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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Stuff that really comes in handy when you're stuck in a hospital

I've stayed in the hospital way too many times over the last 5 years. First, with my husband... we were doing the tour de hospitale, in our area, for a 1-month period between Dec. 2013 and January 2014. He stayed at three different hospitals!  And then again, in May, I stayed at the hospital with my friend with stage 4 cancer, and faced the same challenges.

I was very lucky that I had a flexible schedule and didn't have a full time job, and was able to stay with both my husband and my friend with cancer, almost every hour. I also got lucky in that there was usually an extra bed or cot for me to sleep on.

You start to feel like a personal assistant, constantly on the phone, calling different doctors and nurses and alternative practitioners and trying to figure out what were the best things you can do, to save your loved one from death. In addition, you are constantly updating friends and family members, via email, phone and social media, to let them know how your loved one is doing.

When you're in this position, you face a lot of technological challenges. Your cell phone keeps dying, your cell phone charger isn't strong or fast or long enough, or you have terrible reception at the hospital.

Today, I found myself composing an email to a client who's husband is in the hospital, and I told her I was thinking of turning these recommendations (in her email) into a blog post, since I've been wanting to do this for a while.

So, I'm copying and pasting what I wrote to her (this is what I'd write to anyone with a loved one in the hospital, as we all seem to face the same challenges, trying to stay connected and wired, so we can be on the phone at any time).


I totally get it that it's frustrating to make calls from the hospital. The cell reception was terrible when I was staying at the hospital to help my friend with cancer, and so was my internet connection, and I was constantly facing a dying cell phone.
It definitely helps to have a morphie when you're in the hospital.  I'm thinking of getting one of these morphies, shown below, because it's so cheap ($100 off!) and seems to have the best reviews out of the ones I looked at.  I think I might put this info (below) in a blog post (been meaning to do that for a while) because so many people experience the same issues while they're staying with their loved ones in the hospital!!

This is a morphie (you may already have one). It really helped my cell phone to keep from dying, and I think I'm going to order this today because it looks like it's on a huge discount today and has good reviews.
I was really, really glad I ordered these LONG (six foot) charging cables (below), because it wasn't always easy to find an outlet that was close enough so I could comfortably sit in a chair while I was trying to charge my phone. And it was nice to be able to give one to my friend, as well. While she was in a hospital bed, she really liked having a long cable that didn't always feel too short for her to be able to hold her cell phone comfortably (if the cell phone cable is too short, you'll have to hold it at an awkward angle)

This one is 6 feet, is great quality, charges fast, and it's really cheap. I think the price went down even more since I got mine, so I might get another pair.

Micro USB Cable, Powerman Android Charger Micro USB Cables [2Pack,6.6Ft] Nylon Braided Fast Charging Cord for Android, Samsung, Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S6, Kindle, Motorola, Sony, LG (Grey/Black)

I wish I could think of something that would give you better CELL RECEPTION, but I don't know of anything that is EASY and uncomplicated to use. I did consider getting something like THIS, but because I'm not very good with technical stuff I decided to pass. Somebody more technical than me could probably figure it out, but I could see myself just getting a headache : D

I am going to order this charger (below) today because I am constantly trying to charge different devices at the same time, and never seem to have enough outlets!! Today was the last straw, when my cell phone died, and I knew that if I could have just kept it charged while I had been on the phone, I wouldn't have dropped the call I was on. 

Universal Travel Power Adapter - EPICKA All in One Worldwide International Wall Charger AC Plug Adaptor with 5.6A Smart Power USB and 3.0A USB Type-C For USA EU UK AUS Cell Phone Tablet Laptop (Grey)

Also, keep in mind that cell phone radiation really CAN damage your cells and cause cancer (don't believe me? Look at the picture below, and then the videos).


You may want to consider getting an EMF protective cell phone case, for yourself and particularly for your loved one who is very sick and shouldn't be exposed to more oxidative stress

I bought a PONG case years ago and loved it, but the plastic crumbled after a few years. For the last 2 years I've been foolishly going without an EMF protection case, trying to not hold it in my hand or close to my head (but doing a poor job of following this rule, as I can't hear people in my loud car without holding it close to my ear). 

I notice my hand actually feels NUMB when I hold the phone for too long. If you look at images of what the cell phone radiation does to the body while you're holding it, it's pretty scary, so in my opinion, this is well worth the $40 investment, especially because I am on the phone A LOT.

Anyway, I am finally going to get one of these. I'd get another PONG case but can't seem to find one for my current phone.  This one had really good reviews, so I'm going to try it out.

 SafeSleeve GS6Bl Case Galaxy S6 Cell Phone Radiation Blocker and RFID, Black


Protect yourself, people!


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