60-year-old man complains of epigastric pain. Allopathic diagnosis: Helicobacter pylori peptic ulcer disease. After just one session of biomagnetism, his stomach aches and pains subside.
21-year-old woman has symptoms consistent with labial herpes. At the end of one session, the cold sore is dry and inactive, whereas it normally takes one week to heal.

78-year-old patient. Allopathic diagnosis: Stage IV utero-cervical cancer. The patient agrees to Biomagnetism treatment. After the first session, there is improvement despite some persistent vaginal discharge. After the third session all symptoms disappear, and the patient is enjoying perfect health.

37-year-old married male, fell off a tractor at the age of 13, was hospitalized and has several scars. His mother suffers from migraines. Chief complaint: constant migraines. The pain is located in the left frontal area involving the eye and neck on the same side. He takes lithium carbonate prescribed by an allopathic physician.

The migraines are improved after the first Biomagnetism session. After the third check up a pressure-like pain alongside vertebrae C1 to C3 related to his trauma is noted. It is recommended that he play sports. After the sixth session the patient feels healthy, does not take any more lithium and continues playing sports.

15-year-old patient. Allopathic diagnosis: Polycystic ovarian syndrome. Chief complaint: very painful menstruation. Biomagnetism treatment: After two Biomagnetism sessions, the patient is healthy.
62-year-old patient, a carpenter by trade. Allopathic diagnosis: Laryngeal cancer, whose cause he was told was solvent inhalation. A tracheotomy is performed and then eight doses of chemotherapy and twenty-five radiotherapy treatments are applied. In contrast, after one Biomagnetism session, health is fully restored. The medical staff is surprised because the cancer was very advanced.

53-year-old patient. Presenting symptoms: Neck and back pain, numbness in both hands and cramps in left leg. Biomagnetism treatment: After the first session the discomfort has decreased significantly. After the third session, the patient is in perfectly good health and is discharged.

42-year-old patient. Allopathic diagnosis: Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He is recommended five rounds of chemotherapy and afterward some radiotherapy. The patient only receives two doses of chemotherapy and seeks treatment with Biomagnetism. After three sessions of this therapy, the patient is fully recovered and has not had any relapses.

62-year-old married male. Eight years ago he had an accident with a skull fracture and is nearly choking on his own tongue. Presenting symptoms: constant hand tremors, pain in the right elbow. Allopathic diagnosis: Elevated uric acid, beginnings of Parkinson’s disease. After the first Biomagnetism session, the hand tremors disappear. After the second check up he is recommended to follow a diet to lower the uric acid that is somewhat elevated.

50-year-old woman complains of vaginal warts with allopathic diagnosis by Pap smear of CIN grade 2 3, papillomavirus and condyloma. After three Biomagnetism sessions the papillomavirus disappeared from biopsy and the condyloma also vanished.

62-year-old woman. Cancer patient operated in 2003 without mastectomy; chemotherapy and radiotherapy were given to her. In 2005 she was diagnosed with liver metastasis and allotted seven months to live. They offer chemotherapy which the patient rejects and seeks an alternative in Biomagnetism. After the first Biomagnetism treatment she has terrible vomiting and diarrhoea. She is given two more sessions and after the third session (7 months having already passed), the patient feels very good, with lots of energy and has gained weight.

55-year-old. Diagnosis: Fibromyalgia. History: Total hysterectomy. Presenting symptoms: Muscle and joint pain (especially shoulders, back and knees), chronic fatigue. Biomagnetism treatment: she underwent five sessions, after which the chronic fatigue fully improved. She regained her mobility and the muscle and joint pain decreased.

47-year-old patient. Allopathic diagnosis: bronchial asthma since he was 15 years old. He has received homeopathic and allopathic treatment and in spite of each, the symptoms persist with remissions and exacerbations. Biomagnetism treatment: He is attended on two occasions, with a one-week interval. There is a gradual remission until everything disappears at the 6-month mark.

70-year-old patient: Allopathic diagnosis: Diabetes mellitus type 2; the blood sugar levels were 190 and 200. Biomagnetism treatment: After treatment, the blood sugar had dropped from 190 to 90.
84-year-old patient. Allopathic diagnosis: Cancer, emphysema and gallstones. The patient does not want to undergo surgery, thus he resorts to treatment with Biomagnetism. Afterward, feeling very good, the patient returns to his doctor, who finds him looking very well and sends him to do some tests with the following results: In the lung scarred areas are observed, the cancer does not appear and only one gallstone is detected, which was subsequently treated with Biomagnetism, successfully overcoming the dilemma.

28-year-old patient. Presenting symptoms: Generalized joint pain (especially neck), colitis, high cholesterol and triglycerides, severe headaches, gastric ulcer. Medication: Methotrexate, Riopan, Voltaren Retard and Lipitor. Allopathic diagnosis: Ankylosing spondylitis. After being treated with Biomagnetism, all symptoms improve and later the patient testifies to being perfectly well.

52-year-old man. Chief complaint: Stomach aches and bloating. At the end of two Biomagnetism sessions there is a complete transformation.

2-year-old child. Spends 6 months in the hospital with bronchitis, pneumonia, phlegm, cough and fever that do not resolve. Biomagnetism treatment: After the first session the temperature rises, the child expels a lot of mucus and the lungs are clearer. At the end of the second session, a week later, the problem is resolved.

54-year-old woman. Chief complaint: dizziness and headache. After a session, headaches and dizziness cease so that a second session is unnecessary.

19-year-old patient Allopathic diagnosis: Backaches in the shoulder region. Medication: Paracetamol. Biomagnetism treatment: After the third session, the patient is now well.

60-year-old male. Chief complaint: Plaques on hands and body. Allopathic diagnosis: Psoriasis. After the third Biomagnetism session, the intensity of the psoriasis has noticeably decreased despite having lowered the medications to a minimum.

65-year-old patient has undergone gallbladder and uterine surgery. Presenting symptoms: Chronic fatigue, depression and muscle aches. Biomagnetism treatment: Three sessions are performed, after which the pain and chronic fatigue disappear; consequently, she feels a great improvement in the depression.

38-year-old patient. Presenting symptoms: Severe pain in all joints-mainly in the elbows, wrists, knees and neck; fever; headache. Medication: Cortisone and other NSAIDs, Diclofenac. She has been in this state since 5 years ago. Allopathic diagnosis: generalized rheumatoid arthritis. Biomagnetic treatment: After the second session symptoms notably improve and after the third session, the patient feels excellent, now without pain except very late in the evening. She has also discontinued all medication.

50-year-old patient. Allopathic diagnosis: Prostate cancer. Doctors suggest an operation as soon as possible with subsequent radiotherapy. Biomagnetism treatment: At the end of two sessions the test results are within the normal range. The doctor discharges the patient and suggests a follow-up every six months.

51-year-old patient. Presenting symptoms: Stress, headache, pain in both ankles and feet, index finger of the right hand is inflamed and very sore, cholesterol of 280, high uric acid, colitis and lower back pain. Medical diagnosis: Gout. After the second round of Biomagnetism, joint pain disappeared, cholesterol and uric acid go down and lower back pain diminishes.

70-year-old patient with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. After being treated with Biomagnetism regularly, the level of white cells lower markedly and his spleen loses a great part of the swelling it had.

61-year-old patient. Chief complaint: High ocular pressure Allopathic diagnosis: Glaucoma. Patient is treated with different types of eye drops to normalize ocular pressure, having to administer them for the rest of his life. Biomagnetism treatment: After the third session, the patient speaks about treatment to his doctor, who agrees to remove the drug as long as the patient assumes liability. One month after treatment with Biomagnetism, ocular pressure is normal. From then on the patient does periodic ocular pressure readings that remain stable.

60-year-old male. Presenting symptoms: Pain in the lower back and strong pressure on the right ureter. Allopathic diagnosis: kidney stone in the ureter that has to be pulverized that week. He asks that the pain intensity be lowered until the time for his operation. At follow-up two days after Biomagnetism treatment, the patient expels the stone without pain.

Young man with constant respiratory disorders, and sinusitis. After three Biomagnetism sessions of 10 minutes each, spaced one week apart, the young man is restored to health and can dedicate himself to mountaineering.

64-year-old lady. Chief complaint: Joint pain for 12 years. After six sessions of biomagnetism, joint pain has disappeared.

38-year-old gentleman. Allopathic diagnosis: Metastatic brain cancer. After six Biomagnetism sessions he is informed upon completing a CT scan that the tumour has disappeared.

54-year-old patient. Allopathic diagnosis: Asthma is treated with antibiotics and intensive treatment for allergies that bring on migraines controlled with analgesics. After a cold, patient presents with bronchitis and is admitted to the hospital for oxygen administration. He then seeks Biomagnetism treatment and subsequently the asthma problems and headaches begin to decrease. Another health problem was a set of leg cramps that prevented him from walking, after which he returns to Biomagnetism and with it the cramps disappear and all other problems entirely disappear; he is now healed of asthma and headaches.

27-year-old patient. Presenting symptoms: colitis, menstrual cramps and headache. Biomagnetism treatment: After the first session the patient is perfectly cured.

Patient with stomach pains (colic) in the morning, sensitivity to certain foods (diarrhoea), frequent urges to urinate 6-7 times in an hour, migraines and fatigue. After a first Biomagnetism session, the patient feels a great improvement and after a second session, colic and headaches disappear and patient is normal.

11-year-old girl. Presenting symptoms: Extreme anxiety, incontinence when sleeping. After treatment with Biomagnetism, she is much calmer; incontinence has tapered off – only occurs once a month and if the girl goes to bed very tired. She has greater peace of mind and improved school performance.

65-year-old gentleman. Presenting symptoms: Tumours in the chest and much pain that prevents him from sleeping. Allopathic diagnosis: Malignant lymphoma. After a treatment with Biomagnetism his pain decreases and he can sleep. After a week passes, these tumours (which were actually cysts) disappear and the patient feels very relieved.

36-year-old patient. Presenting symptoms: Body aches, fatigue, digestive problems. Allopathic diagnosis: hepatitis B. The patient follows a diet of fruits and vegetables and is on bed rest. Biomagnetism treatment: Arrives to consultation weak, without energy and without appetite. Furthermore, the patient has a sore throat and back pain on the right side. After the second session, the patient feels better, has more energy and less throat pain. At the third session the patient arrives euphoric because analyses show that the bilirubin and transaminases values are normal. After the third session throat and back pain are gone.

33-year-old patient. Had cancer of the left breast and was operated on 10 years ago. Nine months ago a tumour came back and is being treated with alternative medicine. Biomagnetism treatment: The patient receives three sessions and, a month later, the exam results are satisfactory.

59-year-old male. Allopathic diagnosis: Liver and colon cancer. Allopathic treatment: surgery. Patient is advised to receive chemotherapy but he refuses it, placing himself in the hands of Biomagnetism. After several sessions, the patient feels much better; his health has notably improved, as the follow-up tests that the patient undergoes demonstrate.

45-year-old patient. Presenting symptoms: Gastroesophageal reflux, low back pain, fatigue. After four sessions, the patient recognizes he feels good due to the diminishing acid reflux and back pain.
25-year-old patient. Chief complaint: Constipation. Biomagnetism treatment: With the first treatment the constipation resolves.

34-year-old patient. Presenting symptoms: Genital itching, small warts on the genitals, catarrhal symptoms. Allopathic diagnosis. Human papillomavirus. Biomagnetism treatment: After the first session cold-like symptoms subside. After the second session the genital itching decreases. After the third session the size of the warts decreases. After the fourth session the warts have shrunk. After the fifth session of the laboratory tests come back negative, much to the surprise of the healthcare personnel.

64-year-old patient. Chief complaint: Headaches for thirty years. The patient has been submitted to all kinds of tests and appears to have nothing. Other symptoms: pain in the shoulder, spine, right arm and left heel; cough. Biomagnetism treatment: After the third session, the patient is feeling very well, headaches have ceased and neither has his heel, back nor arm hurt. One month after the sessions he states that he feels great, is in much better spirits and without pain.