysteine is synthesized along the SAMe biochemical pathway before glutathione is made. Cysteine eventually becomes glutathione. The SAMe byproduct, homocysteine, is the precursor for cysteine. (Note: antioxidant vitamins C and E are partners with glutathione: They work together to maintain levels of each other).

Sam-e was first used in the UK as an anti-depressant. You can see more on THIS PAGE.

An excerpt from WebMD:

SAM-e has also been used to treat depression for many years. Some studies have found that SAM-e might work as well as tricyclic antidepressants in relieving symptoms. However, many of these studies were flawed or too small to be conclusive. Other uses of SAM-e have not been studied as thoroughly.Mar 26, 2019


This is they type I'm getting for Jake: Now Foods Cordyceps 750mg, Veg-Capsules, 90-Count
At first I was going to get the Aloha Medicinals brand (below) because it had a higher overall rating, but due to us being on a SUPER TIGHT budget, I'm getting the Now Foods brand for now. Maybe that's why they call it the Now brand, haha. (Note: Now Foods still has very good reviews). I have to tell you, this stuff is NOT cheap. The study highlighted below says 22 patients with post-hepatic cirrhosis showed dramatic improvement after consuming 6-9 g (6000-9000 mg) of Cordyceps per day. Well if you take that exact dose, it's about 10 pills, which comes out to about $1.54 a day! (though that's probably nothing compared to what alcohol costs). I have to tell you, I probably will not put that much in Jake's shake because he's got so many other things in his shakes, I don't want him to puke. I will probably put about 3 or 4 capsules (about 2000 mg) in, and will just hope that the combination of all the other things I'm putting in, will work in tandem. There are people on Amazon who RAVE about Cordyceps, and I doubt they're all taking 10 capsules at a time. When I was first giving it to him, I just gave him one pill a day in his shakes.
 Aloha Medicinals Inc Pure Cordycepsf 270 capsules 525 mg

This is they type I used to give him (to the left), but I ran out and it seems that Jarrow changed their packaging. I bought it at whole foods, just a small bottle, and ran out pretty quick. Was just giving Jake one pill per day in his shakes. It's a lot more expensive, per mg., than the Aloha Medicinals or Now Foods brands.

I am also listing this supplement on my page showing supplements that reduce scar tissue, as I just read that it not only is a SUPER NUTRIENT for the liver, but it also helps with Fibrosis!!!

The fungus became popular in 1993 when two female Chinese athletes, who admitted using cordyceps supplements, beat the world records in the track and field competition at the Stuttgart World Championships for the 1,500-, 3,000-, and 10,000-meter runs. The women were drug tested for any banned substances such as steroids and were negative. Their coach attributed the performance to the cordyceps supplementation.

From this page:
 A clinical study involving 33 patients with hepatitis B taking Cordyceps supplement showed 71.9% improvement on the thymol turbidity test and 78.6% improvement in the SGPT test – both are enzyme tests measuring liver function. (Zhou LT. et al. Short term curative effect of cultured Cordyceps sinensis (Berk.) Sacc. Mycelia in chronic hepatitis B. China J Chinese Materia Medica 1990;15(1):53-55.)
Another study involving 22 patients with post-hepatic cirrhosis showed dramatic improvement in liver function tests after 3 months of consuming 6–9g per of Cordyceps per day. (Liu, C. et al. Treatment of 22 patients with post hepatic cirrhosis with a preparation of fermented mycelia of Cordyceps sinensis. Shanghai J Chinese Materia Medica 1986; 6:30-31.)
In 1994, a study in China involving 70 patients with chronic hepatitis B treated with Cordyceps or with another proven herbal medicine (with the main ingredient Ganoderma applanatum –a type of reishi) showed that Cordyceps treatment caused significantly higher clinical response than alternative treatment (68% Cordyceps patients and 57% Ganoderma applanatum patients). (Yang, YZ. et al. Short term observation of treating chronic hepatitis B and post hepatic cirrhosis with XinGanBao. Res Chinese Materia Medica 1994; (1):19-20.)
- See more at: http://cordysen.co.nz/Page/Cordyceps-Liver-And-Pancreas-benefits.html#sthash.5eIhh4ll.dpuf

In this study of rats, it appears that Cordyceps may help reverse fibrosis, so I will also be listing this on my page dedicated to supplements that help to reduce scar tissue.

[Intervening and therapeutic effect of cordyceps mycelia extract on liver cirrhosis induced by dimethylnitrosamine in rats].

[Article in Chinese]
Wang XB1, Liu P, Tang ZP.



To explore the intervening and therapeutic effect of Cordyceps mycelia extract (CME) on liver cirrhosis induced by dimethylnitrosamine (DMN) in rats.


Rat liver cirrhosis model was established by peritoneal injection of DMN at a dose of 10 microg/kg, once daily in the first 3 days of every week for 4 successive weeks. Experimental study on CME-intervention was conducted from the beginning of modeling to the end of the 4th week, while the CME-treatment experiment was carried out from the 4th week of modeling, when terminating the modeling factor, to the end of the 8th week, by administering CME at a dose of 0. 74 g/( kg d) once a day. Animals were killed in batches on the 3rd day, the 2nd (T1), 4th (T2), 6th (T3) and 8th (T4) week after modeling, to observe the histopathologic change in liver and the immunohistochemical staining of alpha-smooth muscle actin (alpha-SMA) and collagen type I (Col I), determine the content of hydroxyproline (Hyp) in liver, and the liver function was tested as well.


CME-intervention experiment showed that as compared to those in the modeled rats at corresponding time points, in rats at T1 and T2, serum alanine aminotransferase (ALT), aspartate aminotransferase (AST) activity and total bilirubin (TBIL) content were significantly lower, and albumin (Alb) obviously higher; while at T2, Hyp content, ct-SMA and Col I positive expression were significantly lower (P < 0.05), the proliferation of collagen fibre attenuated. CME-treatment experiment showed that as compared to those in the modeled rats at corresponding time points, lower serum ALT, AST activity and TBIL content, and higher serum level of Alb were shown in rats at T1; and lower Hyp content, liver collagen fibre, and alpha-SMA positive expression were shown at T1 and T2; while less Col I positive expression at T2 was also shown in them (all P < 0.05).


CME could not only prevent the development of liver cirrhosis induced by DMN in rats, but also effectively promote the reversion of already formed liver cirrhosis, having a favourable prospect of clinical application.




I'm not totally sure what is the right amount to take, but I was giving Jake this brand in his shakes: Nature's Way Reishi Capsules, 100-Count  I haven't calculated the price compared to others yet, but it seemed pretty inexpensive at the vitamin store so that's why i bought it. I was giving him 1 or 2 capsules in his shakes.  I just bought this brand because it's only about $7 per bottle. The reviews are decent.  It has 100 capsules per bottle, and one serving (376 mg) is two capsules.

But if I had the money, I would get the one below (by Host Defense), based on the reviews - it has 17 reviews (an average of 5 stars, vs. 4 stars for the Nature's Way brand). Who knows maybe there's not really that much of a difference but I wanted to put both on here in case someone would prefer to go with the brand that seems to have higher reviews. 

Fungi Perfecti Host Defense Reishi Capsules, 120 Count I was told by a Chinese herbalist that Reishi is often purchased with Cordyceps to achieve maximum health benefits. That's how I found out about it. 

You can read some amazing testimonials and see pics of someone with Cirrhosis, who benefited from Reishi, here: http://reishitherapy.com/Reishi-dxn-testimonials.html

And, from this page:

In addition to its immunological properties, reishi is also known to have beneficial effects on the liver. In a recent study in rats with liver cirrhosis, when a protein-bound polysaccharide from reishi mycelium was administered, levels of toxic by-products in the liver were lowered and fibrosis was reduced. In the same study, no effect was found with the licorice root compound glycyrrhizin or with pentoxifylline, a methylxanthine known to be effective in pigs with liver cirrhosis. Research continues on the reishi mycelium polysaccharide to determine just how it inhibits deposits of collagen in the liver. Given the lack of safe and effective agents to treat cirrhosis, this polysaccharide may be an ideal candidate for clinical studies.

PLEASE NOTE THAT I JUST READ ON THIS PAGE THAT IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT PEOPLE SHOULD TAKE A BREAK AFTER TAKING REISHI FOR AWHILE. Please read the "side effects and cautions" for Reishi, below. I am a little unclear about what they are saying (see bold part below).... do they mean you're supposed to take it for three months and then have a one month break, or are you supposed to take it for ONE month, and then have a break (for a week?)... to be on the safe side I think I will give this to Jake for one month, then take a week off, and see how he is feeling. I am not going to give him a really strong dose, just two capsules (376 mg) a day in his shakes. 


Reishi is most widely available medicinal mushroom in the world, as it is available as foodstuff, but also as an important ingredient in teas, tablets, syrups or tinctures. However, one has to be careful to never use raw pulverized mushrooms; it is always a better idea to boil the reishi so that any bacteria that may have been living on the mushroom during cultivation may be eliminated.

There may be certain side effects when reishi is consumed. If reishi is used for three to six months continuously, then it may result in a certain dryness of the mouth, nasal passages, and throat, and also chronic itch, and stomach upset; or even nosebleed. These complications may occur very rarely, therefore their exact causes are not known. However, they may be manifestations of an allergy to the reishi mushroom.

Therefore, reishi must be avoided by those persons who have a known allergy to any types of mushrooms or molds. One must also remember not to use it continuously three months at a time, and to always take a break of a month in between, and then continue. If you take blood-thinning medications such as heparin or warfarin (Coumadin), you should use reishi under a doctor's supervision.


I've heard the recommended Dose is 1800-2000mg.

From TheLiverDoctor.com:

N Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) should be taken in a dose of 600mg three times daily to help the damaged liver to make more glutathione.

THANK YOU BULK SUPPLEMENTS for giving such a great price on this stuff!!!


For those of you who prefer capsules... this is the type I WAS going to get for Jake, because it was the best deal I could find on Amazon (in non-powder form):   NOW Foods Nac-Acetyl Cysteine 600mg, 250 Vcaps.   

This is a study on how N-acetylcysteine can help "prevent experimental cirrhosis."


I kept mixing up "N-Acetyl Cysteine" with "Acetyl L Carnitine" because the names sounded so similar... But apparently they are 2 different supplements.

In this video the doc talks about how N-acetylcysteine has been able to help people keep from getting a transplant. 


OK so... as with N-Acetyl Cysteine, I was originally going to get this brand (on the left), because it seems to be the least expensive of the "pill forms." It's about 50 cents a day, if you take the amount recommended (2000 mg) in the article below.  NOW Foods Acetyl L-Carnitine 500mg, 200 Vcaps

But Holy smokes people TOTALLY RAVE about THIS BULK SUPPLEMENTS brand... it has a 5 star rating (average) on Amazon. It's only about 14 cents per 2000 mg., vs. about 50-60 cents/day for the popular pill forms (including the NOW brand featured above). I have not tried it yet but am definitely ordering it. My main concern was that Jake wouldn't like the taste, but according to the reviews it tastes like citrus or gummy bears... nothing too offensive, so I hope I will be able to put it in his shakes.

Here it is, if you want to check it out:

The original version of this article can be found by clicking on THIS PAGE

Acetyl-L-Carnitine Improves Serious Liver Malfunction

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Byron J. Richards,
Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
Your liver is highly stressed by chemical exposures from the environment and toxins from your digestive tract. In addition, weight gain typically causes fat buildup in your liver and clogs its function. At some point your liver really struggles to do its job, resulting in mental and physical fatigue, along with a lack of physical activity. This is typically accompanied by an elevation in ammonia, which is neurotoxic.  A new study shows that 2,000 mg of Acetyl-l-carnitine1 can significantly improve this condition in people with poorly functioning livers.
The study involved 121 patients with initial liver failure, 61 acting as controls. The study lasted for 90 days. At the end of the study the symptoms were significantly improved in the ALC supplemented group along with the reduction in ammonia.  The ALC treated patients enjoyed a higher level of physical activity, as they had the energy to do it.
ALC is a unique compound that can metabolize odd chain fat fragments that accumulate in liver cell as a result of inflammatory damage. ALC is also a potent protector of your brain. Just about everybody who is overweight is fatigued and under some liver stress. If you can’t motivate yourself to exercise you may be suffering from liver overload.  While many strategies to deal with toxins may need to be employed, this study indicates that ALC can help. It may also help get you going on the fitness program you know you should be doing.

      Aloe Vera Juice     

10/26/14:  You can see a whole page I wrote about the benefits of drinking Aloe Vera Juice, by clicking HERE.  Please note that if you have cirrhosis, it is VERY IMPORTANT to drink this stuff because it could help prevent your stomach from developing an ulcer (therefore it could cut your risk of bleeding... in your stomach and also your esophagus). I've learned that antacids that are prescribed for Cirrhosis are very dangerous to take! It's dangerous for anyone to take them for more than 6 weeks, but it's even worse for people with Cirrhosis! They can actually cause liver failure. Some doctors feel that the benefits outweigh the risks, but they have no idea that Aloe Vera Juice is a great alternative. You can read more about the dangers of taking antacids, HERE.

You can see reviews from people who rave about George's Aloe, for Acid Reflux / Heartburn (which you probably have if you have Cirrhosis), by clicking HERE.
Original post:

OK so this is a "supplement" (a drink, really) that I don't necessarily think of as a super nutrient for the liver, but I just imagine it having an amazing, cleansing, healing effect. If Jake could only take 5 different things I'd say this should be one of them. He definitely seems to do well when he drinks his Aloe Vera juice. The only type I've ever bought for him is George's Aloe Vera Juice, because it has no taste (I'm pretty sure he'd gag on the regular kind).  It's pretty crazy how something that tastes just like water (for real) can have such healing powers. We get it at a local health food store where a friend of mine can get it for a 20% discount, which comes out to a little less than what Amazon charges for the George's brand. He drinks between 1-2 cups per day.

For anyone who can't afford the George's brand (or doesn't mind the regular type), I've heard you can get the regular type of Aloe Vera juce very cheap at WalMart. If you can tolerate the taste on a regular basis, I recommend you get it there. Personally I'm not crazy about the taste of regular Aloe Vera Juice. I will drink it if I have a cold (works like a miracle to clear up phlegm) but other than that... forget it. I have a gallon container of the "regular stuff" I got from WalMart that has just been sitting on our kitchen floor for half a year, because I can't bring myself to drink it unless I have to (like, if I'm fighting off a cold).

This video below convinced me to get aloe vera juice for Jake. Given what it does for people with terminal illnesses, it seems worth it to drink this stuff on a regular basis.

Aloe Vera Juice benefits people with liver problems in several ways:  It assists the liver in neutralizing acids into neutral salts.  It reduces build up and helps remove old build-up. This is extremely important as build-up can be considered the perfect breathing ground for diseases.  For the removal of build-up aloe vera juice along with a ph-friendly way of eating is absolutely necessary.   Aloe Vera Juice has shown to increase overall digestive functions. It fights constipation and gives the colon a gentle rinse without removing important bacteria and without causing diarrhea.  


I just remembered I had seen this Doctor, Stephen Stokes, highly recommends Trimethylglycine for his patients who have liver problems. You can see his recommendation for it at about the 2:00 mark. He recommends taking 3,000 mg (3 grams), or six 500 mg tablets, for six months. After the 6 months he has some of his patients take 1,000 mg or two 500 mg tablets per day.

Love this guy! He has some great videos. I always appreciate when I see doctors who believe in natural supplements!


I recently heard that cirrhosis patients tend to be very deficient in magnesium. It can also help you sleep better, so I thought this was worth posting, even though I would not necessarily consider it a "super nutrient" for the liver, specifically. But just the fact that it helps so much with sleep, has got to make it good for people with cirrhosis, as insomnia is one of the worst symptoms. 

This is the kind I just ordered for Jake:

BulkSupplements Pure Magnesium Citrate Powder

And this is the kind I bought for him in the past (below... the type of magnesium is magnesium citrate)... I got it at Whole Foods for around 20 bucks, and liked the fact that it had a citrus taste and I could put it in his shakes. I think it  helps him sleep. I am just switching to the Bulk Supplements Brand because it's more affordable.

Natural Calm Organic Lemon 8 Ounces 

It was a little confusing to decide what type to get. There are 9 different types of magnesium. You can read about the different types HERE. I almost got Magnesium Carbonate when ordering from Amazon, because it's the first one that popped up and it had outstanding reviews. But then I read about the different types and switched back to Magnesium Citrate, because that's the same type as the "Calm" brand I have gotten for him in the past. Luckily, Bulk Supplements carries both. For anyone who decides to go with the Magnesium Carbonate, here is a link for the Bulk Supplements Brand:

BulkSupplements Pure Magnesium Carbonate (Micronized) Powder

Here's the difference between Magnesium Citrate and Magnesium Carbonate, from THIS PAGE:

Magnesium Citrate

Derived from the magnesium salt of citric acid, this form of magnesium has lower concentration, but a high level of bioavalibity (90%). Magnesium citrate is commonly used as to induce a bowel movement, but has also been studied for kidney stone prevention.

Magnesium Carbonate

This form of magnesium has moderate levels of elemental concentration and 30% bioavalibity rates. Magnesium carbonate has a strong laxative-effect when taken in high amounts. It is also commonly known as chalk, and is used as a drying agent by pitchers, gymnasts, rock climbers and weight lifters.

Again... we're going with the Magnesium Citrate! If you happen to know of a better type, please let us know.

If I learn of any more supplements that are very beneficial to the liver, I will put them here.

If you can think of anything I may have missed, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me through my blog. Thanks!


to learn about:

Please note: I am not a doctor and I am only able to tell you what I have learned by doing my own research on the internet, and share with you the things that have worked for my husband. Please remember that Liver Cirrhosis is a very serious disease so I am not saying, do not see a doctor. Doctors have helped my 
husband a lot. But I believe it is wise to do as much research as you can, and find out why 
they are giving you every one of the medications and treatments they are giving you. 
I believe they do not always know about or understand every treatment option that is available, 
and there are many good options out there that can help.
Your health is ultimately your own responsibility, above anyone else's.

Best of luck to you!!!
If you have something to share, please feel free to leave a comment on this blog.

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  1. Hmm nice I try this kind of supplements

  2. Hi, please look into chanca piedra and oats at the WHfoods. Hope Jake is doing well.

  3. What type of water machine did you buy to make the sntioxidant water?

  4. What is the Green Juice smoothie that you refer to? Can you post the recipe for that on here?

  5. Sure, I usually would make either spinach and carrot juice with a juicer I got off craigslist, or I'd make a nutriblast with a nutribullet using spinach (I'd pack the container full of as much spinach as I could), orange juice concentrate (about one heaping tablespoon of concentrate), and sometimes I'd add visalus shake mix. I'd try to sneak in extra vitamins and things but he got pretty mad when he asked me not to do this and I still did it anyway. I'd add different things like maca powder (which he feels made him sick when I added too much), vitamin c powder, modified citrus pectin, sometimes b vitamins... there may have been other things but basically I think the most important thing is to add as much green juice as you can. I was just reading about the Gerson treatment protocol and they have success treating people with cirrhosis! So I definitely recommend juicing, as much as you can.

  6. no need to get the expensive brands of supplements - the cheaper ones are usually the same for much cheaper

  7. I would agree that you don't usually have to go with the most expensive brand, my husband got really good results with brands that weren't very expensive. But I do believe that in some cases it is better to not get the cheapest brand. I tried to see the results from other reviewers on amazon and recommend the ones I do based on price, what other reviewers say, or the results my own husband got.

  8. hi hopeful and inspiredby your blog, im from the philipppinesi was wondering where to get these meds/supplement to help my father who had liver cirrhosis please advice, im willing to go through this process also with my father's treatment.

  9. Hi,
    I can let you know about the water if you would like to know about it. There is a lot of advice about supplements on this blog. To learn more about the water, please to go this page. I really think there is hope for your father! http://healing-liver-cirrhosis.blogspot.com/2016/01/if-youre-looking-for-information-about_15.html

  10. I am sorry but I am VERY skeptic.... Just sounds like people who want to make a buck... I sure hope you people doing this would not risk peoples lives. Cirrhosis is scary and we do not deserve to be fooled because people wanna make $ off us!!I am doing more research on this stuff you people claim is great and beneficial because my life means a lot to me . I have liver problems, hepatitis c and maybe cirrhosis when I get my results. I have been drinking a lot and still am but on waiting list for treatment (rehab).I have a loving family and 2 young boys and a new grandson. Once again I hope this is legit and you would not offer "help" to people like me with liver problems just for your benefit!!....

  11. Dear Anonymous,

    It says very clearly on the blog that you can contact me for more information about the water, which you have not (except for submitting a comment on this page, which I just approved because I think other people should see this). So if you could set aside your skepticism for a minute and actually get in touch with me, I could tell you more about it. Why in the world would I spend THIS much time writing about something that was fake? I encourage you to have a good look at my site and you will see that my goal is to help people. I realize some people are skeptical because they may have been taken advantage of in the past, but my guess is that you've probably been let down by more DOCTORS than people selling things on the internet.

    I also think that sometimes people are so used to seeing me give out so much information, completely for free, that they are surprised when I actually say that they're going to have to get in touch with me for more information. Sorry, I consider myself to be a very helpful and generous person, but I'm not mother Theresa. I've put together hundreds of hours of research about the water to make it easy for people to "get it" why it works, and I don't just give it away to just any person I don't know. I've already given away about 1,000 hours of my work in creating this (FREE) blog, so in my opinion, I think it's more than fair to ask people to meet me halfway if they want to know more about the water. It's up to you if you want to get in touch with me or not. If you don't, hopefully you can figure out a way to get well, for yourself as well as your boys and grandson.

  12. PS, to Anonymous: You should be aware that in order to get on the transplant list you have to get sober and prove that you have been, for at LEAST six month, so if your life actually means a lot to you, as you SAY it does, you'll find a way to quit drinking... rehab clinic or not!


  13. The most common cause of ascites is advanced liver disease or cirrhosis. Although the exact mechanism of ascites development

    is not completely understood, most theories suggest portal hypertension (increased pressure in the liver blood flow to the

    liver) as the main contributor. But don't bother about it. We give to you the best Home Remedies For Ascites for better cure.

  14. I have tried lots of different herbal products until I have used PEMF.

  15. Wow!! i am very impressed with your lovely post.. I am so glad to left comment on this..This has been a so interesting read, would love to read more here…. nac supplement

  16. Aw, thanks Kevin, that's nice of you to say that, glad you got something from this post : )

  17. "Good Old Aspirin Might Protect Against Liver Fibrosis" Neil Osterweil November 10, 2014


    ... On the four measures, the use of aspirin was consistently associated with lower stages of liver fibrosis. In contrast, there was virtually no link between ibuprofen use and liver fibrosis.
    Similarly, in an analysis of patients with and without chronic liver disease (hepatitis B or C infection, more than 5 alcoholic drinks per day, or suspected nonalcoholic steatohepatitis), aspirin but not ibuprofen was consistently associated with lower stages of fibrosis. For patients with or at risk for liver disease, compared with those without risk factors, there was about a 5 - fold increase in the negative coefficient for the interaction between aspirin use and liver fibrosis. This
    suggests that the protective effect of aspirin is much larger in patients with chronic liver disease, said researcher Yury Popov, MD, PhD, assistant professor of medicine at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.
    The researchers acknowledge that the study was limited by the observational design, and by that fact that the NHANES III data were limited to 1 month of drug use, "whereas the protection against liver fibrosis likely requires long-term use." They speculate that the anti platelet activity of aspirin, rather than its anti inflammatory properties ,likely account for its positive effects on fibrosis. "Our observations support emerging experimental and clinical evidence for a pathologic link between platelet activation and liver fibrosis," they write.

    using "low dose aspirin" , about 100mg/day

    Thank You

  18. I'm soo grateful for your blog, and have been using many of these supplements - and "dug deeper" and found some surprises, here are a couple for now

    The r-ala Dr. Berkson is referring to is STABILIZED r-ala i.e. Na-R-Ala and the R-Alpha-Lipoic from Bulksupplements is NOT from my experience as well as many other reviews. It would not melt in either water or oil, was very clumpy like Styrofoam, etc.

    Regular "80% standardized Silymarin" is not very bio-avalable, the SILIPHOS form is 9x more absorb-able , here's a good one at Amazon "Swanson Siliphos Milk Thistle Phytosome 300 mg 60 Caps" for $.33 per cap.

    Thank You

  19. What do you mean: "He said you should never go above 15 mg per kilogram (I assume he means in body weight)"?

    For example my mom has 45kg so 15mg x 45 = 675mg and he is saying to take between 900-1200mg.