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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

A really fast, easy way to get lots of nutrition into your body

Since my husband had incredible results with taking Visalus supplements in 2011, I have recommended Visalus products to many, many people (the shakes and also the Visalus Vi Pak vitamins). I swear, this stuff made a huuuge difference in his health!! 

Well, in February of this year, I talked to a man from New Orleans who had inquired about the water, and in telling me about it, he mentioned some of the things that seemed to help him with his cirrhosis, and he swore by this nutritional supplement he'd been taking, called "Vemma."  (UPDATE: Please read this article released by the CEO of Vemma, that warns people about taking Vemma PM, with medications... I believe Vemma PM is different from regular Vemma, but to be on the safe side, I thought it would be worth posting the press release here: http://vemma.com/eNews/manual/vemma_pressreleases/2011/2011-0222-PM-importantmessage/index.html).

Vemma Mangosteen Plus with Essential Minerals Two 32 Oz Bottles

Now, this guy RAVED about the stuff, but he wasn't even selling it, NOR could he even tell me how to get it!  It was like, some distributor had told him about it, and he got on the auto ship through the company, but then he didn't know how to even get ahold of the distributor anymore, but it worked really, really well for him.

I did some googling and found the company, and kept meaning to order it for my husband, since he feels that the Visalus vitamins are a bit pricey, but I never got around to it, and kept losing the link for the stuff.

Well, as some of you guys know, I am caring for a friend with stage 4 cancer, and she has been drinking the Visalus shakes, but she feels that they are too thick for her, and she doesn't like anything that is too sweet, so she really wants something that's easier to take. She has lost WAAAY too much weight, so I was desperate to order this stuff for her today.

I dug around my notes for the name of this stuff, and tried to order it online. I got so frustrated, because their website was just too confusing for me (the Visalus website is the same way!)

I tried to add this 2 pack of the Vimma liquid supplement (what the guy in New Orleans told me about), but after I placed the item in my cart, I couldn't find where the shopping cart WAS, so I couldn't even figure out how to check out!

So, I gave up and started googling for a local distributor, and couldn't even seem to find someone. So I kept looking, and lo and behold, I discovered that you can buy this stuff on Amazon! Not only will it be faster to arrive, but I'm going to save 40 bucks!!! Normally it's over $100 through the official company site, but it's about $67 (with tax AND shipping) through Amazon.

See, this is why Amazon is putting so many people out of business. I do feel a little bit guilty buying this kind of thing via Amazon because that makes it more difficult for distributors to make a living, doing what they do, and truth be told, distributors for these kinds of sites are not "supposed to" sell on eBay or Amazon.

But I WOULD HAVE ordered it through the regular site if 
a) I could have just FOUND SOMEONE, locally, who was willing to sell it, and 
b) If their website wasn't so darn confusing!

Anyway, I thought I'd mention this stuff to you guys, I've been meaning to do a post about it, but it's fallen to somewhere in the middle range of an extremely long to-do list. 

I will let you know how it goes, with this stuff. 


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